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February 7, 2023 Killer Blues 45's Auction, page 7
Closes Tuesday, February 7th, 2023 at 7:00 pm PT

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My February 7th, 2023 Killer Blues 45's auction highlights

Printed (PDF) version of my February 7th, 2023 Killer Blues 45's auction

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260. Tempo Toppers Featuring Little Richard — "Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens/Always" PEACOCK 1628 M- MB $200

261. Little Richard — "Little Richard's Boogie/Directly From My Heart To You" PEACOCK 1658 VG+ MB $100

262. Little Richard — "Maybe I'm Right/I Love My Baby" PEACOCK 1673 MINT MB $100

263. Tommy Ridgley — "Looped/Junie Mae" IMPERIAL 5203 NICE VG TOUGH ON 45 RPM MB $100

264. Jimmy Rogers And His Rocking Four — "You're The One/Blues All Day Long" CHESS 1616 M- MB $75

265. Jimmy Rogers — "If It Ain't Me/Walking By Myself" CHESS 1643 M- MB $75

266. "Doctor" Ross — "Industrial Boogie / Thirty-Two Twenty" DIR 101M- FABULOUS MB $500

267. Otis Rush And His Band — "Double Trouble/Keep On Loving Me, Baby" COBRA 5030 M- STEVIE RAY VAUGHN NAMED HIS BAND AFTER THIS SONG MB $75

268. Otis Rush — "So Many Roads, So Many Trains/I'm Satisfied" CHESS 1751 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

269. Otis Rush — "Gambler's Blues/SAME" COTILLION 44032 M- SHORT VERSION on one side and LONG VERSION on the other |side MB $25

270. Ironing Board Sam — "Non Support/I've Been Used" ATLANTIC 2649 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

271. Clarence Samuels — "Got No Place To Call My Own/Chicken Hearted Woman" EXCELLO 2093 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $100

272. Magic Sam — "Easy Baby/21 Days In Jail" COBRA 5029 M- MB $75

273. Washboard Sam — "Diggin' My Potatoes /Bright Eyes" CHESS 1545M- With label damage as shown. If you can live with that, it's a gorgeous copy and super rare on 45 rpm! FANTASTIC RECORD! MB $300

274. Washboard Sam — "Market Street Swing/You Said You Loved Me" RCA VICTOR 50-0048 M- ORANGE PLASTIC MB $100

275. Alonzo Scales — "Hard Luck Child/We Just Can't Agree" WING 90049 M- RARE AND GREAT!!! MB $300

276. Shirley & Lee — "You'd Be Thinking Of Me/Feel So Good" ALADDIN 3289 M- MB $30

277. Guitar Slim — "The Things That I Used To Do/Well, I Done Got Over It" SPECIALTY 482 M-/VG+ CLASSIC MB $25

278. Lightning Slim — "Bugger Bugger Boy/Ethel Mae" FEATURE 3012 MINT MB $100

279. Lightnin' Slim — "I'm Leavin' You Baby/Feelin' Awful Blue" EXCELLO 2150 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

280. Lightnin' Slim — "Sweet Little Woman/Lightnin's Troubles" EXCELLO 2160 VG #ol MB $5

281. Lightnin' Slim — "Rooster Blues/G.I. Slim" EXCELLO 2169 M-/VG MB $10

282. Lightnin' Slim — "Cool Down Baby/Nothin' But The Devil" EXCELLO 2186 M- MB $25

283. Sunnyland Slim — "Devil Is A Busy Man / Going Back To Memphis" BLUE LAKE 105MINT RED VINYL!!! #ol on B-side MB $1,000

284. Drink Small And His Guitar — "I Love You Alberta/Cold Cold Rain" SHARP 101 MINT MB $75

285. "Little George" Smith — "Telephone Blues/Blues In The Dark" R P M 434 M- Classic MB $50

286. Melvin Smith — "Looped/Woman Trainer" RCA VICTOR 47-4735 M-/VG+ MB $75

287. Tab Smith — "Love/Slow And Easy" CHESS 1501 M- A-side is VOCAL—and this is an EARLY number Chess 45 MB $50

288. Tab Smith With Robie Kirk And The Ruppert-Aires — "Romance - Time/Tabs Rocker" EBONY 1008 M- VOCALS BY ROBIE KIRK AND GROUP!! This is Robie Kirk's KING label release "Let's Go Upstairs" re-done with a Vocal Group/Jump Blues backing! Rare!!!!! MB $100

289. Otis Spann — "It Must Have Been The Devil / Five Spot" CHECKER 807 G Plays like NEW!!!! A MINT copy would sell for $5,000 or more. This one doesn't look pretty but sounds near Mint for a fraction of the price. MASTERPIECE!! MB $500

