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November 21 Killer Blues 78's & 45's Auction-highlights
Closes Tuesday, November 21 2023 at 7 pm PT

November 21st Killer Blues 45's & 78's Auction — complete list:

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Post War Blues / R&B 45's

1. Little Hudson And His Red Devil Trio — "Rough Treatment / I'm Looking For A Woman" J.O.B. 1015NICE VG+ Nice copy of Chicago Blues classic that rarely turns up on 45 rpm!!! In almost 50 years of searching, I have seen only two or three on 45 rpm. MB $1,000

2. Willie Nix And His Combo — "Just Can't Stay / All By Yourself" SABRE 104M- Absolutely STUNNING Chicago Blues!!! One of the TOP Blues records of the 1950s! In almost 50 years of searching, I have only found TWO copies—and only know of two others. The 78 rpm shows up . . . the 45 rpm does not. Now's your chance! MB $3,000

3. Jimmy Eager And His Trio — "Please Mr. Doctor / I Should Have Loved Her More" SABRE 100M-/VG+ RED VINYL!!!! aka TAMPA RED!!! Fabulous Blues from a Master Bluesman!! SUPER RARE—maybe FIVE KNOWN COPIES on 45 RPM . . . maybe. MB $3,000

4. Snooky Pryor — "Crosstown Blues / I Want You For Myself" PARROT 807M- RED VINYL!!! Chicago Blues Masterpiece and VERY hard to find on 45 rpm!!! You will look decades to find another one . . . maybe! MB $3,000

5. Jimmy Reed and His Trio — "High And Lonesome / Roll And Rhumba" CHANCE 1142VG+ His very first record!!!! Recorded for Vee-Jay and issued as Vee-Jay 100 but, at that point, CHANCE had better distribution so it came out on both! MB $1,500

6. Little Walter J. — "That's Allright / Just Keep Loving Her" CHANCE 1116NICE VG+ CHICAGO BLUES CLASSIC!!! Ultra rare on 45 rpm format with less then ten known to still exist! Super early LITTLE WALTER!!! I have had only three copies in 50 years of record collecting. MB $3,000

7. Johnny Ace/Earl Forrest — "Mid Night Hours Journey/Trouble And Me" FLAIR 1015 M- JOHNNY ACE'S FIRST RECORD MB $200

9. James Banister And His Combo — "Gold Digger/Blues And Trouble" STATES 141 VG FABULOUS CHICAGO BLUES MB $100

12. Jimmy Binkley — "You Made A Boo Boo/Messin' Around" CHECKER 835 M- PROMO COPY!!! Small wol MB $100

17. Willie Bradford — "Wanna Be Loved/ So Long" FIRE 500 M- Obscure and great FIRE 45, xol MB $100

18. John Brim And His Stompers — "Tough Times/Gary Stomp" Parrot 799 VG+ CHICAGO CLASSIC MB $300

20. Eddie Burns — "Hello Miss Jessie Lee /Dealing With The Devil" DELUXE 6024VG+ ALL TIME CLASSIC!!! Great version of Sonny Boy Williamson's 1930's masterpiece "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl"—VERY SCARCE on 45 rpm! MB $500

21. Ray Charles — "Mess Around/Funny" ATLANTIC 999 M- All Time Classic!!! As heard in "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" MB $150

22. Boozoo Chavis — "Boozoo Stomp/Paper In My Shoe" FOLK-STAR 1197 M- Thick vinyl True First Pressing MB $300

27. Pee Wee Crayton — "I Must Go On/Don't Go" POST 2007 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $100

29. Floyd Dixon — "Wine, Wine, Wine/Call Operator 210" ALADDIN 3135 M- Pittsburgh CLASSIC MB $150

30. Floyd Dixon — "Hard Living Alone/Please Don't Go" SPECIALTY 468 M- RED VINYL MB $100

32. Big Ed And His Combo (Eddie Burns) — "Biscuit Baking Mama/Superstition" CHECKER 790 M- GREAT!!! Tough on 45 rpm MB $300

