My November 21st Auction: KILLER BLUES!! Pre-War and Post War Blues, Gospel and R&B 78's & 45's!!

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Closes Tuesday, November 21st, 2016 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues: Pre-War Blues, Gospel and R&B 78's;
Post War Blues and R&B 78's;
and Killer Blues and R&B 45's!!

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Original Blues and R&B 45's

361. Robert Henry — "Old Battle Ax/Early In The Morning" King 4646 M- RARE DETROIT BLUES MB $400


362. Sticks Herman — "The Natural Thing To Do/Wipe The Tears From Your Eyes" Goldband 1056 M- MB $20


363. Al Hibbler — "I Got It Bad And Ain't That Good/Don't Take Your Love From Me" Aladdin 3328 M- MB $20

364. Chuck Higgins And His Mellotones — "Cotton Picker/Iron Pipe" Combo 14 MINT RARE and great vocals by Geechie Howard and fabulous guitar by Johnny "Guitar" Watson MB $200


365. Chuck Higgins — "The Rooster/The Duck Walk" Combo 140 MINT MB $25


366. Chuck Higgins — "Too Smart/Jerky Junction" Combo 176 MINT MB $25


367. Chuck Higgins And His Band — "Here I'm Is/Tonky Honk" Dootone 361 MINT MB $50


368. Chuck Higgins And His Band — "Oh Yeah/I Need Your Love" Dootone 396 M- Tiny #ol MB $30


369. Chuck Higgins — "Beautiful Love/Rock & Roll" Money 214 MINT MB $30

370. Harvey Hill Jr. — "Boogie Woogie Woman / She Fool Me" S.R.C. 104 • VG+ MASTERPIECE and very, very hard to find on 45 rpm format. MB $1500

371. Don Hines — "Going Crazy/The Masher" Starmaker 1001 VG+ Super Rare Label from MEMPHIS TENNESSEE MB $150

372. Nick Hoffman — "Santa Claus Is Back In Town/Christmas Party" Roman 101 MINT MULTI-COLOR PLASTIC AND JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!!! MB $150


373. Silas Hogan — "You're Too Late Baby/Trouble At Home Blues" Excello 2221 MINT MB $25

374. Smokey Hogg — "When I've Been Drinkin'/Tear Me Down" Imperial 5269 VG 39¢ Stamp on A-side label MB $50


375. Smoky Hogg — "Good Mornin' Baby/Sure 'Nuff" EBB 127 MINT MB $35


376. Ace Holder — "Encourage Me Baby/I'm In Love With You" Lulu 1124 MINT MB $25

377. Tony Hollins — "Fishin' Blues/I'll Get A Break" Decca 48300 MINT MB $400

378. John Lee Hooker And Little Eddie Kirkland — "It Hurts Me So/I Got Eyes For You" Modern 876 M- RARE early number on 45 rpm format MB $300


379. John Lee Hooker — "Hug And Squeeze/The Syndicator" Modern 966 M- MB $100


380. John Lee Hooker — "I'm Ready/Lookin' For A Woman" Modern 978 VG+ MB $50


381. John Lee Hooker — "Bad Boy/Cool Little Car" Modern 942 VG+ MB $50

382. John Lee Hooker — "Women And Money/It's My Own Fault" Chess 1562 M-/VG+ MB $100


383. John Lee Hooker — "609 Boogie/Curl My Baby's Hair" Fortune 846 VG+ MB $50


384. John Lee Hooker — "Mambo Chillun/Time Is Marching" Vee-Jay 164 MINT MB $50


385. John Lee Hooker — "Trouble Blues/Every Night" Vee-Jay 188 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


386. John Lee Hooker — "I'm So Excited/I See You When You're Weak" Vee-Jay 245 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


387. John Lee Hooker — "Crawlin' Kingsnake/Hobo Blues" Vee-Jay 331 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


388. John Lee Hooker — "Boom Boom/Drug Store Woman" Vee- Jay 438 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with slight label separation, All Time Classic MB $30


389. Lightning Hopkins — "Bad Boogie/Wonder What Is Wrong With Me" ACE 516 M- MB $75


390. Lightnin' Hopkins — "My California/So Long" Aladdin 3262 MINT MB $100

391. Lightnin' Hopkins — "Walkin' The Streets/Mussy Haired Woman" Chart 626 M- RARE MB $200


392. Lightening Hopkins — "I'm Wild About You Baby/Bad Things On My Mind" Decca 48321 VG+ MB $50


393. Lightnin' Hopkins — "Remember Me/Please Don't Go Baby" Herald 497 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

394. Joe Houston — "Sabre-Jet/Moody" Bayou 004 M- MB $100

395. Joe Houston — "Windy City Hop/Atom Bomb" Imperial 5213 M- RARE MB $200

396. Joe Houston — "Boogie Woogie Woman/Dig It" Modern 879 VG RARE one with great vocals by Lois Butler on the A-side MB $50


397. Joe Houston — "Shtiggy Boom/Joe's Gone" R P M 426 M- MB $50


398. Joe Houston — "Candy Rock/Riverside Rock" R P M 427 M- MB $50

399. Joe Houston And His Band — "Joe Go Go/Go Joe Go" Lucky 004 MINT MB $100


400. Joe Houston — "All Night Long/Way Out" Money 203 M- MB $30


401. Joe Houston — "Rockin' N Boppin/Troubles And Worries" CASH 1018 M- MB $30


402. Joe Houston — "We're Gunna Rock "N" Roll/The Things We Used Ta Do" Combo 136 M- Xol MB $25


403. Joe Houston — "Get With It/Home Boy" Combo 147 M- Wol on B-side MB $20


404. Helen Humes And Her Orchestra — "Woojamacooja/All I Ask Is Your Love" Dootone 374 M- MB $50


405. Ivory Joe Hunter — "I Almost Lost My Mind/If I Give You My Love" M-G-M 10578 MINT The original version of what he later turned into a big hit as "Since I Met You Baby" MB $50

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