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December 13th, 2022, Ralph DeLuca's FINAL Blues 78's auction, page 5
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Printed (PDF) version of the DeLuca Blues 78's Auction #5, Pre-War and Post War Blues

The Ralph DeLuca Collection of Pre-War and Post War Blues 78's, Auction #5!!

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118. "Peppermint" Harris — "I Got Loaded/It's You, Yes, It's You" ALADDIN 3097 E MB $20


119. Tony Harris — "Chicken, Baby, Chicken/I'll Forever Love You" EBB 104 E Hazy pressing MB $20


120. Wynonie Harris — "Lollipop Mama/Blow Your Brains Out" KING 4226 E+ MB $25


121. Wynonie Harris — "Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee/She Just Won't Sell No More" KING 4292 E MB $20


122. Wynonie Harris — "Baby, Shame On You/Sittin' On It All The Time" KING 4330 E- MB $10


123. Wynonie Harris — "Keep On Churnin'/Married Women—Stay Married" KING 4526 E+ Hazy pressing MB $30

124. Smokey Hogg — "My Christmas Baby/New Year's Eve Blues" MODERN 630 E MB $25

125. John Lee Hooker And His Guitar — "Burnin' Hell / Miss Sadie Mae" SENSATION 21E+ Tough one and this copy is store stock NEW MB $200

126. John Lee Booker And His Guitar — "Miss Lorraine/Talkin' Boogie" CHANCE 1108 E Hazy pressing MB $100


127. John Lee Booker — "Stuttering Blues/Pouring Down Rain" DELUXE 6031 E MB $75

128. John Lee Booker — "Louise/Ground Hog Blues" CHESS 1482 E Hazy pressing MB $100

129. John Lee Hooker — "High Priced Woman/Union Station Blues" CHESS 1505 E Hazy pressing MB $100


130. John Lee Hooker — "Walking The Boogie/Sugar Mama" CHESS 1513 E Hazy pressing MB $100

131. John Lee Hooker — "Crawlin' King Snake/Drifting From Door To Door" MODERN 714 E+ Tiny label tears as shown in photo MB $100


132. John Lee Hooker — "How Can You Do It/I'm In The Mood" MODERN 835 E Hazy pressing MB $50


133. John Lee Hooker — "Cold Chills All Over Me/Rock Me Mama" MODERN 862 E Hazy pressing MB $50


134. Joe Houston And His Orchestra — "Cornbread & Cabbage Greens/Pretty Dad-Dee" MACY'S RECORDINGS 5014 E+ B-side has vocals by Lois Butler and is nice Female Jump Blues MB $25

135. Bull Moose Jackson And His Buffalo Bearcats — "I Love You Yes I Do/Sneaky Pete" KING 4181 E+ This record, and the next three by him as well, all have AUTOGRAPHED LABELS! They came from an old store stock where Mr. Jackson had come to sign autographs and meet his fans. MB $50


136. Bull Moose Jackson And His Buffalo Bearcats — "I Want A Bowlegged Woman/All My Love Belongs To You" KING 4189 E AUTOGRAPHED! MB $50


137. Bull Moose Jackson — "Three Bones/All My Love Belongs To You" KING 4213 E+ AUTOGRAPHED! MB $50


138. Bull Moose Jackson And His Buffalo Bearcats — "Cleveland Ohio Blues/I Know Who Threw The Whiskey" KING 4244 E AUTOGRAPHED! MB $50


139. Bull Moose Jackson And His Buffalo Bearcats — "Love Me Tonight/We Can Talk Some Trash" KING 4250 E+ MB $25


140. Russell Jacquet And His All Stars — "Scamparoo/Relaxing" KING 4259 E+ MB $25

141. Elmo James — "Dust My Broom / Catfish Blues" TRUMPET 146 E HIS FIRST RECORD!!! Hazy pressing MB $400

142. Elmore James — "I Believe/I Held My Baby Last Night" METEOR 5000 E MB $100


143. Elmore James And The Broom Dusters — "Early In The Morning/Hawaiian Boogie" FLAIR 1011 E Hazy pressing MB $50


144. Elmore James And His Broom-dusters — "Standing At The Cross-roads/Sunny Land" FLAIR 1057 E Hazy pressing MB $50


145. Etta James — "Good Rockin' Daddy/Crazy Feeling" MODERN 962 E Hazy pressing MB $20

146. St. Louis Jimmy — "Biscuit Roller/I'm Sorry Now" MIRACLE 134 E+ MB $50


147. Buddy Johnson And His Band — "Southern Exposure/Troyon Swing" DECCA 8562 E+ MB $25


148. Lonnie Johnson — "Fly Right Baby/Rambler's Blues" BLUEBIRD 34-0708 E+ MB $25


149. Sherman "Blues" Johnson And His Clouds Of Joy — "Pretty Baby Blues/Sugar Mama" TRUMPET 189 E Hazy pressing MB $20


150. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five — "Ain't That Just Like A Woman/If It's Love You Want" DECCA 23669 E+ MB $20


151. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five — "Texas And Pacific/I Like 'Em Fat Like That" DECCA 23810 E+ MB $20


152. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five — "Dad Gum Ya Hide, Boy/Whiskey Do Your Stuff" ALADDIN 3223 E MB $20


153. "Tiny" Kennedy — "Strange Kind Of Feeling/Early In The Morning, Baby" TRUMPET 187 E MB $20


154. B. B. King — "Boogie Woogie Woman/Story From My Heart And Soul" R P M 374 E MB $20


155. B. B. "Blues Boy" King — "Love You Baby/The Woman I Love" R P M 408 E Hazy pressing MB $20


156. Saunders King And His Orchestra — "St. James Infirmary Blues/Little Girl" ALADDIN 3027 E MB $20

157. John Lee — "Down At The Depot / Alabama Boogie" FEDERAL 12054 E+ GREAT AND RARE!!! Hazy pressing MB $300


158. Smiley Lewis — "Big Mamou/Play Girl" IMPERIAL 5234 E Hazy pressing MB $25


159. Smiley Lewis — "Caldonia's Party/Oh Baby" IMPERIAL 5241 E MB $20

160. Jimmy Liggins And His Drops Of Joy — "I Want My Baby For Christmas/Shuffle-Shuck" SPECIALTY 380 E MB $20

161. Smilin' Smokey Lynn — "Run, Mr. Rabbit, Run/Lonesome Lover Blues" SPECIALTY 327 E+ Tough one MB $50


162. Marvin & Johnny — "Day In—Day Out/Flip" SPECIALTY 530 E MB $20


163. Brownie McGhee — "Robbie Doby Boogie/Hard Bed Blues" SAVOY 5550 E+ MB $25


164. Brownie McGhee — "My Fault/Married Woman Blues" SAVOY 5551 E MB $20


165. Amos Milburn And His Aladdin Chickenshackers — "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer/What Can I Do?" ALADDIN 3197 E MB $20

166. Walter Mitchell — "Pet Milk Blues/Stop Messing Around" J V B 75827 V RARE!!! Less than ten known copies!!! Labels are faded as shown MB $300

167. Gatemouth Moore — "Christmas Blues/Isabel" NATIONAL 4010 E MB $20


168. King Pleasure And Band — "Blues I Like To Hear/D B Blues" ALADDIN 3343 E+ MB $25


169. Yank Rachell — "38 Pistol Blues/Tappin' That Thing" RCA VICTOR 20-2955 E MB $20


170. Yank Rachell — "Bye Bye Blues/Katy Lee Blues" BLUEBIRD 34-0715 E MB $20

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