34. Calvin Frazier — "Have Blues Must Travel / Lilly Mae" J-V-B 86M- FABULOUS MB $500

36. James Freeman And His Rockin' Rhythm — "Big Leg Mama/Come Back Home To Me" GOLDBAND 1196 MINT MB $100

41. Arthur Gunter — "Baby Let's Play House/Blues After Hours" EXCELLO 2047 M- MB $100

48. Mr. Sad Head — "I'm High/Hard Luck And Traveling" RCA VICTOR 5230 M- MB $300

49. Charles Henderson backed by The Minor Chords — "Bad Bull Dog/Fire" FLICK 005 MINT RARE MB $300

50. Billie Holiday (Lady Day) With Tiny Grimes Sextet — "Rocky Mountain Blues/Blue Turning Gray Over You" ALADDIN 3102 VG VERY RARE ON 45 RPM—FIRST AND ONLY COPY I'VE SEEN ON 45—except for the EP MB $100

51. Country Homes — "Come On And Put Me In The Alley/I Want You To Use Me" DELUXE 6036 M- MB $300

56. Lightening Hopkins — "Bad Things On My Mind/I'm Wild About You Baby" DECCA 48321 M-/VG+ MB $100

66. Long John Hunter — "Old Red/It's Your Thing" YUCCA 209 M- Tough MB $150

68. Moose Jackson — "Nosey Joe/Sad" KING 4524 M- MB $100

70. Elmore James — "Country Boogie / She Just Won't Do Right" CHECKER 777 VG+ RARE!!! MB $1,000

71. Bobo Jenkins — "Democrat Blues/Bad Luck And Trouble" CHESS 1565 M- Rare! MB $500

72. Grant "Mr. Blues" Jones — "It's Been A Long Time, Baby/You Won't Have To Cry" DECCA 48169 M- SCARCE DECCA BLUES SERIES MB $100

86. Joe Hill Louis And His Band — "Hydramatic Woman / Bad Woman Blues" BIG TOWN 401M- One of only 25 known copies. All from the same box back in the late 1980's. Previously not known to exist on 45 rpm! His version of "Rocket 88." MB $500

89. Willie Mabon — "I'm Mad/Night Latch" CHESS 1538 M- RED KIDDIE WAX MB $100

91. Bobby Marchan — "Just A Little Ol' Wine/You Made A Fool Of Me" DOT 1203 M- RARE!!! Record company misspelled his name as Marchon MB $500

92. Bobby Marchan And The Tick Tocks (Formerly Huey Smith's Clowns) — "Snoopin' And Accusin'/This Is The Life" FIRE 1014 M- PROMO COPY—RARE!!! First and ONLY copy I've seen MB $150

94. Frank Motley And His Motley Crew — "Rock 'N' Roll's Gotta Beat/Space Age" HAWKEYE 4015 M- OBSCURE ROCKIN' BLUES ON IOWA LABEL . . . first and ONLY copy I have seen MB $200

100. Tampa Red — "Midnight Boogie/I Miss My Lovin' Blues" RCA VICTOR 50-0112 M- MAROON/SILVER PREVUE COPY MB $150

108. Little Richard — "Get Rich Quick/Thinkin' 'Bout My Mother" RCA VICTOR 4582 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $100

109. Tempo Toppers Featuring Little Richard — "Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens/Always" PEACOCK 1628 M- MB $200

113. "Doctor" Ross — "Industrial Boogie / Thirty-Two Twenty" DIR 101M- FABULOUS! MB $500

115. Alonzo Scales — "My Baby Likes To Shuffle/She's Gone" WING 90020 M- MB $200

125. Eddie Taylor — "Ride Em On Down/Bigtown Playboy" VEE-JAY 185 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—STUNNING CHICAGO Rocking Blues with JIMMY REED ON HARP! MB $150

126. Hound Dog Taylor — "Christine/Alley Music" C. J. 626 MINT PROMO COPY, Hey, Blues guys, is this the first label for this, before FIRMA? MB $100

128. Flash Terry — "Cool It/Her Name Is Lou" INDIGO 135 M- MB $75

129. Sonny "Hootin' " Terry And His Harmonica — "I Don't Worry (Sittin On Top Of The World)/Man Ain't Nothin' But A Fool" JAX 305 M- MB $100

130. Sonny Terry Trio — "Dangerous Woman/Hootin' Blues" GRAMMERCY 1005 M- RED VINYL MB $150

133. Kid Thomas — "Rockin' This Joint To-Nite/You Are An Angel" IRC 1012 M- GREAT ONE!!! MB $200

135. Joe Turner — "Joe Turner Blues/Cherry Red" OKEH 6829 M- TOUGH ON 45 RPM!!! MB $100

136. Little Victor — "Papa Lou And Gran/What Is Love" RICHLAND 23 VG GREAT ROCKIN' BLUES MB $300

138. T-Bone Walker — "Street Walking Woman/Blues Is A Woman" IMPERIAL 5202 VG+ RARE ON 45 RPM!!! MB $200

139. T-Bone Walker — "Party Girl/Here In The Dark" IMPERIAL 5239 M- MB $200

140. T-Bone Walker — "Tell Me What's The Reason/Everytime" IMPERIAL 5247 M-/VG+ MB $100

141. T-Bone Walker — "When The Sun Goes Down/Pony Tail" IMPERIAL 5264 M- MB $150

143. Big Walter And His Combo — "Hard-Hearted Woman/Back Home To Mama" STATES 145 M- CHICAGO CLASSIC MB $300

144. Little Walter And His Jukes — "Oh Baby/Rocker" CHECKER 793 M- True First Pressing with NO "record company" printed on the label . . . very scarce this way!!! MB $200

147. Little Walter And His Jukes — "Flying Saucer/One More Chance With You" CHECKER 838 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $200


150. Muddy Waters — "Sad, Sad Day/She's All Right" CHESS 1537 M- ANY release by Muddy under #1550 is rare as most copies sold were 78 rpm. MB $500

151. Muddy Waters And His Guitar — "I'm Your Hoochie Cooche Man/She's So Pretty" CHESS 1560 M- Muddy Masterpiece MB $200

154. Muddy Waters — "Got My Mojo Working/Rock Me" CHESS 1652 M- CLASSIC MB $100

160. James Wayne — "Sweet Little Woman / In Love With You" IMPERIAL 5258VG ONLY COPY ON 45 RPM THAT I KNOW OF!!! MB $800

162. Junior Wells And His Eagle Rockers — "Hodo Man / Junior's Wail" STATES 134M- CHICAGO BLUES MASTERPIECE!!! MB $1,000

163. Arnold Wiley And His All-Star Band — "Squares Ain't Walkin' No More/It'll Be A Long Time" ACE 111 VG+/M- Wiley was a Pre-War Blues artist who first recorded in the late 1920's. This is modernized version of "Tricks Ain't Walkin' No More" from the early 1930's MB $100

165. Po Joe Williams — "Goin' Back/My Baby Left" Vee-Jay 227 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $100

169. Jimmy Wilson And His Band — "Trouble In My House/Jumpin' From Six To Six" BIG TOWN 115 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $100

170. Tyrone Wilson — "Lonesome Blues/ My Baby's Gone" GATEWAY 24056 VG+ #ol MB $200

171. Wally Wilson — "If You Don't Love Me / The Hunt" SABRE 106VG+ RARE!!!! ONLY copy I have ever had on 45 rpm format—and the 78 is tough as well! MB $800

172. The Howlin' Wolf — "Baby How Long?/ Evil Is Goin' On" CHESS 1575 M- MB $300

174. Howlin' Wolf — "I Asked For Water/So Glad" CHESS 1632 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $150

178. Alvan X — "A White Man's Heaven Is A Black Man's Hell Part 1/Part 2" MUHAMMAD'S TEMPLE NO. 11 M- RARE!!! MB $100



Post War Blues 78's

179. Sunny Blair — "Gonna Let You Go / Please Send My Baby Back" METEOR 5006E Monster Country Blues and near impossible to find on 45 rpm! MB $500


180. Mr. Honey aka HONEYBOY EDWARDS — "Build A Cave / Who May Your Regular Be" ARTIST RECORD COMPANY 102E Yes, this is the great Honeyboy Edwards in his only truly VINTAGE recording. SUPER SCARCE—I only know of three copies!!! Miss this one and search for decades for another one! MB $2,000

181. J. B. (Hutto) And His Hawks — "Pet Cream Man / Lovin' You" CHANCE 1160E+ STUNNING COPY OF A STUNNING RECORD!!! Chicago Blues Masterpiece! The 45 has THREE known copies!!! Absolutely essential for any serious collector of Post War Blues! MB $500

