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December 13th, 2022, Ralph DeLuca's FINAL Blues 78's auction, page 6
Closes Tuesday, December 13th, 2022 at 7:00 pm PT

Printed (PDF) version of the DeLuca Blues 78's Auction #5, Pre-War and Post War Blues

The Ralph DeLuca Collection of Pre-War and Post War Blues 78's, Auction #5!!

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171. Item deleted from auction


172. Todd Rhodes And His Orchestra — "Walkie Talkie/Todd's Idea" KING 4254 E+ MB $25

173. Robert Richard /Joseph Von Battle — "Cadillac Woman /Looking For My Woman" J V B 75828 V ULTRA RARE AND FANTASTIC!!! Less than ten known copies MB $300

174. Laura Rucker — "I Need You When/Again" ARISTOCRAT 1001 E+ RARE!! She made a couple for Paramount in 1931 and then came back with this one in 1949—this is actually rarer than her Paramounts!!! MB $200


175. Jimmy Smith — "Ma-Ma/Talking Boogie" SAVOY 709 E+ MB $25


176. Trixie Smith — "Freight Train Blues/My Unusual Man" DECCA 7489 E MB $20

177. SSnooky & Moody — "Stockyard Blues / Keep What You Got" OLD SWINGMASTER 22 E+ Essential Post War Blues with Snooky Pryor and Moody Jones. Also released on MARVEL, this one is much more affordable than the ultra rare Marvel. Label was owned by legendary Chicago DJ and record producer Al Benson. MB $300

178. Otis Spann — "It Must Have Been The Devil / Five Spot" CHECKER 807 E- WHITE LABEL PROMO with slightly hazy pressing—CHICAGO BLUES MASTERPIECE! MB $300


179. Roosevelt Sykes — "That's My Gal/Sunny Road" RCA VICTOR 20-1906 E- MB $20


180. Art Tatum And His Band — "Rock Me Mama/Lucille" DECCA 8577 E MB $20

181. Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton — "Hound Dog/Night Mare" PEACOCK 1612 E- ALL TIME CLASSIC MB $25

182. Sister O. M. Terrell And Her Guitar — "The Bible's Right / Lord I Want You To Lead Me On" COLUMBIA 21228 E+ WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on thin VINYL, the sound just leaps from the grooves! POST WAR MASTERPIECE that sounds like a 1930 PARAMOUNT! MB $100


183. Skeets Tolbert And His Gentlemen Of Swing — "Jumpin' In The Numbers/The Rhumba Blues" DECCA 8565 E+ MB $25


184. Joe Turner With Pete Johnson's All Stars — "S. K. Blues Part I/Part II" NATIONAL 9010 E MB $20


185. Joe Turner And His Blues Kings — "Flip, Flop And Fly/Ti-Ri-Lee" ATLANTIC 1053 E MB $20


186. T-Bone Walker — "Cold Cold Feeling/News For My Baby" IMPERIAL 5171 E MB $20


187. T-Bone Walker — "Mean Old World/I Gotta Break, Baby" CAPITOL 10033 E MB $20

188. Van "Piano Man" Walls And His After Hour Session Boys — "Tee Nah Nah/Ain't Gonna Scold You" ATLANTIC 904 E+ CLASSIC NEW ORLEANS MB $25


189. Little Walter And His Night Caps — "Juke/Can't Hold On Much Longer" CHECKER 758 E Hazy pressing MB $25


190. Little Walter — "Boom, Boom Out Goes The Lights/Temperature" CHECKER 867 E Hazy pressing MB $25

191. Baby Boy Warren — "Sanafee / Hello Stranger" J-V-B 26 E- RARE MB $200


192. Dinah Washington — "Long John Blues/Baby Get Lost" MERCURY 8148 E+ MB $20


193. Kokomo Wellington — "Tangleweed Round My Heart/Good-Bye" MERCURY 8147 E TOUGH MB $25


194. Cootie Williams — " 'Gator Tail — Pt. 1/Pt. 2" MERCURY 8131 E/E+ MB $20


195. Paul Williams And His Huckle-buckers — "Pop-Corn/Free Dice" SAVOY 711 E+ MB $25

196. Jimmy Witherspoon — "How I Hate To See Xmas Come Around/Hey Mr. Landlord" SUPREME 1508 E MB $20

197. Howlin' Wolf — "Passing By Blues/Crying At Daybreak" R P M 340 E- The Wolf recorded the A-side again later at CHESS as "Smokestack Lightning"— Hazy pressing MB $50

198. The Howling Wolf — "My Baby Stole Off/I Want Your Picture" R P M 347 E Hazy pressing MB $100

199. Howlin' Wolf — "Smoke Stack Lightning/You Can't Be Beat" CHESS 1618 E All Time Classic, Hazy pressing MB $100


200. Billy Wright — "Blues For My Baby/You Satisfy" SAVOY 710 E+ MB $25

201. Eugene Wright And His Dukes Of Swing — "Pork'n Beans/Dawn Mist" ARISTOCRAT 11001 E+ MB $50

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