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Original 1950's Rockabilly / Boppers / Hot Rock & Roll 45's Auction! Page 8

Closes Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 7:00 pm PT

My May 24th, 2022 Rockabilly / Hot Rock & Roll 45's auction highlights

Printed (PDF) version Rockabilly / Hot Rock & Roll 45's auction-high-res (35 mb)

Printed (PDF) version Rockabilly / Hot Rock & Roll 45's auction (21mb)

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254. Lynn Rowe — "Red Rover/Last Date" HITT 181 M- MB $100


255. Billy Sage — "Everybody's Crazy About My Baby/Untie These Chains" TRAILS 702 M- Small wol MB $20


256. Johnny Sardo — "I Wanna Rock/Used Heart" WARNER BROTHERS 5014 M- MB $20


257. Billy Scott — "You're Braggin', Boy/In A Little Swiss Chalet" TEE VEE 225 M- MB $20

258. Jack Scott — "Baby, She's Gone/You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar" ABC-PARAMOUNT 9818 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with tiny xol MB $100


259. Jack Scott — "Found A Woman/Is There Something On Your Mind" TOP RANK 2093 VG MB $5

260. The Great Sebastian — "The Naughty Coo/SAME" REBEL 1333 1/2 VG WAYNE COCHRAN—Plays great!!! Rare MB $50


261. Jimmy Self — "Oh, Babe!/You're There" CORAL 62009 M- POWDER BLUE LABEL PROMO, #ol MB $20


262. Ronnie Self — "Bop-A-Lena/I Ain't Goin' Nowhere" COLUMBIA 41101 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


263. Arkie Shibley And His Mountain Dew Boys — "Hot Rod Race/I'm Living Alone With An Old Love" MT DEW RECORD 101 M- FIRST LABEL TRUE FIRST PRESSING MB $20


264. The Skee Brothers — "Big Deal/While I'm Away" EPIC 9275 M- MB $20


265. Skip And Flip — "Betty Jean/Doubt" TIME 1031 MINT Nice ROCKER MB $20

266. Herbie Smith — "So Wild Over You/So Darlin' " SAND 275 VG+ Small tol on B-side, RARE MB $50

267. Ray Smith — "Right Behind You Baby/So Young" SUN 298 NICE VG+ MB $50


268. Ray Smith — "Put Your Arms Around Me Honey/Maria Elena" JUDD 1017 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $20


269. Warren Smith — "Rock `N' Roll Ruby/I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry" SUN 239 M-/VG+ MB $25

270. Warren Smith — "Miss Froggie/So Long, I'm Gone" SUN 268 M- Classic MB $50


271. Warren Smith — "I've Got Love If You Want It/I Fell In Love" SUN 286 VG 39¢ on label MB $5


272. Eddie Snell & His Midwestern Aces — "I'm Going Down (For The 3rd Time)/Head For The Hills" NO NAME OP-242 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO—BOPPER MB $25

273. Clyde Stacy — "Baby Shame/Nobody's Darlin' " BULLSEYE 1004 M- Small tear on A-side label MB $50


274. Ray Stanley — "Over A Coke/I Can't Wait" ARGO 5280 VG+ MB $20


275. Paul Stefen And The Royal Lancers — "I Fought The Law/Say Mama" CITATION 15003 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


276. Hunt Stevens — "Johnny On The Spot/I Feel It For You" UNITED ARTISTS 107 MINT MB $20

277. Johnny Stewart — "Rockin' Anna/Lorraine" VITA 169 M- Yes, this is the same John Stewart that later sang with the Kingston Trio and then had a huge rock hit in the 1970's with "Gold." This is his first record. MB $100

278. Walter Stone (The Maniac) — "I'm Not Good Lookin'/Mother-In-Law" THUN-DERBIRD no # M- WILD, CRAZY AND PRIMITIVE MB $100


279. The Strikes — "If You Can't Rock Me/Baby I'm Sorry" IMPERIAL 5433 MINT MB $20


280. Gene Summers And His Rebels — "Nervous/Gotta Lotta That" JAN 102 VG- MB $5


281. Jimmy Sun And The Radiants — "Molly And Ten Brooks/Cocoaine Blues" CUCA 1046 M- Small tol on B-side MB $25

282. Al Sweatt — "Little Fo-Mo-Co/Just Enough Stardust" KEEN 262 M- RARE MB $100


283. Jim Sweeney — "The Midnight Hour/Till The Right One Comes Along" DATE 1001 M- MB $20

284. Bill Taylor & Smokey Jo — "Split Personality/Lonely Sweetheart" FLIP 502 VG- With small tears on the label. RAREST ONE ON THE LABEL!! Plays great!! MB $100


285. William Tell Taylor — "I Like It/I Love Only You" D 1051 M- MB $20


286. Joe Therrien, Jr. And The Rockets — "Hey Babe! Let's Go Downtown/Come Back To Me Darling" BRUNSWICK 55005 M- MB $20


287. Jerry Thomas And The Rhythm Rockers — "Baby Please/Tell Me" KHOURY'S 708 MINT MB $20


288. T. J. Timber — "Rags/D.D.T. And The Boll Weevil" SOUTHERN SOUND 104 VG MB $10


289. Mitchell Torok — "No Money Down/Red Light, Green Light" DECCA 29863 MINT PINK LABEL PROMO MB $20


290. Jack Tucker And His Band — "Big Door/Crazy Do" 4 STAR 1719 M- MB $20


291. Justin Tubb — "Rock It On Down To My House/Sugar Lips" DECCA 30606 MINT PINK LABEL PROMO MB $20


292. Jesse Lee Turner — "Shake, Baby, Shake/The Little Space Girl" CARLTON 496 M- MB $20


293. Conway Twitty — "Double Talk Baby/Why Can't I Get Through To You" MERCURY 71384 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with small wol MB $20


294. T. Texas Tyler — "Let The Teardrops Fall/Confined" 4 STAR AP-27 MINT PROMO COPY MB $20


295. The Tyrones — "Broke Down, Baby/Giggles" DECCA 30559 VG- MB $5

296. Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps — "Be-Bop-A-Lula/Woman Love" CAPITOL 3450 NICE VG WHITE LABEL PROMO with radio station file number on the label MB $50


297. Doug Warren And The Rays — "Around Midnight (I'm Comin' After You)/If The World Don't End Tomorrow" IMAGE 1011 VG+ MB $20


298. Robert Williams And The Groovers — "Cranberry Blues/Loud Mufflers" TIP TOP 730 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

299. Jimmy Witter And The Shadows — "If You Love My Woman / Aaaaahhh!" ELVIS 900 • VG+ MASTERPIECE!!! MB $350


300. Billy Wood & The Virginians — "California Blues/My Special Dreams" STARR 155 VG+ BOPPER MB $20

301. Gene Wyatt — "You Bug Me, Baby/Good Try" AETNA 103642 MINT MB $50

302. Malcolm Yelvington — "Rockin' With My Baby/It's Me Baby" SUN 246 M- MB $100

303. Benn Joe Zeppa — "Shame On You, Miss Lindy/Terry Lou" METROL 9001 M- GREAT ROCKER!!! MB $75

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