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February 23, 2023 Daniel Levine
Pre-War Blues 78's Auction,
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Closes Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 at 7:00 pm PT

Dear Friends,

Daniel Levine was a long-time friend of mine. We talked several times a month about records. He passed away suddenly a year ago.

Daniel's will gave me first option to buy his collection and I did!

I have chosen to compile just ONE GREAT auction from his records and THIS IS IT!

Daniel loved Blues AND Gospel so there will be a bit of Gospel on this auction, as well as many great Blues classics and some super rarities!

There will be some titles here that rarely come up for auction these days.

To avoid disappointment, please use my call back system. Inform me if you'd like a call-back to tell you of the current top bids on records you want. Then you decide if you want to go higher or not.

E+ is the highest grade used. This is the old-time 78 grading system and I am very strict.

Enjoy the list and good luck to all!

Rest in peace, Daniel.

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Daniel Levine February 23rd Pre-War Blues 78's auction highlights

Printed (PDF) version of Daniel Levine February 23rd Pre-War Blues 78's auction

How to bid on my Monthly Auctions

33. Gus Cannon's Jug Stompers — "Last Chance Blues / The Rooster's Crowing Blues" VICTOR 38593 E/E- MB $800

34. Carolina Peanut Boys aka THE MEMPHIS JUG BAND — "Move That Thing/You Got Me Rollin' " VICTOR 23274 V+ MB $300


35. Leroy Carr — "How Long How Long Blues—Part 3/You Don't Mean Me" VOCALION 1279 E+ STUNNING LIKE-NEW COPY MB $500


36. Bo Carter — "Banana In Your Fruit Basket/Pussy Cat Blues" VOCALION 03091 E MB $300


37. Bo Carter — "Blue Runner Blues/Fifty-Fifty With Me" BLUEBIRD 6024 E Tougher one by him MB $500

38. Bo Carter — "Please Warm My Wiener/She's Gonna Crawl Back Home" BLUEBIRD 6058 E- His most desired record! MB $500


39. Bo Carter — "When You Left/To Her Burying Ground" BLUEBIRD 6124 V+ Tougher one MB $300


40. Bo Carter — "All Around Man—Part Two/Doubled Up In A Knot" BLUEBIRD 6659 E- MB $500


41. Papa Charlie's Boys — "Too Long/Let My Peaches Be" BLUEBIRD 6408 E MB $500


42. Lonnie Coleman — "Old Rock Island Blues/Wild About My Loving" COLUMBIA 14440 E+ Great one MB $500


43. Ida Cox — "Fogyism/Tree Top Tall Papa" PARAMOUNT 12690 E- MB $300


44. Dallas String Band — "Dallas Rag/Sweet Mama Blues" COLUMBIA 14290 E MB $700


45. Dallas String Band — "Chasin' Rainbows/I Used To Call Her Baby" COLUMBIA 14410 E- MB $500

46. Dallas String Band — "Shine / Sugar Blues" COLUMBIA 14574 E MB $700

47. Daniels And Torrence — "I'm Goin' To Tell God How You Doin'/Slippin' And Slidin' Up The Golden Street" VICTOR 20499 E+ MB $800

48. Julius Daniels — "Crow Jane Blues /Richmond Blues" VICTOR 21065 E MB $1,000


49. Julius Daniels/L. C. Prigett — "Can't Put The Bridle On That Mule This Morning/Frogtown Blues" VICTOR 21359 E MB $800

50. Teddy Darby — "Lawdy Lawdy Worried Blues / My Laona Blues" PARAMOUNT 12828 E- MASTERPIECE MB $1,000

51. Blind Willie Davis — "When The Saints Go Marching In/Rock Of Ages" PARAMOUNT 12658 V+ STUNNING MB $500

52. Blind Willie Davis — "I've Got A Key To The Kingdom/Your Enemy Cannot Harm You" PARAMOUNT 12726 V+ MB $500


53. Pearl Dickson — "Twelve Pound Daddy/Little Rock Blues" COLUMBIA 14286 E FABULOUS RECORD with Richard "Hacksaw" Harney on guitar MB $500


54. Rev. Mose Doolittle — "Get On Board/Testimonial Meeting" VICTOR 20295 E MB $100

55. Macon Ed & Tampa Joe —"Everything's Coming My Way / Try That Thing" OKEH 8855 E/E+ MB $800

56. John Estes — "Broken Hearted, Ragged And Dirty, Too/Black Mattie" VICTOR 38582 V+ MB $500

57. John Estes — "Poor John Blues/Whatcha' Doin' " VICTOR 38628 V+ My favorite Estes of all time is "Whatcha' Doin' " MB $500


58. Sleepy John Estes — "Airplane Blues/Hobo Jungle Blues" DECCA 7354 E- MB $200


59. Sleepy John Estes — "Drop Down/Tell Me How About It" DECCA 7766 E- MB $200

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