290. Walter Spriggs — "Week End Man/I'm Not Your Fool Anymore" BLUE LAKE 109 M- MB $200

291. Arbee Stidham — "Meet Me Half Way/I'll Always Remember You" ABCO 100 VG/VG+ MB $50

292. Lonesome Sundown — "I've Got The Blues/Don't Say A Word" EXCELLO 2117 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

293. Lonesome Sundown — "You Know I Love You/No Use To Worry" EXCELLO 2154 M- MB $25

294. Lonesome Sundown — "I Had A Dream Last Night/I Got A Broken Heart" EXCELLO 2249 M- MB $20

295. Paul Tate — "Dance On/Everybody But Me" FALCON 1012 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with sticker stain on B-side label MB $50

296. Carmen Taylor — "Ding Dong/Lovin' Daddy" ATLANTIC 1002 VG+/VG MB $10

297. Eddie Taylor — "Ride 'Em On Down/Bigtown Playboy" VEE-JAY 185 VG CLASSIC MB $10

298. Ko Ko Taylor — "Just Love Me/Egg Or The Hen" CHECKER 1166 MINT MB $25

299. Sonny "Hootin' " Terry And His Harmonica With Brownie McGhee — "I Don't Worry (Sittin On Top Of The World) / Man Ain't Nothin' But A Fool" JAX 305M- RED VINYL MB $300

300. Sonny Terry Trio — "Dangerous Woman/Hootin' Blues" GRAMERCY 1005 M- RED VINYL, CLASSIC MB $200

301. Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee — "People Get Ready/SAME" A & M 1417 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with MONO version on one side and STEREO version on the other side MB $20

302. Joe Tex And His X Class Mates — "Charlie Brown Got Expelled/Blessed Are These Tears" ACE 559 M- Small tol on A-side MB $20

303. Sister Rosetta Tharpe — "Cain't No Grave Hold My Body Down/When The Saints Go Marching In" MERCURY 70910 M- MB $50

304. Sister Rosetta Tharpe — "Home In The Sky/Can't Do Wrong And Get By" MERCURY 70982 VG+ MB $20

305. Sister Rosetta Tharpe — "Let It Shine/Let's Be Happy" MERCURY 71133 M- MB $20

306. Lafayette Thomas — "Please Come Back To Me/Lafayette's A' Comin' " SAVOY 1574 M- GREAT MB $75

307. Play Boy Thomas — "No Doubt About It/Too Much Pride" SWING TIME 340 M- MB $100

308. Rufus Hound Dog Thomas, Jr. — "Bear Cat/Walking In The Rain" SUN 181 VG MB $25

309. Rufus Thomas, Jr. — "Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle)/Save That Money" SUN 188 VG Xol MB $200

310. Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton — "Hound Dog/Rock A Bye Baby" PEACOCK 1612 MINT MB $200

311. Joe Turner And His Blues Kings — "Shake, Rattle And Roll/You Know I Love You" ATLANTIC 1026 M-/VG+ CLASSIC MB $25

312. Joe Turner And His Blues Kings — "The Chicken And The Hawk/Morning, Noon And Night" ATLANTIC 1080 M- MB $30

313. Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson — "Lonesome Train/Person To Person" KING 4582 M-/VG+ MB $50

314. T-Bone Walker — "Get These Blues Off Me / I Got The Blues Again"IMPERIAL 5181M-/VG+ EXTREMELY RARE EARLY IMPERIAL 45 RPM MB $500

315. T-Bone Walker — "Tell Me What's The Reason/Everytime" IMPERIAL 5247 M-/VG+ MB $100

316. T-Bone Walker — "Vida Lee/My Baby Is Now On My Mind" IMPERIAL 5274 VG- MB $25

317. T-Bone Walker — "Why Not/Play On Little Girl" ATLANTIC 1074 M- MB $50

318. Little Walter And His Nite Caps — "Mean Old World/Sad Hours" CHECKER 764 M- CLASSIC MB $100

319. Little Walter And His Jukes — "Oh Baby/Rocker" CHECKER 793 M- TRUE FIRST PRESSING WITH NO "RECORD COMPANY" ON LABEL—RARE MB $100

320. Little Walter And His Jukes — "My Babe/Thunder Bird" CHECKER 811 M- Classic MB $75

321. Little Walter And His Jukes — "Too Late/I Hate To See You Go" CHECKER 825 M- RED AND WHITE LABEL PROMO on VINYL MB $100

322. Little Walter And His Jukes — "One More Chance With You/Flying Saucer" CHECKER 838 VG- RED AND WHITE LABEL PROMO COPY with small stains on labels MB $10

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