182. Birmingham Junior And His Lover Boys — "Birmingham Late Hours / You're Too Bad" EBONY 1007E+ OBSCURE CHICAGO BLUES MASTER-PIECE on a label owned by PARAMOUNT LABEL TALENT SCOUT J. Mayo Williams!!! TOUGH! MB $500

183. Baby Face Leroy — "My Head Can't Rest Anymore / Take A Little Walk With Me" J. O. B. 100E+ CHICAGO BLUES MASTERPIECE and the very first J.O.B. release. MB $800

184. Papa Lightfoot — "Wine, Women, Whiskey / Mean Old Train" IMPERIAL 5289E+ This one gets my vote for being the LOUDEST, MOST ROCKIN' BLUES recorded in the 1950's!!! Just incredible two-sider! Near impossible on 45 rpm. MB $800

192. Lazy Bill And His Blue Rhythms — "I Had A Dream/She Got Me Walkin' " CHANCE 1148 E FABULOUS!!! MB $300

193. Dennis Binder And His Orchestra — "I Miss You So/Early Times" MODERN 930 E+/E FABULOUS ROCKIN' BLUES MB $100

194. Little Booker — "Doing The Ham Bone/Thinkin' About My Baby" IMPERIAL 5293 E+ VINYL—and the sound just leaps from the grooves! MB $100

201. Allen Baum (Bunn) — "Too Much Competition/My Kinda Woman" RED ROBIN 124 E FABULOUS MB $100

212. Calvin Frazier — "Sweet Lucy (Drinking Women)/Be-Bop Boogie" ALBEN 106 V RARE MB $100

217. Tiny Grimes Quintet — "Nightmare Blues/Hot In Harlem" ATLANTIC 869 M- Super early ATLANTIC with vocal by Red Prysock MB $100

218. "Stick Horse" Hammond — "Gambling Man/Alberta" J O B 100 E- With hard to spot one inch hairline crack RARE MB $100

233. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Cry For Me Baby/Take Me Where You Go" CHIEF 7006 E MB $300

234. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Make My Dreams Come True/Bobby's Rock" FIRE 1011 E- RARE ON 78 RPM FORMAT MB $300

243. Floyd Jones And His Trio — "On The Road Again/Skinny Mama" J. O. B. 1013 E CHICAGO BLUES MASTERPIECE MB $400

245. Little Sonny Jones — "Winehead Baby/Going To The Country" IMPERIAL 5287 M- MB $100

246. Ernest Lewis — "West Coast Blues/No More Lovin' " PARROT 791 E CHICAGO BLUES MASTERPIECE MB $200

248. Robert Lockwood, Jr. — "Dust My Broom/I'm Gonna Dig Myself A Hole" MERCURY 8260 E+/E MB $300

249. Joe Hill Louis — "Railroad Blues/A'Jumpin' And A'Shufflin" COLUMBIA 30182 E With 1/2 inch lam on the A-side—RARE! MB $300

250. Robert Ketchum — "Stockade/She's Gone From Me" PEACOCK 1623 E-/E+ MB $200

257. Memphis Minnie And Her Combo — "Kissing In The Dark/World Of Trouble" J. O. B. 1101 E+ Post War Minnie Masterpiece MB $300

258. Rev. "Gatemouth" Moore And His Congregation — "The Bible's Being Fulfilled Every Day/Glory, Glory" ARISTOCRAT 905 E+ RARE MB $100

259. Robert Nighthawk And His Nighthawks Band — "Feel So Bad/Take It Easy Baby" UNITED 105 E+ SUPER HARD TO FIND SUPER CLEAN MB $500

265. Henry Smith And His Blue Flames — "Good Rocking Mama/Lonesome Blues" DOT 1220 E+/E WHITE LABEL PROMO, MASTERPIECE MB $300

268. "Baby Boy" Warren — "My Special Friend Blues/Nervy Woman Blues" GOTHAM 507 E+ MB $200

270. Billy Williams And His Band — "Shout 'N' Rock/The Blues That Jack Built" ATLANTIC 862 E+ RARE EARLY ATLANTIC MB $100

274. Johnny Young And His Mandolin — "Worried Man Blues/Money Talkin' Woman" ORA NELLE 712 E+ MB $400