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Son House's My Black Mama, Part I/Part II! A Pre-War Blues 78 CLASSIC!

My FINAL DeLuca Blues 78's Auction #5, closing December 13th, 2022!

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Ralph DeLuca's Pre-War Blues 78's collection, (Auction #4,) Complete List!

Closes Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 7:00 pm PT

This is auction #4 (of at least five) of the record collection of Ralph DeLuca.

Mr. DeLuca is most known for his legendary collection of rare movie posters, but for 15 years he actively, and aggressively, collected rare Blues 78's, mostly Pre-War.

He plunged into collecting rare Blues 78's hot and heavy and went for the best whenever and wherever he could find them. He bought smart and paid big to get what he wanted!

Mr. DeLuca has moved into the art world, no longer collecting 78's, as he finds it easier to buy rare art than rare records. That should tell you something!

There should be something for each and every Blues collector reading this auction. There are titles here not seen for sale in decades . . . and some may never be seen again.

This is your chance to get some LEGENDARY rarities and just plain GREAT records for your collection. Be prepared though — the great stuff is going to go for a lot of money!

E+ is the highest grade used. This is the old-time 78 grading system and I am very strict.

The next Ralph DeLuca auction will be in several monthsand contains another 100 or so goodies.

The previous DeLuca auction realized over $400,000 in sales so be prepared to bid aggressively or go without!!

Good luck to all!

Printed (PDF) version of Ralph DeLuca's Pre-War Blues 78's auction #4, low-res (18 mb)

Printed (PDF) version of Ralph DeLuca's Pre-War Blues 78's auction #4, high-res (29 mb)

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DeLuca Pre-War Blues 78's consignment auction #4, highlights

1. Robert Johnson — "Sweet Home Chicago / Walkin' Blues" VOCALION 03601V+/E ALL TIME CLASSIC! Covered by everyone else since 1937! A-side has had some play but plenty left. B-side is REALLY nice! MB $5,000

2. Robert Johnson — "Stones In My Passway / I'm A Steady Rollin' Man" VOCALION 03723E GORGEOUS COPY of one of his tougher records to find. MB $8,000

3. Robert Johnson — "Love In Vain Blues / Preachin' Blues" VOCALION 04630V+ Next to "Cross Roads Blues" this is Johnson's rarest and most desirable title! Two all star performances! Decent copy. MB $8,000

4. Charley Patton — "Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues / Mississippi Boweavil Blues" PARAMOUNT 12805G All time Patton classic! Yeah, it's rough, but you can still hear it! Original Patton 78's are getting near impossible to find these days . . . and they are not getting any cheaper as more and more people want to own one, even if it's just a beat artifact, to "Hang on the wall." MB $3,000

5. Sunny Boy & His Pals — "France Blues / Don't You Leave Me Here" GENNETT 6106V Masterpiece! Released a year earlier on BLACK PATTI (which is just about impossible to find), so this is the only "affordable" way to get it. MB $2,000

6. Tommy Johnson — "Canned Heat Blues / Big Fat Mama Blues" VICTOR 38535E- TALK ABOUT A MONSTER BLUES MASTERPIECE! This one has it all! Nice copy and what a record!!! MB $6,000

7. Texas Alexander And His Sax Black Tams — "Worried Blues/Normange Blues" VOCALION 02772 V+ MB $200

8. Pink Anderson And Simmie Dooley — "Papa's 'Bout To Get Mad/Gonna Tip Out Tonight" COLUMBIA 14336 E+ You don't see this anymore! STUNNING COPY! MB $800

9. Kokomo Arnold — "Slop Jar Blues/Black Annie" DECCA 7092 E MB $200

10. Kokomo Arnold — "Running Drunk Again/Coffin Blues" DECCA 7242 E MB $200

11. Andrew And Jim Baxter — "Bamalong Blues/K.C. Railroad Blues" VICTOR 20962 V Classic, Nice Player MB $200

12. Barbecue Bob — "Yo Yo Blues / Trouble Done Bore Me Down" COLUMBIA 14479E Beautiful copy! Lots of Barbecue Bob out there, but super clean ones are TOUGH!!! MB $500

13. Pillie Bolling And Barefoot Bill — "She's Got A Nice Line / I Don't Like That" COLUMBIA 14544 E+ RARE AND FANTASTIC!! MB $1,500

14. Big Bill Broonzy — "Keep Your Hands Off Her/Sun Gonna Shine In My Door" BLUEBIRD 6188 E- MB $100

15. Big Bill Broonzy — "Unemployment Stomp/Sad Pencil Blues" VOCALION 04378 E MB $100

16. Asa Brown — "Crazy 'Bout My Lollypop/Down Home Dance" OKEH 8694 E MB $200

17. Cleo Brown — "Boogie Woogie/Pelican Stomp" DECCA 477 E+ MB $50

18. Ida Cox — " 'Fore Day Creep/Gypsy Glass Blues" PARAMOUNT 12488 E+ Stunning copy! MB $300

19. Rosetta Crawford — "Stop It Joe/My Man Jumped Salty On Me" DECCA 7567 E/E+ MB $50

20. Dallas String Band With Coley Jones — "Chasin' Rainbows / I Used To Call Her Baby" COLUMBIA 14410 E String Band Masterpiece!! MB $750

