My November 21st Auction: KILLER BLUES!! Pre-War and Post War Blues, Gospel and R&B 78's & 45's!!

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Closes Tuesday, November 21st, 2016 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues: Pre-War Blues, Gospel and R&B 78's;
Post War Blues and R&B 78's;
and Killer Blues and R&B 45's!!

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Original Blues and R&B 45's

305. Lowell Fulson — "Everyday I Have The Blues/Rocking After Midnight" Swing Time 196 MINT MB $200


306. Lowell Fulson — "Reconsider Baby/I Believe I'll Give It Up" Checker 804 VG+ MB $10


307. