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November 21 Killer Blues 78's & 45's Auction-complete list, page 4
Closes Tuesday, November 21 2023 at 7 pm PT

Post War Blues / R&B 45's & Post War Blues 78's

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November 21st Killer Blues 45's & 78's Auction highlights

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Post War Blues 78's:

179. Sunny Blair — "Gonna Let You Go / Please Send My Baby Back" METEOR 5006E Monster Country Blues and near impossible to find on 45 rpm! MB $500

180. Mr. Honey aka HONEYBOY EDWARDS — "Build A Cave / Who May Your Regular Be" ARTIST RECORD COMPANY 102E Yes, this is the great Honeyboy Edwards in his only truly VINTAGE recording. SUPER SCARCE—I only know of three copies!!! Miss this one and search for decades for another one! MB $2,000

181. J. B. (Hutto) And His Hawks — "Pet Cream Man / Lovin' You" CHANCE 1160E+ STUNNING COPY OF A STUNNING RECORD!!! Chicago Blues Masterpiece! The 45 has THREE known copies!!! Absolutely essential for any serious collector of Post War Blues! MB $500

182. Birmingham Junior And His Lover Boys — "Birmingham Late Hours / You're Too Bad" EBONY 1007E+ OBSCURE CHICAGO BLUES MASTER-PIECE on a label owned by PARAMOUNT LABEL TALENT SCOUT J. Mayo Williams!!! TOUGH! MB $500

183. Baby Face Leroy — "My Head Can't Rest Anymore / Take A Little Walk With Me" J. O. B. 100E+ CHICAGO BLUES MASTERPIECE and the very first J.O.B. release. MB $800

184. Papa Lightfoot — "Wine, Women, Whiskey / Mean Old Train" IMPERIAL 5289E+ This one gets my vote for being the LOUDEST, MOST ROCKIN' BLUES recorded in the 1950's!!! Just incredible two-sider! Near impossible on 45 rpm. MB $800


185. Kokomo Arnold — "Milk Cow Blues/Old Original Kokomo Blues" DECCA 48000 E-/E+ Kicking off their new Blues series in 1948, Decca decided to re-release this Pre-War classic MB $25


186. Mr. Google Eyes — "Japoline/Bad Nerves" DOMINO 352 E+ MB $75


187. Mr. Google Eyes — "Young Boy/Poppa Stoppa's" COLEMAN 118 E+ MB $75


188. Mr. Google Eyes — "Rough And Rocky Road/No Wine, No Women" OKEH 6820 E+ MB $50


189. Mr. Google Eyes August — "O What A Fool/Play The Game" DUKE 117 E+ MB $25


190. LaVern Baker as MISS SHARECROPPER — "I've Tried/How Long" NATIONAL 9151 E+ Her first record MB $50


191. Mr. Bear And His Bear Cats — "I'm Gonna Keep My Good Eye On You/How Come" GROOVE 0125 E+ MB $50

192. Lazy Bill And His Blue Rhythms — "I Had A Dream/She Got Me Walkin' " CHANCE 1148 E FABULOUS!!! MB $300

193. Dennis Binder And His Orchestra — "I Miss You So/Early Times" MODERN 930 E+/E FABULOUS ROCKIN' BLUES MB $100

194. Little Booker — "Doing The Ham Bone/Thinkin' About My Baby" IMPERIAL 5293 E+ VINYL—and the sound just leaps from the grooves! MB $100


195. Calvin Boze And His All Stars — "Stinkin' From Drinkin'/Look Out For Tomorrow Today" ALADDIN 3072 E+ MB $50


196. Big Bill Broonzy And His Guitar — "I Love My Whiskey/Water Coast Blues" MERCURY 8122 E MB $25


197. Honey Brown — "Rockin' And Jumpin'/Lonesome And Mistreated" DERBY 761 E+ MB $50


198. Piney Brown — "Gloomy Monday Blues/Mourning Blues" APOLLO 402 E+ MB $25


199. Beulah Bryant — "What Am I Gonna Do?/Prize Fightin' Papa" EXCELLO 2049 E+ TOUGH FEMALE BLUES MB $50


200. Allen Bunn And Trio — "The Guy With A "45"/She'll Be Sorry" APOLLO 436 E+ MB $25

201. Allen Baum (Bunn) — "Too Much Competition/My Kinda Woman" RED ROBIN 124 E FABULOUS MB $100


202. Harold Burrage — "Messed Up/I Don't Care Who Knows" COBRA 5012 E+ MB $75


203. Dr. Clayton — "I Need My Baby/Hold That Train, Conductor" RCA VICTOR 20-1995 E+ MB $25


204. Sammy Cotton — "It's So Hard/You've Been Mistreating Me" REGAL 3284 E+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


205. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup — "Rock Me Mama/Who's Been Foolin' You" BLUEBIRD 34-0725 E MB $25


206. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup — "Cool Dispo-sition/Keep Your Arms Around Me" BLUE-BIRD 34-0738 E MB $25


207. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup — "I'm In The Mood/She's Gone" RCA VICTOR 34-0746 E MB $25


208. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup — "Dust My Broom/You Know That I Love You" RCA VICTOR 22-0074 E Has tiny edge chip that doesn't go into the grooves MB $20


209. Big Boy Crudup — "Goin' Back To Georgia/Mr. So And So" RCA VICTOR 20-4572 E MB $20


210. Walter Davis — "My Friends Don't Know Me/When You Need My Help" RCA VICTOR 20-2156 E+ MB $25


211. Walter Davis — "Things Ain't What They Used To Be/Just One More Time" RCA VICTOR 20-2335 E MB $20

212. Calvin Frazier — "Sweet Lucy (Drinking Women)/Be-Bop Boogie" ALBEN 106 V RARE MB $100


213. Little Boy Fuller — "Shake Your Stuff/ Lazy Bug Blues" SAVOY 5535 E-/E MB $25


214. Jazz Gillum — "Whiskey Head Buddies/Afraid To Trust Them" BLUEBIRD 34-0741 E+ MB $25


215. Jazz Gillum — "Reckless Rider Blues/ Look On Yonder Wall" RCA VICTOR 20-1974 E+ MB $25


216. Jazz Gillum — "Can't Trust Myself/All In All Blues" RCA VICTOR 20-2232 E/E+ MB $20

217. Tiny Grimes Quintet — "Nightmare Blues/Hot In Harlem" ATLANTIC 869 M- Super early ATLANTIC with vocal by Red Prysock MB $100

218. "Stick Horse" Hammond — "Gambling Man/Alberta" J O B 100 E- With hard to spot one inch hairline crack RARE MB $100


219. Wynonie Harris With Todd Rhodes Orchestra — "Lovin' Machine/Luscious Woman" KING 4485 E+ MB $25


220. Wynonie Harris — "The Deacon Don't Like It/Song Of The Bayou" KING 4635 E- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


221. Smokey Hogg — "Little Car Blues/Country Gal" MODERN 833 E+ # OL MB $25


222. John Lee Hooker — "Ride 'Til I Die/It's Stormin' And Rainin' " MODERN 901 E MB $50


223. John Lee Hooker — "I Wonder Little Darling/Jump Me" MODERN 931 E MB $50


224. John Lee Hooker — "I Tried Hard/Let's Talk It Over" MODERN 935 E/E+ MB $50


225. John Lee Hooker — "I'm So Worried Baby/The Road Is So Rough" VEE-JAY 233 E+ MB $50


226. John Lee Hooker — "I Love You Honey/You've Taken My Woman" Vee-Jay 293 E/E+ MB $50


227. Lightnin' Hopkins — "Fast-Mail Rambler/Thinkin' And Worryin' " ALADDIN 204 E+ Magnificent! MB $100


228. Lightnin' Hopkins — "Early Mornin' Boogie/Nothin' But The Blues" HERALD 443 E MB $50


229. Lightnin' Hopkins And His Guitar — "They Wonder Who I Am/Evil Hearted Woman" HERALD 449 E WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on thin VINYL for that sound that just leaps from the grooves, #ol MB $50


230. Bull Moose Jackson — "Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again/My Beloved" KING 4412 E+ MB $25


231. Moose Jackson — "Nosey Joe/Sad" KING 4524 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


232. Lil' Son Jackson — "Good Ole Wagon/SAME" IMPERIAL 5312 E Same label on both sides MB $50

233. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Cry For Me Baby/Take Me Where You Go" CHIEF 7006 E MB $300

234. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Make My Dreams Come True/Bobby's Rock" FIRE 1011 E- RARE ON 78 RPM FORMAT MB $300


235. Bo-Bo Jenkins — "Baby, Don't You Want It To Go/10 Below Zero" FORTUNE 838 E MB $200


236. Memphis Jimmy — "Drifting/Mercy Mama" RCA VICTOR 20-1887 E MB $20


237. St. Louis Jimmy — "Dog House Blues/ Bad Condition" RCA VICTOR 20-2650 E MB $20


238. Cousin Joe — "Post-War Future Blues/ Mop-Mop" ALADDIN 118 E- With one inch hairline crack . . . tough one MB $20


239. Cousin Joe With Pete Brown's Brooklyn Blues Blower — "Weddin' Day Blues/You Got It Comin' To You" SAVOY 5527 E+ MB $25


