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Original 1950's Rockabilly / Boppers / Hot Rock & Roll 45's Auction! Page 2

Closes Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 7:00 pm PT

My May 24th, 2022 Rockabilly / Hot Rock & Roll 45's auction highlights

Printed (PDF) version Rockabilly / Hot Rock & Roll 45's auction-high-res (35 mb)

Printed (PDF) version Rockabilly / Hot Rock & Roll 45's auction (21mb)

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5. Billy Adams And The Rock-A-Teens — "That's My Baby/Return Of The All American Boy" NAU-VOO 805 NICE VG+ Small tape on B-side label MB $20


6. Lloyd Arnold — "School Days/Take These Chains From My Heart" AVET 5000 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

7. James Arp — "Let It Rock/Not Too Young" VELLEZ 1515 M- MB $20


8. Hugh Barrett And The Victors — "Got The Bull By The Horns/There Was A Fungus Among Us" MADISON 164 M- NICE TWO-SIDER MB $20


9. Carl Belew — "24 Hour Night/Everytime I'm Kissing You" 4 STAR 1721 M- MB $20


10. Carl Belew — "Cool Gator Shoes/No Regrets" DECCA 30947 M- PINK LABEL PROMO MB $20


11. Lewis Bell — "Come Twist With Me/Time Will Tell" SKYLARK 108 MINT TEEN ROCKER MB $20


12. Rod Bernard And The Twisters — "Pardon, Mr. Gordon/This Should Go On Forever" JIN 105 VG ORIGINAL True First Pressing, on original FIRST LABEL before it was picked up by ARGO for nationwide release MB $20


13. Joey Biscoe — "Chee-Chee-Wah-Woo/A Little Man Sat Down And Cried" FEE BEE 202 VG+ MB $20

14. Tommy Blake & The Rhythm Rebels — "Lordy Hoody/Flat Foot Sam" SUN 278 M- SUN CLASSIC MB $50


15. Bobby Bobo — "Dog-Gone Long-Gone Blues/Stamps" SAGE 239 NICE VG+ MB $10

16. Eddie Bond And The Stompers — "Rockin' Daddy/I've Got A Woman" MERCURY 70826 M- CLASSIC TWO-SIDER MB $50


17. Jimmy Bowen And The Rhythm Orchids — "I'm Stickin' With You/Ever Lovin' Fingers" ROULETTE 4001 M- MB $20


18. Jimmy Bowen With The Rhythm Orchids — "Warm Up To Me Baby/I Trusted You" ROULETTE 4010 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


19. Jimmy Bowen With The Rhythm Orchids — "Ever Since That Night/Don't Tell Me Your Troubles" ROULETTE 4017 MINT MB $20


20. Billy Brown — "Did We Have A Party/It's Love" COLUMBIA 41029 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


21. Billy Brown — "Next/Once In A Lifetime" COLUMBIA 41174 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


22. Billy Brown — "Flip Out/Echo Mountain" COLUMBIA 41297 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

23. Bobby Brown And The Curios — "Down At Big Mary's House/I Get The Blues (At Midnight)" VADEN 100 VG Fabulous MB $50


24. Gene Brown — "Big Door/Playing With My Heart" 4 STAR 1717 MINT Slight storage warp with NO effect on play. True First Pressing on Original Label before nationwide release on DOT MB $25


25. Gene Brown — "Big Door/Playing With My Heart Again" DOT 15709 MINT MB $20

26. Tom Brown And The Tom Toms — "Kentucky Waltz/Tomahawk" JARO 77023 M- DEFINITELY NOT A WALTZ MB $75

27. Edwin Bruce — "Rock Boppin' Baby/More Than Yesterday" SUN 276 MINT CLASSIC MB $50


28. Charles Bryant — "Don't Take My Woman Away/Aching Heart, Hush" PEACH 741 MINT MB $20


29. Ray Burden — "A Hot-Rodders Dream/Sweet Lou From Lou" ADONIS 112 MINT CLASSIC MB $50

30. Sonny Burgess — "We Wanna Boogie / Red Headed Woman" SUN 247 VG+/M With ORIGINAL PROMO PHOTO as sent to Radio Stations—RARE! MB $250

31. Buddy Burke And The Canadian Meteors — "That Big Old Moon/Street Of Sorrows" BULLSEYE 1002 M- MB $100


32. Dorsey Burnette — "Lonely Train/Misery" IMPERIAL 5597 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

33. Johnny Burnette And The Rock `N Roll Trio — "Tear It Up/You're Undecided" CORAL 61651 NICE VG+ POWDER BLUE LABEL PROMO with radio station file # on both labels MB $75


34. The Johnny Burnette Trio — "Oh Baby Babe/Midnight Train" CORAL 61675 NICE VG+ MB $75

35. The Johnny Burnette Trio — "The Train Kept A–Rollin'/Honey Hush" CORAL 61719 NICE VG+ MB $75


36. The Johnny Burnette Trio — "Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track)/I Just Found Out" CORAL 61758 NICE VG+ MB $75

37. Johnny Burnette — "Eager Beaver Baby/Touch Me" CORAL 61829 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $200

38. Johnny Burnette — "Drinking Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee, Drinking Wine/Butter-Fingers" CORAL 61869 M- POWDER BLUE LABEL PROMO MB $150


39. The Burnette Brothers — "Warm Love/My Honey" IMPERIAL 5509 MINT MB $50

40. Ray Campi And The Snappers — "It Ain't Me/Give That Love To Me" DOT 15617 M- MB $50

41. Gene Carroll — "Is It Ever Gonna Happen/Holly" WAUSAU 1100 NICE VG+ NICE ONE!!! Sounds like JERRY LEE LEWIS MB $50


42. Ric Cartey — "Born To Love One Woman/Let Me Tell You About Love" RCA VICTOR 6920 M-/NICE VG+ MB $20


43. Bobby Cash — "I Don't Need Your Love And Kisses/Answer To My Dreams" KING 5894 M- ELVIS sound MB $20


44. Harold Cavallero — "Brown Eyed Gal/Broken Heart" BIG HOWDY 784 MINT MB $20


45. Mel Calvin And The Kokonuts — "My Mummy/I Love You" BERTRAM INTERNATIONAL 215 M- MB $20


46. Joey Castle — "That Ain't Nothing But Right/Come A Little Closer Baby" RCA VICTOR 7283 M- MB $20

47. Ernie Chaffin — "Laughin' And Jokin'/I'm Lonesome" SUN 275 M- MB $50


48. Wayland Chandler — "Little Lover/Play Boy" 4 STAR 1716 M- MB $20

49. Jean Chapel — "I Won't Be Rockin' Tonight/Welcome To The Club" SUN 244 M- MB $50


50. Jean Chapel — "Oo-Ba La Baby/I Had A Dream" RCA VICTOR 6892 M- MB $20


51. Cliff And The Louisianians — "I Picked Up The Pieces/I'll Go On Loving You" O'DAY 107 G Well worn but PLAYS NICE—RARE ONE FROM LOUISIANA MB $20


52. Sanford Clark — "The Fool/Lonesome For A Letter" DOT 15481 M-/VG+ MAROON LABEL FIRST PRESSING ON DOT MB $20

53. Joe Clay — "Duck Tail/Sixteen Chicks" VIK 0211 M- GREAT, CLASSIC TWO-SIDER MB $100

54. Jack Clement — "Your Lover Boy/Ten Years" SUN 291 M- MB $50


55. Loy Clingman — "I'm Low, Low, Low/It's Nothing To Me" DOT 15567 M- MB $20

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