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December 13th, 2022, Ralph DeLuca's FINAL Blues 78's auction, page 2
Closes Tuesday, December 13th, 2022 at 7:00 pm PT

Printed (PDF) version of the DeLuca Blues 78's Auction #5, Pre-War and Post War Blues

The Ralph DeLuca Collection of Pre-War and Post War Blues 78's, Auction #5!!

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7. Texas Alexander And His Sax Black Tams — "Worried Blues/Normangee Blues" VOCALION 02772 V+ Much harder to find than his Okeh releases MB $100

8. Pink Anderson And Simmie Dooley — "Papa's 'Bout To Get Mad / Gonna Tip Out Tonight" COLUMBIA 14336 E/E+ TOUGH ONE AND OH, SO CLEAN!!! MB $800

9. Pillie Bolling And Barefoot Bill —"She's Got A Nice Line/I Don't Like That" COLUMBIA 14544 E+ Immaculate copy MB $800

10. Big Bill And Thomps (Broonzy) — "Starvation Blues / Down In The Basement Blues" PARAMOUNT 12707 E BROONZY MASTERPIECE . . . AND OH, so clean and shiny!!! MB $1,000


11. Big Bill (Broonzy) — "I Can't Make You Satisfied/I'm Just A Bum" BLUEBIRD 6111 E- MB $100


12. Ada Brown — "Crazy 'Bout My Lolli-pop/Down Home Dance" OKEH 8694 E Clean, interesting Female Blues MB $100

13. Flossie And Duke Brown — "Gas Man Blues/Pig Meat Mama" CHAMPION 15858 E- Mae Glover and John Byrd, Nice!!! MB $300

14. Cannon's Jug Stompers — "Minglewood Blues / Madison Street Rag" VICTOR 21267 E MASTERPIECE and squeaky clean copy! MB $1,000


15. Bo Carter — "Pussy Cat Blues/Banana In Your Fruit Basket" VOCALION 03091 E- All Time Classic MB $200

16. Ida Cox — "Married Man Blues/Georgia Hound Blues" PARAMOUNT 12263 E NICE AND CLEAN EARLY ONE MB $100

17. Dallas String Band With Coley Jones — "Chasin' Rainbows /I Used To Call Her Baby" COLUMBIA 14410 E ONE OF R. CRUMB'S ALL TIME FAVORITE RECORDS MB $400


18. Blind John Davis — "Jersey Cow Blues/Booze Drinking Benny" VOCALION 04079 E GREAT ONE!!! Many overlook this, but it is really good! MB $200


19. Frank Edwards — "Terraplane Blues/We Got To Get Together" OKEH 06363 E NICE ONE!!! MB $200


20. Sleepy John Estes — "Married Woman Blues/Drop Down Mama" CHAMPION 50048 E CLASSIC MB $300


21. Sleepy John Estes — "Someday Baby Blues/Who's Been Tellin' You Buddy Brown Blues" CHAMPION 50068 E- MB $200


22. "Sleepy" John Estes — "Working Man Blues/Come Back Home" BLUEBIRD 8950 E+ MB $200


23. Sleepy John Estes — "Government Money/I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More" DECCA 7414 E+ MB $200


24. Sleepy John Estes — "New Someday Baby/Brownsville Blues" DECCA 7473 E+ FABULOUS MB $200


25. Pat Flowers — "After The Sun Goes Down/Beg, Borrow And Steal" DECCA 8587 E+ MB $50

26. Blind Boy Fuller — "Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon/My Baby Don't Mean Me No Harm" MELOTONE 7-06-56 E CLASSIC AND CLEAN!!! MB $200

27. Georgia Pine Boy — "Look Who's Coming Down The Road/The World Is A Hard Place To Live In" DECCA 7828 E- Kansas Joe McCoy does his take on Tommy Johnson's "Maggie Campbell" and it is REALLY GREAT! If you can't afford the Johnson, this will do nicely for a substitute. MB $300


28. Jazz Gillum — "Jockey Blues/Don't You Scandalize My Name" BLUEBIRD 6409 E- HIS FIRST RECORD MB $100


29. Lillian Glinn — "Shake It Down/Where Have All The Black Men Gone" COLUMBIA 14315 E MB $50

30. Blind Roosevelt Graves And His Brother — "Guitar Boogie/New York Blues" PARAMOUNT 12820 V+ PARAMOUNT CLASSIC MB $300

31. Roosevelt Graves And Bro. — "Bustin' The Jug / Crazy About My Baby" PARAMOUNT 12859 E- HARDER ONE MB $500


32. Harlem Ham Fats — "Oh Babe, Has Your Money Come?/You Brought Me Everything But Love" VOCALION 05179 E+ MB $50


33. Harlem Hamfats — "Oh! Red/Lake Pro-vidence Blues" DECCA 7182 E MB $50


34. Harlem Hamfats — "Empty Bed Blues/We're Gonna Pitch A Boogie Woogie" DECCA 7326 E- MB $30


35. Harlem Hamfats — "Toodle Oo Blues/You Got To Be Satisfied" DECCA 7406 E MB $30


36. Harlem Hamfats — "I'd Rather Be With You/Time's A-Wastin' " DECCA 7454 E- MB $30


37. Harlem Hamfats — "Let Me Feel It/Don't Start No Stuff" DECCA 7466 E MB $30


38. Rose Henderson — "I'm Broke Fooling With You/I Ain't No Man's Slave" PARAMOUNT 12058 E MB $50


39. Sloppy Henry — "Say I Do It/Some Sweet Rainy Day" OKEH 8805 E- MB $200

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