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February 23, 2023 Daniel Levine
Pre-War Blues 78's Auction,
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Closes Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 at 7:00 pm PT

Dear Friends,

Daniel Levine was a long-time friend of mine. We talked several times a month about records. He passed away suddenly a year ago.

Daniel's will gave me first option to buy his collection and I did!

I have chosen to compile just ONE GREAT auction from his records and THIS IS IT!

Daniel loved Blues AND Gospel so there will be a bit of Gospel on this auction, as well as many great Blues classics and some super rarities!

There will be some titles here that rarely come up for auction these days.

To avoid disappointment, please use my call back system. Inform me if you'd like a call-back to tell you of the current top bids on records you want. Then you decide if you want to go higher or not.

E+ is the highest grade used. This is the old-time 78 grading system and I am very strict.

Enjoy the list and good luck to all!

Rest in peace, Daniel.

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Daniel Levine February 23rd Pre-War Blues 78's auction highlights

Printed (PDF) version of Daniel Levine February 23rd Pre-War Blues 78's auction

How to bid on my Monthly Auctions

60. Sleepy John Estes — "Mailman Blues/Time Is Drawing Near" DECCA 7789 E+/E MB $300


61. Sleepy John Estes — "Working Man Blues/Come Back Home" BLUEBIRD 8950 E MB $300

62. Will Ezell With Blind Roosevelt Graves — "Pitchin' Boogie/Just Can't Stay Here" PARAMOUNT 12855 E/E- MB $500

63. A. C. Forehand — "I'm So Glad Today, Today/Mother's Prayer" VICTOR 20547 E+ MB $500


64. Four Wanderers — "Farmer's Life For Me/Street Urchin" VICTOR 38540 E+ MB $200


65. Rev. J. M. Gates — "Just As Soon As My Feet Strike Zion, Lord I Won't" VICTOR 20365 E- MB $50


66. Rev. J. M. Gates And His Congregation — "You Can Tell The World About This/Four And Twenty" VOCALION 1053 E MB $100


67. Brother George And His Sanctified Singers — "Precious Lord/Must Have Been My Jesus" OKEH 05729 E-/E Brownie McGhee with Blind Boy Fuller and Sonny Terry MB $100

68. Georgia Pine Boy — "Look Who's Coming Down The Road/The World Is A Hard Place To Live" DECCA 7828 E Sounds just like "Maggie Campbell" by TOMMY JOHNSON MB $300

69. Clifford Gibson — "Keep Your Windows Pinned / Society Blues" VICTOR 38612 E- RARE MB $1,000


70. The Guitar Evangelist — "Let That Liar Alone/Jesus Will Make It All Right" VOCALION 1093 E- MB $100


71. The Guitar Evangelist — "There'll Be Glory/Death Is Only A Dream" VOCALION 1096 E- MB $100


72. The Guitar Evangelist — "A Letter From Father/Men Don't Forget Your Wives For Your Sweetheart" VOCALION 1163 E- MB $100

73. Sloppy Henry — "Royal Palm Special Blues / Jomo Man Blues" OKEH 8845 E+ MB $1,000


74. The Hokum Boys — "Selling That Stuff/Beedle Um Bum" PARAMOUNT 12714 E- MB $200


75. "Peg Leg" Howell — "New Prison Blues/Fo' Day Blues" COLUMBIA 14177 E MB $500


76. "Peg Leg" Howell And His Gang — "New Jelly Roll Blues/Beaver Slide Rag" COLUMBIA 14210 E/E- MB $500


77. "Peg Leg" Howell And His Gang — "Papa Stobb Blues/Sadie Lee Blues" COLUMBIA 14238 E- MB $500


78. "Peg Leg" Howell And His Gang — "Hobo Blues/Moanin' And Groanin' Blues" COLUMBIA 14270 E- MB $500

79. "Peg Leg" Howell And His Gang — "Peg Leg Stomp/Too Tight Blues" COLUMBIA 14298 E/E+ MB $500

80. Peg Leg Howell And Eddie Anthony — "Banjo Blues / Turkey Buzzard Blues" COLUMBIA 14382 • E+ MB $800

81. Peg Leg Howell And Jim Hill — "Monkey Man Blues / Chitlin' Supper" COLUMBIA 14426 E+ MB $1,000


82. Peg Leg Howell — "Broke And Hungry Blues/Rolling Mill Blues" COLUMBIA 14438 E+ With heat damage on outer edge of one side that causes a swish for the first three groove revolutions MB $500

83. Peg Leg Howell — "Skin Game Blues / Doin' Wrong" COLUMBIA 14473 E+ MB $1,000


84. Peg Leg Howell And Jim Hill — "Away From Home/Ball And Chain Blues" COLUMBIA 14535 E/E- MB $500


85. Bessie Jackson aka LUCILLE BOGAN — "Barbecue Bess/Shave 'Em Dry" MELOTONE 13442 E MB $300

86. Jim Jackson — "I Heard The Voice Of A Pork Chop/Old Dog Blue" VICTOR 21387 E+ His BEST record!!! Both sides are great!!! MB $500

87. Blind Lemon Jefferson — "Black Snake Moan / Match Box Blues" OKEH 8455 E+ LIKE NEW—FROM OLD STORE STOCK MB $2,000

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