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December 13th, 2022, Ralph DeLuca's FINAL Blues 78's auction, page 4
Closes Tuesday, December 13th, 2022 at 7:00 pm PT

Printed (PDF) version of the DeLuca Blues 78's Auction #5, Pre-War and Post War Blues

The Ralph DeLuca Collection of Pre-War and Post War Blues 78's, Auction #5!!

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80. Joe Pullum/Peter Clayton — "Joe Louis Is The Man/Peter's Blues by Peter Clayton" BLUEBIRD 6071 E MB $100


81. Ma Rainey With The Tub Jug Washboard Band — "Prove It On Me Blues/Hear Me Talkin' To You" PARAMOUNT 12668 E MB $200


82. Speckled Red — "Do The Georgia/St. Louis Stomp" BLUEBIRD 7985 E MB $30


83. Tampa Red's Hokum Jug Band — "Down In The Alley/Good Gord Gin" VOCALION 1254 E- MB $50


84. Tampa Red "The Guitar Wizard" — "Cotton Seed Blues/Things 'Bout Coming My Way" VOCALION 1637 E/V+ MB $50


85. Tampa Red "The Guitar Wizard" — "Down In Spirit Blues/Stop And Listen Blues" VOCALION 1661 E-/E TOUGH ONE MB $75

86. Seth Richard — "Skoodeldum Doo /Lonely Seth Blues" COLUMBIA 14325 E+ GREAT ONE AND VERY SCARCE MB $500

87. "Mooch" Richardson — "Burying Ground Blues / Big Kate Adams Blues" OKEH 8576 E+ GREAT ONE MB $500


88. Walter Roland — "House Lady Blues/Early This Morning" CONQUEROR 8322 E MB $100


89. Clara Smith — "Ain't Got Nobody To Grind My Coffee/Wanna Go Home" COLUMBIA 14368 E MB $50


90. Clara Smith — "Oh! Mister Mitchell/Where Is My Man" COLUMBIA 14536 E HER BEST—as heard on the Dr. Demento Show MB $200


91. "Pine Top" Smith — "Pine Top's Boogie Woogie/Pine Top Blues" VOCALION 1245 E GORGEOUS COPY of all time Piano Classic MB $100


92. Victoria Spivey — "Funny Feathers/How Do You Do It That Way" OKEH 8713 E- MB $50

93. Victoria Spivey — "Haunted By The Blues/Lonesome With The Blues" VICTOR 38598 E NICE ONE, light grain MB $100


94. Roosevelt Sykes — " "44" Blues/Boot That Thing" OKEH 8702 E+/E- With one inch scratch on the B-side that ticks for 15 seconds MB $50


95. Roosevelt Sykes — "New 44 Blues/Big Legs Ida Blues" BLUEBIRD 5323 E- MB $50


96. Montana Taylor — "Detroit Rocks/Indiana Avenue Stomp" VOCALION 1419 V All time classic Piano Blues MB $50


97. Peetie Wheatstraw With Kokomo Arnold — "The First Shall Be The Last And The Last Shall Be First/Deep Sea Love" DECCA 7167 E MB $100


Post War Blues 78':

98. Joe Hill Louis — "Boogie In The Park / Gotta Let You Go" IT'S THE PHILLIPS 9002V And here it is!!! The very first SUN record!!! And what a record!!! Less than ten known copies . . . an E+ copy is $15,000.00 or more these days. MB $2,500

99. Sunnyland Slim And Muddy Waters And Little Walter — "Blue Baby / I Want My Baby" TEMPO-TONE 1002E Chicago Blues MASTERPIECE and super, super rare with less than TEN copies known to still exist! Absolutely essential to any Post War collection! MB $2,500


100. Johnny Ace With Big Mama Thornton — "Saving My Love For You/Yes, Baby" DUKE 118 E+ MB $25


101. Annisteen Allen — "Baby I'm Doin' It/Yes I Know" KING 4608 E MB $20


102. Billy Boy Arnold — "I Was Fooled/I Wish You Would" VEE JAY 146 E CHICAGO CLASSIC!!! Hazy pressing MB $50

103. James Banister And His Combo — "Gold Digger/Blues And Trouble" STATES 141 V WHITE LABEL PROMO—CHICAGO BLUES MASTERPIECE MB $25


104. Little Eddie Boyd — "I Had To Let Her Go/Kilroy Won't Be Back" RCA VICTOR 20-2311 E MB $20


105. Jackie Brenston And His Delta Cats — "Leo The Louse/Hi Ho Baby" CHESS 1496 E+ Store stock new in original DEALER STOCK SLEEVE MB $50


106. Ruth Brown — "I'll Wait For You/Standing On The Corner" ATLANTIC 930 E Early one—no 45 known MB $20


107. Sirloin Burg — "The Rockabye/Pay Day Blues" REGENT 1002 E+ MB $25


108. Sugar Boy Crawford — "I Bowed On My Knees/No More Heartaches" CHECKER 795 E New Orleans classic! Hazy pressing MB $25


109. Charlie "Boogie Woogie" Davis — "17 Million $ Baby/Ain't No Better For You" IMPERIAL 5019 E MB $25

110. Eunice Davis — "I'm A Wild West Woman/Evening Train" DERBY 760 E Great Female Rockin' Blues MB $30


111. Margie Day — "Street Walkin' Daddy/Riffin' With Griffin" DOT 1010 E Great Female Blues MB $20


112. Bo Diddley — "Hey! Bo Diddley/Mona" CHECKER 860 E Hazy pressing MB $25


113. Floyd Dixon And his Band — "Hey Bartender/Is It True" CAT 114 E PITTSBURGH CLASSIC!!! Hazy pressing MB $20

114. "Big Bill" Dotson — "Dark Old World /Thinking Life Over" BLUES & RHYTHM 7004 E- FABULOUS MB $500


115. H-Bomb Ferguson — "Good Lovin'/Slowly Goin' Crazy" SAVOY 830 E+ MB $30


116. Pvt. Cecil Gant — "How Can I Sleep?/Midnight On Central Avenue" GILT-EDGE 519 E+ MB $20


117. Jazz Gillum — "Deep Water Blues/I Couldn't Help It" BLUEBIRD 34-0709 E/V MB $5

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