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December 13th, 2022, Ralph DeLuca's FINAL Blues 78's auction, page 3
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Printed (PDF) version of the DeLuca Blues 78's Auction #5, Pre-War and Post War Blues

The Ralph DeLuca Collection of Pre-War and Post War Blues 78's, Auction #5!!

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40. Peg Leg Howell — "Turtle Dove Blues/Walkin' Blues" COLUMBIA 14456 E+ With small one inch lam crack on B-side only MB $300


41. Bertha Idaho — "Graveyard Love/You're Getting The Right Eye But You're Peeping At The Wrong Keyhole" COLUMBIA 14355 E MB $100


42. Charlie Jackson — "Salt Lake City Blues/Salty Dog Blues" PARAMOUNT 12236 E/V+ MB $50


43. Charlie Jackson — "Skoodle Um Skoo/Shiek Of Desplaines Street" PARAMOUNT 12501 V+ MB $200


44. Jesse James — "Southern Casey Jones/Lonesome Day Blues" DECCA 7213 V+ Classic PIANO MB $30


45. Frankie Half Pint Jaxon — "Let's Knock A Jug/Can't You Wait" VOCALION 1285 E CLASSIC MB $200


46. Frankie "Half Pint" Jaxon And The Harlem Hamfats — "She Brings Me Down/Wet It" DECCA 7286 E- MB $30


47. Frankie (Half Pint) Jaxon & The Harlem Hamfats — "Take It Easy Greasy/The Dirty Dozens" DECCA 7304 E- MB $50


48. Frankie (Half Pint) Jaxon — "Fan It Boogie Woogie/Don't Pan Me" DECCA 7638 E With small one inch hair crack MB $20


49. Frankie (Half Pint) Jackson — "You Can't Tell/Turn Over" DECCA 7806 E- MB $30


50. Lil Johnson — "If You Can Dish It, I Can Take It/That Bonus Done Go Through" CONQUEROR 8647 E- MB $30


51. Lonnie Johnson — "Wrong Woman Blues/A Broken Heart That Never Smiles" OKEH 8601 E- MB $150

52. Lonnie Johnson And Blind Willie Dunn — "Two Tone Stomp/Have To Change Keys To Play These Blues" OKEH 8637 E/E+ GREAT ONE!!!! MB $300


53. Lonnie Johnson — "I Got The Best Jelly Roll In Town - Part 2/Don't Drive Me From Your Door" OKEH 8796 E- MB $200


54. Lonnie Johnson — "I'm Nuts About That Gal/Rackateers Blues" OKEH 8946 E+ MB $300


55. Coley Jones — "Drunkard's Special/The Elder's He's My Man" COLUMBIA 14489 E+ MB $300


56. Lillie Mae Kirkman — "Hop Head Blues/It's A Hard Way To Travel" VOCALION 04951 E- DRUG SONG MB $100


57. Kansas City Kitty And Georgia Tom — "Root Man Blues/Close Made Papa" VOCALION 1600 V+ MB $50


58. Huddie Leadbelly — "Easy Rider/Worried Blues" BLUEBIRD 8570 E MB $50


59. Huddie Leadbelly — "Roberta/The Red Cross Store Blues" BLUEBIRD 8709 E MB $50


60. Huddie Leadbelly — "New York City/You Can't Lose-A Me Cholly" BLUEBIRD 8750 E+ MB $50

61. Charley Lincoln — "If It Looks Like Jelly Shakes Like Jelly It Must Be Gelatine/Ugly Papa" COLUMBIA 14332 E MB $300


62. Cripple Clarence Lofton — "You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down/Brown Skin Gals" PERFECT 6-11-66 E Classic Piano MB $100


63. Sherry Magee And His Dixie-landers — "Shake It And Break It/Tin Roof Blues" VOCALION 5281 E MB $50


64. Aunt Mandy's Chillun — "The Prod-igal Son—Part 1/Part 2" COLUMBIA 14564 E MB $200

65. Memphis Jug Band — "Beale Street Mess Around/I'll See You In The Springtime" VICTOR 21066 E+ MB $300


66. Memphis Jug Band — "Bob Lee Junior Blues/I Packed My Suitcase, Started For The Train" VICTOR 21412 E- MB $200

67. Charlie Burse With The Memphis Jug Band — "Bottle It Up And Go / Insane Crazy Blues" OKEH 8959 E+ MB $500


68. Memphis Minnie And Kansas Joe — "Frisco Town/Goin' Back To Texas" COLUMBIA 14455 V MB $50


69. Memphis Minnie, Black Bob & Bill Settles — "Joe Louis Strut/He's In The Ring" VOCALION 03046 E-/V+ MB $50


70. Memphis Minnie — "Selling My Pork Chops/Doctor Doctor Blues" BLUEBIRD 6199 V MB $30


71. Mississippi Jook Band — "Skippy Whippy/Hittin' The Bottle Stomp" MELOTONE 6-11-65 E+ MB $300

72. Mississippi Sheiks — "Baby Please Make A Change / Somebody's Got To Help Me" BLUEBIRD 5659 E-/E+ MB $300


73. Mitchell's Christian Singers — "Standing By The Bedside/What Kinda Shoes Do The Angels Wear" MELOTONE 6-12-53 E- MB $50


74. Little Brother Montgomery — "Farish Street Jive/You Gotta Quit Your Lowdown Way" BLUEBIRD 6894 E+ MB $200

75. Alice Moore — "Black And Evil Blues/Broadway Street Woman Blues" PARAMOUNT 12819 E-/E+ MB $200

76. Charley Patton — "Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues / Mississippi Bowevil Blues" PARAMOUNT 12805 G YEAH, it's pretty darn worn, but it does play through without skipping and it's a LOT cheaper than a clean copy would be! MB $2,000


77. Pete And Repeat — "Hymn Singing Bill/Judge For A Day" BRUNSWICK 7055 E Obscure MB $50


78. Joe Pullum — "Black Gal—No. 3/Mississippi Flood Blues" BLUEBIRD 5844 E- MB $100


79. Joe Pullum — "Black Gal—No. 4/West Dallas Drag # 2" BLUEBIRD 5947 E MB $75

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