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February 7, 2023 Killer Blues 45's Auction, page 5
Closes Tuesday, February 7th, 2023 at 7:00 pm PT

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My February 7th, 2023 Killer Blues 45's auction highlights

Printed (PDF) version of my February 7th, 2023 Killer Blues 45's auction

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154. Bobo Jenkins — "Democrat Blues / Bad Luck And Trouble" CHESS 1565 NICE VG+ RARE on 45 rpm format MB $500

155. Bobo Jenkins — "Nothing But Love/Tell Me Who" BOXER 307 VG+ MB $200

156. Young Jessie — "Shuffle In The Gravel/Make Believe" ATCO 6101 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $10

157. The Jets — "Tell Me/Feel The Same" Jazzmar 1 VG- Rare one from LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA MB $25

158. Bobby Webb And The Jets — "Wish I Knew/Get Away" NANN 101 VG- RARE MB $20

159. Diamond Joe — "Moanin' And Screamin' Part I/Part II" MINIT 629 VG+/M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

160. Smokey Joe — "The Signifying Monkey/Listen To Me Baby" SUN 228 MINT MB $100

161. Smokey Joe — "The Signifying Monkey/Listen To Me Baby" FLIP 228 VG MB $25

162. Smokey Joe — "Perfect Girl/Start All Over Again" FONOVOX 100 VG+ Stamped "Promotional Copy Not For Sale" on the label! Tough one from Memphis MB $50

163. Willie Joe And His Unitar — "Unitar Rock/Cherokee Dance by Bob Landers" SPECIALTY 576 M- MB $30

164. Long John Hunter — "She Used To Be My Woman/Crazy Girl" DUKE 122 VG+ RARE MB $100

165. Buddy Johnson And His Orchestra — "Baby You're Always On My Mind/Shufflin' And Rollin" DECCA 28293 M- MB $20

166. Ella Johnson With Buddy Johnson And His Orchestra — "I'm Just Your Fool/I Don't Want Nobody" MERCURY 71723 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

167. Ella Johnson With Buddy Johnson And His Orchestra — "(Ha! Ha! Baby) The Last Laughs On You/Good-Time Man" MERCURY 71799 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $10

168. Louis Jones And His Band — "Rock And Roll Bells/All Over, Goodbye" PEACOCK 1663 M- Radio station stamp on the label MB $100

169. Louis Jordan And His Tympanny Five — "(You Dyed Your Hair) Chartreuse/Lemonade" DECCA 27324 M- MB $20

170. Louis Jordan And His Orchestra — "Work, Baby, Work/Louisville Lodge Meeting" DECCA 27969 MINT MB $20

171. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five — "Everything That's Made Of Wood (Was Once A Tree)/I Gotta Move" DECCA 29860 M- PINK LABEL PROMO MB $20

172. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five — "Lay Somethin' On The Bar/No Sale" DECCA 27898 M- MB $20

173. Louis Jordan And His Tympani Five — "Chicken Back/Where Can I Go?" X 0182 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—tough one MB $50

174. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five — "Whiskey Do Your Stuff/Dad Gum Ya Hide, Boy" ALADDIN 3223 M- MB $25

175. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five — "Ooo Wee/I'll Die Happy" ALADDIN 3227 VG+ MB $10

176. Louis Jordan And His Tympani Five — "Rock 'N' Roll Call/Baby You're Just Too Much" VIK 0192 M- MB $20

177. Louis Jordan — "Do You Or Don't You/My Love Life" LOU WA 1001 M-/VG+ ODD ONE MB $20

178. Ernie Kado — "Tuff-Enuff/My Love For You" EMBER 1050 M- Mr. "Mother-In-Law" (Ernie K-Doe) well before that big hit MB $25

179. Albert King — "I Walked All Night Long/I've Made Nights By Myself" BOBBIN 129 M- MB $25

180. Albert King — "Had You Told Me Like It Was (It Wouldn't Be Like It Is)/This Funny Feeling" KING 5751 M- MB $20

181. Albert King — "Born Under A Bad Sign/Personal Manager" STAX 217 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO, all time classic MB $25

182. Albert King — "Drowning On Dry Land/SAME" STAX 0034 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

183. Albert King, Steve Cropper & Pops Staples — "Tupelo—Pt. I/Pt. II" STAX 0047 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

184. Albert King — "Cockroach/Wrapped Up In Love Again" STAX 0058 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

185. B. B. King — "3 O'Clock Blues/That Ain't The Way To Do It" R P M 339 VG His first "hit" record and very early 45 rpm MB $100