21. Blind John Davis — "Jersey Cow Blues/Booze Drinking Benny" VOCALION 04079 E BEAUTIFUL COPY MB $300

22. Sleepy John Estes — "Airplane Blues/Hobo Jungle Blues" DECCA 7354 E MB $300

23. Sleepy John Estes — "Easin' Back To Tennessee/Clean Up At Home" DECCA 7516 E MB $300

24. Sleepy John Estes — "Drop Down (I Don't Feel Welcome Here)/Tell Me How About It" DECCA 7766 E+ MB $300

25. Sleepy John Estes — "Mailman Blues/Time Is Drawing Near" DECCA 7789 E MB $300

26. "Sleepy" John Estes — "Little Laura Blues/Lawyer Clark" BLUEBIRD 8871 E- MB $200

27. Jazz Gillum — "Jockey Blues/Don't You Scandalize My Name" BLUEBIRD 6409 E- MB $200

28. Coot Grant And Socks Wilson — "Can I Get Some Of That/Uncle Joe" PARAMOUNT 12833 E+ STUNNING COPY MB $500

29. Blind Roosevelt Grave And His Brother — "Guitar Boogie/New York Blues" PARAMOUNT 12820 V+ CLASSIC MB $500

30. Lil Green — "Why Don't You Do Right?/Love Me" BLUEBIRD 8714 E MB $50

31. The Harlem Hamfats — "Oh! Red/Lake Providence Blues" DECCA 7182 E- Original version of "Oh! Red" long before Howlin' Wolf! MB $50

32. The Harlem Hamfats — "The Garbage Man/Southern Blues" DECCA 7229 E Great One! Really Rocks! "Take Out Your Cans, Here Comes The Garbage Man" MB $100

33. The Home Wreckers — "Fence Breakin' Blues / Home Wreckin' Blues" BLUEBIRD 5341E- FABULOUS!!! One of my all time favorite Pre-War Blues records! Originally Victor as The Shreveport Home Wreckers. MB $500

34. Rosetta Howard And The Harlem Ham Fats — "If You're A Viper/Rosetta Blues" DECCA 7370 E ALL TIME CLASSIC MARIJUANA ANTHEM!!! MB $200

35. " "Peg Leg" Howell — "Coal Man Blues /Tishimingo Blues" COLUMBIA14194 E Small one inch lam crack on B-side MB $500

36. Peg Leg Howell — "Turtle Dove Blues/Walkin' Blues" COLUMBIA 14456 E+ Small one inch lam crack on B-side MB $500

37. Charlie Jackson — "Salt Lake City Blues/Salty Dog Blues" PARAMOUNT 12236 E/V+ MB $100

38. Frankie "Half Pint" Jaxon And The Harlem Hamfats — "She Brings Me Down/Wet It (Let The Good Work Go On)" DECCA 7286 E- MB $50

39. Frankie (Half Pint) Jackson — "Fan It Boogie Woogie/Don't Pan Me (Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone)" DECCA 7638 E With small one inch hair crack MB $50

40. Frankie (Half Pint) Jackson — "You Can't Tell/Turn Over" DECCA 7806 E- MB $50

41. Kansas Joe And Memphis Minnie — "Frisco Town/Goin' Back To Texas" COLUMBIA 14455 V MB $100

42. Little Son Joe — "My Black Buffalo/Mobile And K. C. Line" VOCALION 04978 E/E+ Tough one MB $300

43. Lem Johnson And His Washboard Band — "Queen Street Blues/Louise Louise" DECCA 7820 E MB $50

44. Lil Johnson — "If You Can Dish It/That Bonus Done Gone Thru" CONQUEROR 8647 E- MB $50

45. Lonnie Johnson — "I Got The Best Jelly Roll In Town - Part 2/Don't Drive Me From Your Door" OKEH 8796 E- MB $300

46. Lonnie Johnson — "I'm Nuts About That Gal/Rackateers Blues" OKEH 8946 E+ MB $500

47. Coley Jones — "Drunkard's Special/The Elder He's My Man" COLUMBIA 14489 E+ MB $500

48. Memphis Jug Band — "Beale Street Mess Around / I'll See You In The Spring, When The Birds Begin To Sing" VICTOR 21066E+ MB $500

49. Memphis Jug Band — "Coal Oil Blues / Papa Long Blues" VICTOR 21278E+ MB $500

50. Memphis Jug Band — "Bob Lee Junior Blues / I Packed My Suitcase, Started To The Train" VICTOR 21412E- MB $300

51. Memphis Jug Band — "Cocaine Habit Blues / It Won't Act Right" VICTOR 38620E/E+ All time CLASSIC!!! With label tears as shown MB $1,000

