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Classic and RARE 1950's Rockabilly 45's Auction! Page 5

Closes Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 7:00 pm PT

My May 30th, 2023 Rockabilly 45's auction highlights

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182. Jimmy Patton — "Okie's In The Pokie/Lonely Nights" SIMS 117 M- CLASSIC MB $200

183. Tracey Pendarvis & The Blue Notes — "One Of These Days/It Don't Pay" SCOTT 1202 M- MB $50


184. Tony Penn — "I Don't Like It/A King Or A Fool" PRI 101 MINT MB $30

185. Carl Perkins — "Movie Magg / Turn Around" FLIP 501NICE VG FIRST RECORD and this is a nice clean playing copy, date of MAR 8 1955 stamped on labelMB $500

186. Carl Perkins — "Gone, Gone, Gone/Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing" SUN 224 M- From the WMPS, Memphis radio station library #ol MB $200


187. Carl Perkins — "Blue Suede Shoes/Honey Don't!" SUN 234 MINT Common record, but VERY HARD to find store stock new! MB $75


188. Carl Perkins — "Boppin' The Blues/All Mama's Children" SUN 243 M- MB $25


189. Carl Perkins — "Matchbox/Your True Love" SUN 261 NICE VG+ MB $20


190. Carl Perkins — "That's Right/Forever Yours" SUN 274 M- SLIGHT storage warp with NO effect on play MB $20

191. Carl Perkins — "Jive After Five/Pink Pedal Pushers" COLUMBIA 41131 M-/M- WITH PICTURE SLEEVE MB $50


192. Carl Perkins — "Levi Jacket (And A Long Tail Shirt)/Pop, Let Me Have The Car" COLUMBIA 41207 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


193. Carl Perkins — "This Life I Live/Y-O-U" COLUMBIA 41296 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

194. Roy "Boogie Boy" Perkins — "Drop Top/What The Mailman Had To Say" RAM RECORDS 121 M- First Label, True First Pressing before it HIT on THE DOT LABEL MB $30

195. The Phantom — "Love Me/Whisper Your Love" DOT 16056 VG PLAYS MINT—AWESOME RECORD MB $50

196. Elvis Presley — "That's All Right / Blue Moon Of Kentucky" SUN 209M- GORGEOUS COPY with just ONE tiny scuff on the B-side. Push marks are indeed on the labels, just not visible in photo. MB $4,000

197. Elvis Presley — "Milkcow Blues Boogie / You're A Heartbreaker" SUN 215M- STUNNING NEAR PERFECT COPY! Push marks are indeed on the labels, just not visible in photo. MB $4,000

198. Elvis Presley — "Mystery Train /I Forgot To Remember To Forget" SUN 223MINT PERFECT COPY!!! You NEVER see them this clean—mirror finish!!! MB $2,000


199. Andy Quinn — "Rock-A-Boogie/Back To School Again Blues" DECCA 30438 M- MB $20


200. The Raging Storms — "So Hard To Take/Down At The Corner" ATLAS 691 VG+ MB $20


201. Wayne Raney — "Shake Baby Shake/40th And Plum" DECCA 30212 M- MB $50

202. The Rangers — "Justine/Reputation" CHALLENGE 59239 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—Fabulous two-sider! MB $500

203. David Ray — "Lonesome Baby Blues / I Am A Fool" KLIFF 101M-/VG+ MASTERPIECE! Intense Rockabilly from Texas. One of my all time favorites!MB $500


204. Nicki Redman — "Cop's Rock/Saturday Skip" CAMP 1278 VG- PLAYS GREAT MB $25

205. Wesley Reynolds — "Trip To The Moon/Don't Say Goodbye" ROSE 108 MINT PROMO STAMP on label MB $150


206. Slim Rhodes — "Do What I Do/Take And Give" SUN 256 M- MB $50


207. Rudi Richardson — "Fool's Hall Of Fame/Why Should I Cry" SUN 271 M- MB $50

208. Billy Riley And His Little Green Men — "Flyin' Saucers Rock & Roll/I Want You Baby" SUN 260 M- MB $75


209. Billy Riley And The Little Green Men — "Red Hot/Pearly Lee" SUN 277 M- MB $50


210. Marty Robbins — "Long Tall Sally/Mr. Teardrop" COLUMBIA 40679 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, slight stain on label MB $20


211. Marty Robbins — "Teen-Age Dream/Please Don't Blame Me" COLUMBIA 40969 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


212. The Rockin' R's — "Crazy Baby/The Beat" TEMPUS 7541 MINT MB $25


213. Rockin' Ronald & The Rebels — "Kansas City/Cuttin' Out" END 1043 M- MB $40

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