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November 21 Killer Blues 78's & 45's Auction-complete list, page 2
Closes Tuesday, November 21 2023 at 7 pm PT

Post War Blues / R&B 45's

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November 21st Killer Blues 45's & 78's Auction highlights

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Post War Killer Blues 45's:

73. Cross Jordan — "Stand Up/Wagon Wheels" H O B 142 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol, NOT Gospel like every other release I have found on this label! MB $50


74. B. B. King — "Crying Won't Help You/ 16 Tons" RPM 451 VG+ MB $10


75. B. B. King — "Dark Is The Night (Part I)/ (Part II)" RPM 459 M- MB $20


76. Christine Kittrell — "Sittin' Here Drinking/ I Ain't Nothing But A Fool" TENNESSEE 128 M- MB $100


77. J. B. Lenore — "Mama Talk To Your Daughter/Man Watch Your Woman" PARROT 809 M-/VG+ CLASSIC MB $50


78. J. B. Lenoir — "Oh Baby/Do What I Say" VEE-JAY 352 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


79. Sammy Lewis With Willie Johnson — "I Feel So Worried/So Long Baby Goodbye" SUN 218 MINT MB $100


80. Smiley Lewis — "Jailbird/Farewell" IMPERIAL 5325 M- MB $50


81. Smiley Lewis — "I Hear You Knocking/Bumpity Bump" IMPERIAL 5356 M- CLASSIC MB $25


82. Smiley Lewis — "One Night/Ain't Gonna Do It" IMPERIAL 5380 MINT CLASSIC BEFORE ELVIS MB $50


83. Smiley Lewis — "Down Yonder We Go Ballin'/Someday You'll Want Me" IMPERIAL 5404 MINT MB $30


84. Joe Liggins And His Honeydrippers — "The Honeydripper/I've Got A Right To Cry" SPECIALTY 338 M- CLASSIC MB $25


85. Joe Liggins And His Honeydrippers — "Cryin' Over You/Going Back To New Orleans" SPECIALTY 441 M- MB $50

86. Joe Hill Louis And His Band — "Hydramatic Woman / Bad Woman Blues" BIG TOWN 401M- One of only 25 known copies. All from the same box back in the late 1980's. Previously not known to exist on 45 rpm! His version of "Rocket 88." MB $500


87. Buddy Lucas — "Crazy Baby/Beulah" CARLTON 506 M- MB $35


88. Willie Mabon — "I Don't Know/Worry Blues" CHESS 1531 M- MB $25

89. Willie Mabon — "I'm Mad/Night Latch" CHESS 1538 M- RED KIDDIE WAX MB $100


90. Willie Mabon — "The Seventh Son/Lucinda" CHESS 1608 M- CLASSIC MB $25

91. Bobby Marchan — "Just A Little Ol' Wine/You Made A Fool Of Me" DOT 1203 M- RARE!!! Record company misspelled his name as Marchon MB $500

92. Bobby Marchan And The Tick Tocks (Formerly Huey Smith's Clowns) — "Snoopin' And Accusin'/This Is The Life" FIRE 1014 M- PROMO COPY—RARE!!! First and ONLY copy I've seen MB $150


93. L. C. McKinley — "I'm So Satisfied/Lonely" VEE JAY 159 M- MB $150

94. Frank Motley And His Motley Crew — "Rock 'N' Roll's Gotta Beat/Space Age" HAWKEYE 4015 M- OBSCURE ROCKIN' BLUES ON IOWA LABEL . . . first and ONLY copy I have seen MB $200


95. Johnny Otis — "Why Don't You Believe Me/Wishing Well" MERCURY 70038 M- MB $50


96. Little Junior Parker And His Blue Flames — "I Wanna Ramble/Backtracking" DUKE 137 M- GOOD ONE! Sounds just like the SUN sessions MB $100


97. Morris Pejoe — "You Gonna Need Me/Hurt My Feelings" VEE-JAY 148 M- Xol on B-side MB $75


98. Snooky Pryor — "Someone To Love Me/Judgement Day" VEE-JAY 215 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


99. Tampa Red — "When Things Go Wrong With You/Come On, If You're Coming" RCA VICTOR 50-0019 MINT ORANGE VINYL MB $150

100. Tampa Red — "Midnight Boogie/I Miss My Lovin' Blues" RCA VICTOR 50-0112 M- MAROON/SILVER PREVUE COPY MB $150


101. Jimmy Reed — "I Can't Stand To See You Go/Rockin' With Reed" Vee Jay 186 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, xol MB $50


102. Jimmy Reed — "You've Got Me Dizzy/Honey Don't Let Me Go" VEE-JAY 226 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


103. Jimmy Reed — "Go On To School/You Got Me Crying" VEE-JAY 275 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


104. Jimmy Reed — "I'm Gonna Get My Baby/Odds And Ends" VEE-JAY 298 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


105. Jimmy Reed — "Baby What You Want Me To Do/Caress Me Baby" VEE-JAY 333 M- Classic and True First Pressing on Maroon label with thin silver line around the label MB $25


106. Jimmy Reed — "Big Boss Man/I'm A Love You" VEE-JAY 380 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


107. Jimmy Reed — "Bright Lights Big City/ I'm Mr. Luck" VEE-JAY 398 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

108. Little Richard — "Get Rich Quick/Thinkin' 'Bout My Mother" RCA VICTOR 4582 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $100

109. Tempo Toppers Featuring Little Richard — "Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens/Always" PEACOCK 1628 M- MB $200