52. Lizzie Miles And The Melrose Stompers — "He's Red Hot To Me/Hold Me, Parson" VOCALION 05325 E+/E MB $25

53. Memphis Minnie — "Selling My Pork Chops/Doctor Doctor Blues" BLUEBIRD 6199 V MB $50

54. Mississippi Jook Band — "Hittin' The Bottle Stomp/Skippy Whippy" MELOTONE 6-11-65 E- MB $300

55. Little Brother Montgomery — "Shreveport Farewell/Crescent City Blues" BLUEBIRD 10953 E- MB $25

56. Pete And Repeat — "Hymn Singing Bill/Judge For A Day (Aunt Jemima Company)" BRUNSWICK 7055 E Obscure MB $75

57. Pinetop And Lindberg — "East Chicago Blues/Farish Street Jive" BLUEBIRD 10177 E MB $25

58. Joe Pullum — "Come On, If You're Comin'/Swing Them Blues" BLUEBIRD 6314 E MB $100

59. Ma Rainey With Her Tub Jug Washboard Band — "Black Cat Hoot Owl Blues/Victim Of The Blues" PARAMOUNT 12687 E+ MB $400

60. Jack Ranger — "T. P. Window Blues/Thieving Blues" OKEH 8795 E+ RARE MB $500

61. Speckled Red — "Do The Georgia/St. Louis Stomp" BLUEBIRD 7985 E MB $50

62. Elzadie Robinson — "Arkansas Mill Blues/Gold Mansion Blues" PARAMOUNT 12701 E NICE COPY MB $300

63. Black Boy Shine — "Sugarland Blues/Dog House Blues" VOCALION 03417 V+ MB $50

64. Bessie Smith — "Graveyard Dream Blues/Jail House Blues" COLUMBIA 4001 V MB $10

65. Bessie Smith — "Haunted House Blues/Evesdropper's Blues" COLUMBIA 14010 V- MB $5

66. Bessie Smith — "Nashville Women's Blues/I Ain't Gonna Play Second" COLUMBIA 14090 V With 2 inch hair crack MB $5

67. Blind Sammie aka BLIND WILLIE MCTELL — "Broke Down Engine Blues / Southern Can Is Mine" COLUMBIA 14632 V+ MB $500

68. Salty Dog Sam aka SAM COLLINS — "Slow Mama Slow/New Salty Dog" ROMEO 5106 V MB $300

69. Sonny Scott — "Early This Morning/Working Man's Moan" VOCALION 25013 E/E+ MB $500

70. Mississippi Sheiks — "Sitting On Top Of The World / Lonely One In This Town" OKEH 8784E GORGEOUS COPY and super hard to find clean! Big hit, so lots around, but most copies are V+ or less due to how popular this was. MB $500

71. Clara Smith — "Oh! Mister Mitchell/Where Is My Man" COLUMBIA 14536 E This gets my vote for the BEST Clara Smith record! First heard it in the 1970's on the Dr. Demento show. MB $300

72. Charlie Spand — "Got To Have My Sweet-bread/Mississippi Blues" PARAMOUNT 12917 V RARE ONE MB $100

73. Victoria Spivey — "Moaning The Blues/Telephoning The Blues" VICTOR 38546 E/E+ MB $200

74. Victoria Spivey — "Dirty T. B. Blues/Blood Hound Blues" VICTOR 38570 E+/E Light grain on B-side MB $200

75. Victoria Spivey — "Haunted By The Blues/Lonesome With The Blues" VICTOR 38598 E Light grain MB $200

76. Frank Stokes — "Mistreatin' Blues / It Won't Be Long Now" VICTOR 21672E+ STUNNING COPY MB $2,000

77. Henry Townsend — "Henry's Worry Blues /Long Ago Blues" COLUMBIA 14529 E/E- MB $500

78. Washboard Trio — "Lady Quit Her Husband Onexpectinly/Washboard Rag" PARAMOUNT 12682 E- MB $200

79. Peetie Wheatstraw (The Devil's Son-In-Law) — "All Night Long Blues/Numbers Blues" DECCA 7082 E MB $200

80. Whistler's Jug Band — "Foldin' Bed /Hold That Tiger" VICTOR 23305E RARE JUG BAND RECORD!!! And when you own it, you can watch the film that was made of them playing it! MB $2,000

81. Bukka White — "Aberdeen Mississippi Blues / Sleepy Man Blues" OKEH 05743E Beautiful copy of an All Time classic MB $1,000

82. Robert Wilkins — "Police Sargent Blues /Nashville Stonewall Blues" BRUNSWICK 7168E- ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE!!! One of my top favorite Pre-War Blues records of all time and SUPER RARE!! Both labels are faded out, but it plays fantastic! MB $3,000

83. Robert Wilkins — "Rolling Stone-Part 1/Part 2" VICTOR 21741 V CLASSIC MB $300

84. Tim Wilkins aka ROBERT WILKINS — "New Stock Yard Blues / Dirty Deal Blues" VOCALION 03223V+ SUPER RARE—ABOUT FIVE KNOWN COPIES MB $2,000

85. Sonny Boy Williamson — "Early In The Morning/Project Highway" BLUEBIRD 7302 E MB $300

86. Sonny Boy Williamson — "I Been Dealing With The Devil/War Time Blues" BLUEBIRD 8580 E MB $100

DeLuca Pre-War Blues 78's consignment auction #4, highlights

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