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Original 1950's Rockabilly / Boppers / Hot Rock & Roll 45's Auction! Page 3

Closes Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 7:00 pm PT

My May 24th, 2022 Rockabilly / Hot Rock & Roll 45's auction highlights

Printed (PDF) version Rockabilly / Hot Rock & Roll 45's auction-high-res (35 mb)

Printed (PDF) version Rockabilly / Hot Rock & Roll 45's auction (21mb)

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56. Eddie Cochran — "Twenty Flight Rock/Cradle Baby" LIBERTY 55112 VG GREAT and SCARCE—plays fabulous MB $25


57. Eddie Cochran — "Summertime Blues/Love Again" LIBERTY 55144 M- ALL TIME CLASSIC MB $25


58. Eddie Cochran — "Something Else/Boll Weevil Song" LIBERTY 55203 VG MB $5

59. Jack Cochran — "Hip Shakin' Mama/Riverside Jump" SIMS 107 VG+ PROMO COPY, CLASSIC TWO-SIDER MB $75


60. Wayne Cochran — "Funny Feeling/Last Kiss" GALA 117 MINT MB $20

61. The Collins Kids — "I'm In My Teens/They're Still In Love" COLUMBIA 21543 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

62. The Collins Kids — "Party/Heartbeat" COLUMBIA 41012 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

63. Larry And Lorrie Collins — "Mercy/Sweet Talk" COLUMBIA 41149 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

64. Larry Collins — "Get Along Home Cindy/What About Tomorrow" COLUMBIA 33-3-41953 VG+ VERY SCARCE 7" 33 1/3 rpm!! These were a brief experiment in the early 1960's. MB $10

65. Ken Cook aka ROY ORBISON — "Crazy Baby/I Was A Fool" PHILLIPS INTERNATIONAL 3534 M- TOUGH ONE! And YES, it is indeed ROY ORBISION! MB $75


66. Bert Cuff — "Cry Boy Cry/Hang On Baby" ARC 1128 M- Xol, JOHNNY CASH SOUND MB $20

67. Mac Curtis — "If I Had Me A Woman/Just So You Call Me" KING 4927 M- ALL TIME CLASSIC MB $100

68. Jerry Dallman And The Knightcaps — "Honey Bee/The Bug" PUNCH 6000 MINT Small tape on B-side label only MB $50


69. Laman Davis And His Morrow Village Ramblers — "If I Can, Can, Can/Just An Okie At Heart" LAS VEGAS no # M- MB $20

70. Jimmy Dee And The Offbeats — "Henrietta/Don't Cry No More" T N T 148 NICE VG+ First Label, True First Pression before NATIONWIDE RELEASE ON DOT MB $75


71. Jimmy Dee And The Offbeats — "Henrietta/Don't Cry No More" DOT 15664 NICE VG+ MB $10


72. Little Denny & Torkeys — "The Flying Fish/Rock And Roll Blues" PERRY 1 M- MB $35

73. Little Denny & Torkays — "I'd Love To Take You Walking/She's Everybody's Darling" PERRY 2 MINT MB $50


74. The Dinks — "Kocka-Mow-Mow/Ugly Girl" SULLY 925 VG+ MB $10

75. Bobby Dino With Buddy Lucas And His Dynatones — "You Rock Me Jean/You Walked Away From Love" RIDGECREST 1203 MINT MB $75

76. The Dotson Brothers — "My Baby/Guess Why "And I've Quit My Crying Over You" " JANET 204 MINT NICE ONE WITH TWO BREAKS MB $50

77. Little Doug — "Rollin', Rollin'/A Real American Joe" SARG 113 MINT DOUG SAHM'S FIRST RECORD—LONG, LONG BEFORE THE SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET MB $75


78. Rusty Draper — "Pink Cadillac/In The Middle Of The House" MERCURY 70921 MINT MB $20


79. Johnny Duffett — "Just Give Me Your Heart/Baby, Oh Baby" BRUNSWICK 55145 MINT YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $20


80. Huelyn Duvall — "You Knock Me Out/Hum-Dinger" CHALLENGE 59002 VG+ Tiny tol MB $5


81. Huelyn Duvall — "Three Months To Kill/Little Boy Blue" CHALLENGE 59014 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with radio station file number stamped neatly on both labels MB $30


82. Clay Eager And His Band — "Don't Come Crying On My Shoulder/Babaloo" REPUBLIC 7077 MINT NICE BOPPER MB $25


83. Jim Eddy — "Livin' Doll/Something Happened" SOMA 1091 M- Small sticker on B-side label MB $50


84. Jimmy Edwards — "Love Bug Crawl/Honey Lovin' " MERCURY 71209 MINT MB $20


85. Jerry Engler And The Four Ekkos — "Sputnik (Satellite Girl)/Unfaithful One" BRUNSWICK 55037 VG MB $5

86. Earl Epps — "Be-Bop Blues / There's Two Of Us Waiting"MINOR 103 • VG PLAYS FANTASTIC AND VERY TOUGH TO FIND!!! MB $100


87. Eugene And The Cyclones — "You Are My Sunshine/You Mean So Much To Me" BRYTE 860 VG- MB $5


88. Rusty Evans And His Rock-A-Billys — "When I'm Alone With You/I Lived, I Loved And Lost" BRUNSWICK 55031 M- MB $20

89. Jay Fanning — "It's Love/Be My Sweetheart" ACME 2032 M-/M WITH PICTURE SLEEVE—RARE MB $100


90. Charlie Feathers — "Peepin' Eyes / I've Been Deceived" SUN 503 • MINT This one came out on SUN and FLIP at the same time. The FLIP is easier to find, but both are very desirable! THIS ONE IS FROM OLD STORE STOCK! MB $500

91. Charlie Feathers — "Defrost Your Heart / A Wedding Gown Of White" SUN 231 • NICE VG With radio station file number on the label as shown. This one plays M- and is really, really scarce!!!! All time classic Charlie Feathers!!! MB $1,000

92. Derrell Felts — "Lookie, Lookie, Lookie/It's A Great Big Day" OKEH 7118 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


93. Narvel Felts — "Little Girl, Step This Way/Vada Lou" MERCURY 71347 MINT NICE ONE MB $20

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