240. Cousin Joe With Hoogie Beetle on piano — "Old Man Blues/Too Tight To Walk Loose" SAVOY 5536 E+ MB $25

241. Little Papa Joe — "Easy Lovin'/Looking For My Baby" BLUE LAKE 116 E+ aka JODY WILLIAMS MB $50


242. Smokey Joe — "The Signifying Monkey/Listen To Me Baby" SUN 228 V+ MB $20

243. Floyd Jones And His Trio — "On The Road Again/Skinny Mama" J. O. B. 1013 E CHICAGO BLUES MASTERPIECE MB $400


244. Curtis Jones — "Don't Leave Me Baby/ Her Love Will Get It" COLUMBIA 37472 E MB $25

245. Little Sonny Jones — "Winehead Baby/Going To The Country" IMPERIAL 5287 M- MB $100

246. Ernest Lewis — "West Coast Blues/No More Lovin' " PARROT 791 E CHICAGO BLUES MASTERPIECE MB $200


247. Jimmy Liggins — "Going Away/Come Back Home" SPECIALTY 484 E WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

248. Robert Lockwood, Jr. — "Dust My Broom/I'm Gonna Dig Myself A Hole" MERCURY 8260 E+/E MB $300

249. Joe Hill Louis — "Railroad Blues/A'Jumpin' And A'Shufflin" COLUMBIA 30182 E With 1/2 inch lam on the A-side—RARE! MB $300

250. Robert Ketchum — "Stockade/She's Gone From Me" PEACOCK 1623 E-/E+ MB $200


251. Big Maceo — "Kid Man Blues/Things Have Changed" BLUEBIRD 34-0735 E MB $20


252. Big Maceo — "My Own Troubles/I Lost My Little Woman" RCA VICTOR 20-2353 E MB $20


253. Big Maceo — "One Sunday Morning/Just Tell My Baby" SPECIALTY 346 E/E+ MB $20


254. Percy Mayfield — "Loose Lips/I Need Love So Bad" SPECIALTY 485 E WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


255. Big Red McHouston — "I'm Tired/Where Is My Honey" GROOVE 0020 E+ WHITE LABEL PROMO, aka MICKEY BAKER MB $50


256. Memphis Minnie — "I'm So Glad/Mean Mistreater Blues" COLUMBIA 37295 E- MB $20

257. Memphis Minnie And Her Combo — "Kissing In The Dark/World Of Trouble" J. O. B. 1101 E+ Post War Minnie Masterpiece MB $300

258. Rev. "Gatemouth" Moore And His Congregation — "The Bible's Being Fulfilled Every Day/Glory, Glory" ARISTOCRAT 905 E+ RARE MB $100

259. Robert Nighthawk And His Nighthawks Band — "Feel So Bad/Take It Easy Baby" UNITED 105 E+ SUPER HARD TO FIND SUPER CLEAN MB $500


260. Tampa Red — "I'll Be Up Again Some Day/ I Oughta Bite You" RCA VICTOR 20-2147 E+/E MB $20


261. Tempo Toppers — "Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens/Always" PEACOCK 1628 V MB $25


262. Tommy Ridgley — "Earley Dawn Boogie/Shresbury Blues" IMPERIAL 5054 V+ MB $20


263. Washboard Sam And His Washboard Band — "Soap And Water Blues/You Can't Make The Grade" RCA VICTOR 20-2440 E+ MB $25


264. Guitar Slim And His Band — "Woman Troubles/Cryin' In The Morning" IMPERIAL 5278 E MB $25

265. Henry Smith And His Blue Flames — "Good Rocking Mama/Lonesome Blues" DOT 1220 E+/E WHITE LABEL PROMO, MASTERPIECE MB $300


266. Blance Thomas — "You Ain't So Such A Much/Not The Way That I Love You" IMPERIAL 5302 E+ Date on A-side label—thin VINYL pressing MB $100


267. Irene Treadwell — "Dear Santa, Bring Back My Daddy To Me!/The Church" JAY-DEE 782 E- MB $20

268. "Baby Boy" Warren — "My Special Friend Blues/Nervy Woman Blues" GOTHAM 507 E+ MB $200


269. Muddy Waters — "I Won't Go On/She's Got It" CHESS 1692 E+ MB $100

270. Billy Williams And His Band — "Shout 'N' Rock/The Blues That Jack Built" ATLANTIC 862 E+ RARE EARLY ATLANTIC MB $100

271. Joe Williams — "Banta Rooster Blues/ House Lady Blues" COLUMBIA 30119 E Great Cover Version of CHARLEY PATTON'S "BANTY ROOSTER BLUES" MB $50


272. Joe Williams — "Somebody's Been Worrying/Vitamin A" BLUEBIRD 34-0739 E MB $20


273. Sherman Williams Orchestra — "The Bounce/Sad And Blue" UNIQUE 001 E+/E MB $30

274. Johnny Young And His Mandolin — "Worried Man Blues/Money Talkin' Woman" ORA NELLE 712 E+ MB $400


275. Sonny Boy Williamson — "Decoration Day Blues No. 2/Love Me, Baby" BLUEBIRD 34-0713 E MB $20


276. Sonnyboy Williamson — "Miss Stella Brown/Desparado Woman" BLUEBIRD 34-0736 E MB $20


277. Sonny Boy Williamson — "Alcohol Blues/Apple Tree Swing" RCA VICTOR 20-2893 E MB $20


278. Jimmy Witherspoon — "Foolish Prayer/ Two Little Girls" FEDERAL 12095 E+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

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