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Classic and RARE 1950's Rockabilly 45's Auction! Page 3

Closes Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 7:00 pm PT

My May 30th, 2023 Rockabilly 45's auction highlights

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70. Link Davis — "Sixteen Chicks/Deep In The Heart Of A Fool" STARDAY 235 M- Faded xol MB $50


71. Bobby Dean — "Just Go Wild Over Rock And Roll/Dime Store Pony Tail" CHESS 1673 VG+ MB $25


72. Nick Dean With The Sports — "High School Baby/When You Lose Your True Love" DEB 1001 M- MB $25


73. Jimmy Dee And The Offbeats — "Henrietta/Don't Cry No More" DOT 15664 MINT MB $25

74. The Deltones — "Bow-Legged Annie/La-La-La" JUBILEE 5374 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol on B-side MB $50


75. Bob Denton — "On My Mind Again/Always Late" DOT 15573 M- With EDDIE COCHRAN on guitar MB $25

76. Dickie And The Gee's — "Baby Bye Bye/Foolish Tears" ARGO 5288 VG+/M- White label promo MB $50


77. The Dinks — "Nina-Kocka-Nina/Penny A Tear Drop" SULLY 914 MINT MB $25

78. Bobby Dino — "You Rock Me Jean/You Walked Away From Love" RIDGECREST 1203 MINT MB $75

79. Jerry Dove And The Stringmasters — "Strange Love/I Love You Because" T N T 162 M- Comes with super rare T N T company sleeve MB $100


80. Jim Doval And The Gauchos — "Boney Maroni/She's A Very Nice Girl" DIPLOMACY 7 VG+ MB $30

81. Steve Drexel And The Cut-Ups — "Dance To The Bop/Baby Blue" RIP 131 M-/VG+ With super scarce Picture Sleeve, small # on sleeve MB $75

82. Bobby Edwards — "I'm A Long Gone Daddy/Trouble And Blues" OZARK 1241 MINT MB $200


83. Jimmy Edwards — "Love Bug Crawl/Honey Lovin' " MERCURY 71209 M- MB $20


84. Jimmy Edwards — "Golden Ruby Blue/My Honey" MERCURY 71272 M- MB $20

85. Bob Ehret — "Stop The Clock/So Lonely" ALADDIN 3377 M- MB $100

86. Vince Everett — "Baby Let's Play House/Livin' High" ABC-PARAMOUNT 10472 M- White label promo with xol on B-side MB $50

87. Charlie Feathers With Jody And Jerry — "Bottle To The Baby / One Hand Loose"KING 4997M- DOUBLE-SIDED MASTERPIECE!!! NO collection is complete without this one!!! MB $1,000

88. Charlie Feathers With Jody And Jerry — "Nobody's Woman/When You Decide" KING 5022 VG+ White label promo with BIO label MB $300


89. Narvel Felts — "Honey Love/Genavee" PINK 702 MINT MB $20

90. Bill Flagg — "Go Cat, Go/A Good Woman's Leavin' " TETRA 4445 M- MB $50

91. Bill Flagg And His Rockabillies — "Guitar Rock/I'm So Lonely" TETRA 4448 M- MB $50


92. Red Foley — "The Hoot Owl Boogie/A Handful Of Rice" DECCA 29894 M- PINK LABEL PROMO MB $20


93. Johnnie Forrer — "Understand/Fools Paradise" D 1021 MINT MB $25


94. Sunny George — "Lip-Lockin'/Tell Me, Tell Me" M-G-M 12697 M- YELLOW Label Promo MB $20

95. Mickey Gilly — "Drive In Movie/Give Me A Chance" KHOURY'S 712 NICE VG+ HIS FIRST RECORD MB $300


96. Mickey Gilley — "Call Me Shorty/Come On Baby" DOT 15706 MINT MB $50

97. Mickey Gilley — "My Babe/Lonely Lonely Nights" LYNN 515 VG+ Small tol and small stain in the vinyl with no effect on play MB $75

98. Sammy Gowens — "Kissin' At The Drive-In/Rockin' By Myself" UNITED ARTISTS 114 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


99. Charlie Gracie — "Fabulous/Just Lookin' " CAMEO 107 VG+ MB $5


100. Charlie Gracie — "Wanderin' Eyes/I Love You So Much It Hurts" CAMEO 111 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


101. Rudy "Tutti" Grayzell — "Duck Tail/You're Gone" STARDAY 241 VG MB $20

102. Rudy Grayzell — "Judy/I Think Of You" SUN 290 MINT MB $50


103. Buck Griffin — "Bawlin' And Squallin'/Let's Elope Baby" LIN 1015 VG- Plays nice MB $10

104. Curley Griffin — "I've Seen It All/Magic Of The Moon" ATOMIC 302 M- RARE MB $300

105. Jimmy Haggett — "They Call Our Love A Sin / No More, No More"SUN 236VG+/M- GORGEOUS COPY AND SUPER RARE SUN RELEASE, small wol MB $2,000


106. Roy Hall — "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/All By Myself" DECCA 29697 MINT MB $50


107. Jack Hammer And The Pacers — "Black Widow Spider Woman/Doggone That Moon" MILESTONE 2001 VG+ Xol on A-side MB $25


108. Randy Hard — "Let Her Go/Make Me A Dreamer" N R C 044 M- PROMO COPY MB $25

109. The Harmony Brothers — "Baby, Tonight/You Don't Care" BOBBIN 109 MINT MB $100


110. Dale Hawkins — "Ain't That Lovin' You Baby/My Dream" CHECKER 923 MINT MB $25


111. Dale Hawkins — "Liza Jane/Back To School Blues" CHECKER 934 MINT MB $25


112. Dale Hawkins — "Grandma's House/I Want To Love You" CHECKER 970 NICE VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with Distributor's stamp on the B-side label MB $20


113. Dale Hawkins — "Money Honey/The Same Old Way" TILT 781 M- Xol on A-side MB $20


114. Roy Henderson — "Agony/Crying" RURAL RHYTHM 530 MINT MB $25

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