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February 7, 2023 Killer Blues 45's Auction, page 2
Closes Tuesday, February 7th, 2023 at 7:00 pm PT

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My February 7th, 2023 Killer Blues 45's auction highlights

Printed (PDF) version of my February 7th, 2023 Killer Blues 45's auction

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7. Johnny Ace / Earl Forrest — "Mid Night Hours Journey /Trouble And Me"FLAIR 1015M- Johnny Ace's FIRST record and quite scarce on 45 rpm format MB $300

8. Johnny Ace With The Beale Streeters — "Angel/Cross My Heart" DUKE 107 MINT EARLY ONE!!! MB $100

9. Ray Agee — "Open Up Your Head/The Gamble" SHIRLEY 109 VG MB $10

10. Little Al aka ARTHUR GUNTER — "Every Day Brings About A Change/Easy Ridin' Buggy" EXCELLO 2128 M- MB $100

11. Annisteen Allen — "Yes I Know/Baby I'm Doin' It" KING 4608 M- #ol on B-side MB $20

12. Jesse Allen — "Dragnet/Take It Easy" BAYOU 011 M- TOUGH MB $200

13. Little Marie Allen With Chuck Booker's Band — "Oh, Oh, I'm In Love/Humdinger" TRIUMPH 603 M- Tough female screamer, xol on B-side MB $50

14. Billy Boy (Arnold) — "I Wish You Would/I Was Fooled" VEE-JAY 146 VG CHICAGO CLASSIC MB $20

15. Little Arthur — "Love Hides All Faults/I'm Not Your Fool" DUMAS 1208 M- MB $25

16. Dave Bartholomew — "My Ding-A-Ling/Bad Habit" KING 4544 VG The original, long before Chuck Berry sang it. MB $25

17. Paul Bascomb — "Mumbles Blues/Nona" MERCURY 8299 M- A-side VOCAL, tiny label flakes MB $50

18. Mr. Bear And His Bearcats — "Mr. Bear Comes To Town/Radar" GROOVE 0150 VG+/M- MB $50

19. Richard Berry — "Oh! Oh! Get Out Of The Car/Please Tell Me" FLAIR 1064 M- MB $50

20. Lazy Bill And His Blue Rhythms — "I Had A Dream / She Got Me Walkin' "CHANCE 1148 VG+ NICEST COPY I'VE EVER SEEN of this super great CHANCE Blues Rarity! Small name on label on A-side as shown. WHAT A RECORD!!! MB $2,000

21. " "Bobby Blue" Bland — "No Blow, No Show /Army Blues" DUKE 115MINT RARE AND EARLY ONE BY BLAND MB $350

22. Bobby Blue Bland — "It's My Life, Baby/Time Out" DUKE 141 M- MB $30

23. The Blue Flamers — "Watch On/Driving Down The Highway" EXCELLO 2026 M- Great one MB $300

24. The Blues Rockers — "Calling All Cows/Johnny Mae" EXCELLO 2062 M- MB $100

25. Eddie Bo — "I Cry Oh/My Heart Was Meant For You" APOLLO 499 M- MB $30

26. Eddie Bo — "I'm So Tired/We Like Mambo" ACE 515 M- MB $25

27. Eddie Bo — "I Love To Rock & Roll/I'll Keep On Trying" ACE 555 M- MB $25

28. Chuck Bradford — "You're Gonna Miss Me/Say It Was A Dream" FIRE 505 M- GREAT AND OBSCURE ROCKIN' BLUES—first copy I've ever had MB $75

29. John Brim And His Stompers — "Tough Times/Gary Stomp" PARROT 799 NICE VG Ultra rare RED vinyl. It plays fabulous!!! VERY few known on red vinyl MB $200

30. John Brim And His Gary Kings — "I Would Hate To See You Go/You Got Me Where You Want Me" CHESS 1624 VG MB $25

31. Big Bill Broonzy — "Leavin' Day/South Bound Train" MERCURY 70039 M- TOUGH to find on 45 rpm MB $100

32. Brown & Greene — "Back To Trinidad/Kiss Me Baby" FLASH 119 MINT MB $50

33. Charles Brown And His Band — "Rollin' Like A Pebble In The Sand/Alley Batting" ALADDIN 3157 M- Slight edge warp with no effect on play MB $25

34. Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown — "Boogie Uproar/Hurry Back, Good News" PEACOCK 1617 VG+ MB $50

35. Nappy Brown — "Don't Be Angry/My Time Is The Right Time" SAVOY 698 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—I've seen hundreds of copies of this one over the decades, but this is the very first PROMO copy I've seen MB $25

36. Nature Boy Brown And His Blues Ramblers — "Strictly Gone/House Party Groove" UNITED 121 VG- RED VINYL and very scarce on 45 rpm format MB $50

37. Roy Brown And His Mighty-Mighty Men — "Bar Room Blues /Good Rockin' Man" DELUXE 3319M- >CLASSIC AND TOUGH ON 45 RPM FORMAT MB $300

38. Little Caesar And Rusty — "Lying Woman/Move Me" RECORDED IN HOLLYWOOD 236 VG+ MB $50

39. Leonard Carbo — "Pigtails & Blue Jeans/So Tired" VEE-JAY 291 MINT GREAT ROCKIN' BLUES from the lead singer for the SPIDERS MB $150

40. Earl Chatman — "Loving You Baby/Take Two Steps Back" FORTUNE 844 VG- Plays fabulous and GREAT ROCKIN' BLUES MB $50

41. Johnny Chef — "Can't Stop Moving/Baby Please Come Back" FIRE 1036 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO GREAT ROCKER—AND, first copy I've ever had! MB $100

42. Clifton Chenier — "Boppin' The Rock/Ay-Tete Fee" SPECIALTY 552 VG BAYOU CLASSIC MB $10

43. Ann Cole — "I've Got Nothing Working Now/Give Me Love Or Nothing" BATON 247 M- RARE and this is an ANSWER RECORD to her own "Got My Mojo Workin' " which Muddy took to be his own MB $100

44. Pee Wee Crayton — "Have You Lost Your Love For Me / Cool Evening" MODERN 892 M- RARE and this is the first and only copy I've had on 45 rpm MB $200

45. Cleveland Crochet & Hill Billy Ramblers — "Sugar Bee/Drunkard's Dream" GOLDBAND 1106 M- GREAT MB $25

46. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup — "Katie May/Boy Friend Blues" RCA VICTOR 50-0001 VG+ ORANGE VINYL MB $50

47. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup — "Tired Of Worry/Hoodoo Lady Blues" RCA VICTOR 50-0032 VG+ ORANGE VINYL MB $50

48. Eddie Daniels — "Whoa-Whoa Baby/Playin' Hide Go Seek" EBB 108 M- MB $50

49. Danny Boy And His Blue Guitar — "Kokomo Me Baby/Wild Woman" TIFCO 824 M- MB $50

50. Eunice Davis — "Get Your Enjoys/Twenty-Four Hours A Day" DELUXE 6068 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label, wol MB $50

51. Reverend Gary Davis — "You Got To Move/I'm Glad I'm In That Number" PRESTIGE BLUESVILLE 819 M- MB $20

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