My November 21st Auction: KILLER BLUES!! Pre-War and Post War Blues, Gospel and R&B 78's & 45's!!

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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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Closes Tuesday, November 21st, 2016 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues: Pre-War Blues, Gospel and R&B 78's;
Post War Blues and R&B 78's;
and Killer Blues and R&B 45's!!

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Rare, Original Pre-War Blues and Gospel 78's:

1. Biddleville Quintette — "Oh Why Not Tonight/Wasn't That A Mighty Day" Paramount 12393 V MB $20

2. Biddleville Quintette — "I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say Come Unto Me And Rest/Fight On You're Time Ain't Long" Paramount 12396 E+ Gorgeous copy! MB $100


3. Biddleville Quintette — "Judas And Jesus Walked Together/Handwriting On The Wall" Paramount 12903 V LATE number and very, very scarce! MB $25


4. Big Bill (Broonzy) — "When I Had Money/I've Got To Dig You" Vocalion 05563 V+ Slight groove wear MB $20

5. "Hi" Henry Brown — "Nut Factory Blues /Skin Man" Vocalion 1692 • E- One of maybe TWO known copies and just an incredible record from a super obscure yet magnificent artist from St. Louis. MB $2000


6. Lottie Brown aka Lottie Kimbrough — "Don't Speak To Me/Park No More Mama Blues" Supertone 9289 V- ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE and there are only about THREE of these known to exist! Stunningly beautiful and haunting female Blues with guitar. If you can live with the very worn condition of the record, you will love it! MB $20

7. Bo Carter — "Last Go Round /So Long Baby, So Long"Okeh 8930 • E+ Gorgeous copy of super high number Okeh issue. Not many of these around and certainly not in this condition. MB $1000


8. Bo Carter — "Border Of New Mexico Blues/Lock The Lock" Bluebird 8423 V MB $10


9. Ida Cox — "Graveyard Dream Blues/Weary Way Blues" Paramount 12044 E- Nice one MB $75


10. Ida Cox — "Death Letter Blues/Kentucky Man Blues" Paramount 12220 E+ RED WAX!!! GORGEOUS CONDITION!!! SON HOUSE COVERED IT LATER. MB $200

11. Walter Davis — "Mr. Davis Blues/M. & O. Blues" Victor 38618 E- High number 38000! With tiny store sticker on the label MB $100


12. Arizona Dranes — "It's All Right Now/Sweet Heaven Is My Home" Okeh 8353 V+ As always, Dranes records are just magnificent . . . and tough to find! MB $100

13. Macon Ed / Tampa Joe And Macon Ed — "Worrying Blues /Wringing That Thing" Okeh 8676 • E+ Small tear on the label at the center hole on the A-side. Nice one! MB $400


14. Elgar's Creole Orchestra — "Nightmare/Brotherly Love" Brunswick 3404 E GREAT Spooky Instrumental MB $100


15. Bea Foote — "Baby Ain't You Satisfied/I Want A Long Time Daddy" Decca 7554 E- MB $20


16. Kitty Gray And Her Wampus Cat — "I Can't Dance/Round And Round" Vocalion 03992 E- MB $20


17. The Rev. J. M. Gates — "Will The Coffin Be Your Santa Claus?/Where Will You Be Christmas Day?" Okeh 8632 E With two lam cracks that go from the outer edge to the label on the A-side only. Record ticks when played but tracks just fine. BARGAIN PRICE! MB $10


18. Lucille Hegamin — "Bleeding Hearted Blues/Sweet Papa Joe" Cameo 897 E- MB $20

19. Robert And Charlie Hicks aka Barbeque Bob And Charley Lincoln — "Darktown Gambler Part 1 / Part 2" Columbia 14531 • E+ Tough one and just beautiful condition. MB $400


20. Hound Head Henry — "Mr. Silver Dollar Mama/Low Down Hound Blues" Vocalion 1288 E/E+ With Cow Cow Davenport on piano MB $100


21. Alberta Hunter — "Down Hearted Blues/Gonna Have You—Ain't Gonna Leave You Alone" Paramount 12005 E With one and a half inch hair crack near label—barely visible MB $50

22. Jim Jackson — "Ain't You Sorry Mama? Part I/Part II" Vocalion 1413 E+ STUNNING COPY with tiny "x" on the label MB $400

23. Jesse James — "Highway 61/BLANK" Decca 90763-A V PIANO BLUES MASTERPIECE marked "unissued" on the label of this one-sided Decca white label test pressing MB $100

24. Blind Lemon Jefferson — "Long Lonesome Blues/Got The Blues" Paramount 12354 E+/E REALLY nice copy of this! You seldom see Jefferson records in this kind of condition. MB $300


25. Blind Lemon Jefferson — "That Black Snake Moan/Stocking Feet Blues" Paramount 12407 V MB $50

26. Edith Johnson — "Good Chib Blues/Can't Make Another Day" Paramount 12864 E- MB $200


27. Lil Johnson — "Keep On Knocking/I Lost My Baby" Bluebird 8251 E+ Nice clean record! MB $50

28. Lonnie Johnson — "Very Lonesome Blues/Love Story Blues" Okeh 8282 E These early Lonnie True Tone Okeh's are really nice and VERY hard to find clean! MB $300


29. Lonnie Johnson And Victoria Spivey — "You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now! Part 1/Part 2" Okeh 8733 E+ With hair crack to the label . . . plays magnificent with just very faint tick MB $50


30. Margaret Johnson — "What Kind Of Love Is That?/Dead Drunk Blues" Victor 20982 V With small label tear on B-side MB $20


31. Verdi Lee And Charley Jordan — "Get It If You Can/Signifying At You" Decca 7142 V+ MB $50


32. Jubilee Quartet — "Father Prepare Me/My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race" Paramount 12035 E Clean, clean, clean MB $75

33. Mead Lux Lewis/Charles Avery — "Honky Tonk Train Blues/Dearborn St. Breakdown" Paramount 12896 V Super scarce and the is the true ORIGINAL version of that classic song. Lewis re-did this many times since. PIANO MASTERPIECE! MB $150

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