110. Little Richard — "Maybe I'm Right/I Love My Baby" PEACOCK 1673 M- MB $50


111. Little Richard — "Little Richard's Boogie/Directly From My Heart To You" PEACOCK 1658 M- Slight label wear on B-side MB $100


112. Little Man Robinson — "I'm Still Here/Calypso Calice" Douglas Records 300 MINT MB $50

113. "Doctor" Ross — "Industrial Boogie / Thirty-Two Twenty" DIR 101M- FABULOUS! MB $500


114. Jimmy Rushing — "My Last Affair/Baby Don't Tell On Me" OKEH 7086 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

115. Alonzo Scales — "My Baby Likes To Shuffle/She's Gone" WING 90020 M- MB $200


116. Frankie Lee Sims — "What Will Lucy Do/Misery Blues" ACE 524 MINT MB $75


117. Guitar Slim — "The Things That I Used To Do/Well, I Done Got Over It" SPECIALTY 482 M-/VG+ MB $25


118. Lightning Slim — "Bugger Bugger Boy/Ethel Mae" FEATURE 3012 MINT MB $100


119. Lightnin' Slim — "Hoo Doo Blues/It's Mighty Crazy" EXCELLO 2131 MINT MB $50


120. Melvin Smith — "Looped/Woman Trainer" RCA VICTOR 4735 VG+ MB $25


121. Melvin Smith — "Open The Door Richard/Zaki Sue" CAMEO 135 M- MB $150


122. Arbee Stidham — "My Heart Belongs To You/I Found Out For Myself" RCA VICTOR 50-0003 M- ORANGE VINYL, tiny tol MB $100


123. Lonesome Sundown — "Hoo Doo Woman Blues/I'm Gonna Cut Out On You" EXCELLO 2259 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


124. Roosevelt Sykes — "Stop-Her 'Poppa/I Know How You Feel" RCA VICTOR 50-0025 M- ORANGE VINYL MB $100

125. Eddie Taylor — "Ride Em On Down/Bigtown Playboy" VEE-JAY 185 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—STUNNING CHICAGO Rocking Blues with JIMMY REED ON HARP! MB $150

126. Hound Dog Taylor — "Christine/Alley Music" C. J. 626 MINT PROMO COPY, Hey, Blues guys, is this the first label for this, before FIRMA? MB $100


127. Ko Ko Taylor — "Egg Or The Hen/Just Love Me" CHECKER 1166 M- Drill hole in label MB $25

128. Flash Terry — "Cool It/Her Name Is Lou" INDIGO 135 M- MB $75

129. Sonny "Hootin' " Terry And His Harmonica — "I Don't Worry (Sittin On Top Of The World)/Man Ain't Nothin' But A Fool" JAX 305 M- MB $100

130. Sonny Terry Trio — "Dangerous Woman/Hootin' Blues" GRAMMERCY 1005 M- RED VINYL MB $150

131. Sister Rosetta Tharpe — "Cain't No Grave Hold My Body Down/When The Saints Go Marching In" MERCURY 70910 VG+/M- CLASSIC MB $50


132. Sister Rosetta Tharpe — "Silent Night/ White Christmas" DECCA 48119 M- MB $50

133. Kid Thomas — "Rockin' This Joint To-Nite/You Are An Angel" IRC 1012 M- GREAT ONE!!! MB $200


134. Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton — "Hound Dog/Night Mare" PEACOCK 1612 VG The Classic—original Maroon label pressing MB $50

135. Joe Turner — "Joe Turner Blues/Cherry Red" OKEH 6829 M- TOUGH ON 45 RPM!!! MB $100

136. Little Victor — "Papa Lou And Gran/What Is Love" RICHLAND 23 VG GREAT ROCKIN' BLUES MB $300


137. Little Victor — "Can't Stop My Loving You/Help Me Forget Her" LANOR 511 VG+ MB $25

138. T-Bone Walker — "Street Walking Woman/Blues Is A Woman" IMPERIAL 5202 VG+ RARE ON 45 RPM!!! MB $200

139. T-Bone Walker — "Party Girl/Here In The Dark" IMPERIAL 5239 M- MB $200

140. T-Bone Walker — "Tell Me What's The Reason/Everytime" IMPERIAL 5247 M-/VG+ MB $100

141. T-Bone Walker — "When The Sun Goes Down/Pony Tail" IMPERIAL 5264 M- MB $150


142. T-Bone Walker — "Love Is Just A Gamble/High Society" IMPERIAL 5311 VG+ MB $75

143. Big Walter And His Combo — "Hard-Hearted Woman/Back Home To Mama" STATES 145 M- CHICAGO CLASSIC MB $300

144. Little Walter And His Jukes — "Oh Baby/Rocker" CHECKER 793 M- True First Pressing with NO "record company" printed on the label . . . very scarce this way!!! MB $200


145. Little Walter — "Mean Ole Frisco/Blue And Lonesome" CHECKER 1117 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


146. Little Walter And His Jukes — "My Babe/Thunderbird" CHECKER 811 M- ALL TIME CLASSIC MB $50

147. Little Walter And His Jukes — "Flying Saucer/One More Chance With You" CHECKER 838 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $200


148. Little Walter — "Confessin' The Blues/ The Toddle" CHECKER 890 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


149. Little Walter And His Jukes — "Key To The Highway/Rock Bottom" CHECKER 904 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—ALL TIME CLASSIC MB $50

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