186. B. B. King And His Orchestra — "You Didn't Want Me/You Know I Love You" R P M 363 M- MB $30

187. B. B. King — "Boogie Woogie Woman/Story From My Heart And Soul" R P M 374 M- NICE, EARLY ONE MB $100

188. B. B. "Blues Boy" King And "The King's Men" — "Sneakin' Around/Every Day I Have The Blues" R P M 421 M- MB $30

189. Earl King — "It Must Have Been Love/I'll Take You Back Home" ACE 517 M- MB $20

190. Earl King — "You Can Fly High/Those Lonely, Lonely Feelings" ACE 529 M- SCARCE MB $30

191. Earl King — "Darling Honey Angel Child/I Can't Help Myself" REX 1015 M- MB $25

192. Freddy King — "Have You Ever Loved A Woman/Hide Away" KING 6264 VG+ YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $10

193. Christine Kittrell With Band — "Sittin' Here Drinking/I Ain't Nothing But A Fool" TENNESSEE 128 M- MB $100

194. Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends — "Don't Come Too Soon/My Man Stands Out" CAPITOL 1111 VG Tough one to find on 45 RPM—JULIA LEE CLASSICS MB $30

195. J.B. Lenore — "Mama Talk To Your Daughter/Man Watch Your Woman" PARROT 809 M-/VG+ CLASSIC MB $50

196. J. B. Lenoir — "Daddy Talk To Your Son/She Don't Know" CHECKER 901 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with #ol MB $25

197. J. B. Lenoir — "Oh Baby/Do What I Say" VEE-JAY 352 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

198. Lightnin' Leon — "Dark Muddy Bottom/Repossession Blues" RITA 1005 M- TOUGH ONE MB $50

199. Pete "Guitar" Lewis — "Going Crazy/Back Door Troubles" PEACOCK 1624 VG RARE MB $100

200. Sammy Lewis With Willie Johnson — "I Feel So Worried/So Long Baby Goodbye" SUN 218 MINT MB $150

201. Smiley Lewis — "Someday/Down Yonder We Go Ballin' " IMPERIAL 5404 MINT MB $50

202. Joe Liggins And His Honeydrippers — "I've Got A Right To Cry/The Honeydripper" SPECIALTY 338 VG Classic and Early 45 rpm MB $20

203. Joe Lutcher And His Society Cats — "Rockin' Boogie/Blues For Sale" SPECIALTY 303 VG+ #ol, super early 45 rpm MB $25

204. Willie Mabon And His Combo — "I'm Mad / Night Latch" CHESS 1538M- RED WAX—TOUGH MB $200

205. Willie Mabon — "The Seventh Son/Lucinda" CHESS 1608 M- CLASSIC MB $25

206. Lu Mac — "Albert Is His Name/I'll Never Let Him Know" BLUE LAKE 117 M- MB $75

207. Taj Mahal — "Diving Duck Blues/SAME" COLUMBIA 45419 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with MONO version on one side and STEREO version on the other side MB $20

208. Fats Matthews — "Down The Line / You Know It" IMPERIAL 5235M- TOUGH NEW ORLEANS SOUND! MB $200

209. Jerry "Boogie" McCain — "Wine-O-Wine/East Of The Sun" TRUMPET 217 M- Faded wol MB $100

210. Jerry McCain And His Upstarts — "Trying To Please/My Next Door Neighbor" EXCELLO 2103 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with small wol, GREAT ONE MB $100

211. Jerry McCain — "Love Me Right/Ting-Tang-Tigula" CONTINENTAL 777 M-/VG+ MB $75

212. Rose Marie McCoy — "Dippin' In My Busi-ness/Down Here" CAT 111 VG+ MB $25

213. Jimmy McCracklin And His Band — "The Walk/I'm To Blame" CHECKER 885 M- MB $20

214. Brownie McGhee And His Jook Block Busters — "Key To The Highway/I Feel So Good" JAX 304 VG- RED VINYL! MB $25

215. Rollee McGill — "There Goes That Train/You Left Me Here To Cry" MERCURY 70582 M- MB $50

216. L.C. McKinley — "She's Five Feet Three/Strange Girl" VEE-JAY 133 VG+ GREAT ONE MB $100

217. Big Jay McNeely — "I Love You, Oh Darling/Oh What A Fool" SWINGIN' 627 M- MB $20


218. Amos Milburn And His Aladdin Chicken-shackers — "Bad, Bad Whiskey/I'm Gonna Tell My Mama" ALADDIN 3068 M- All Time Classic and a VERY EARLY 45 RPM MB $150

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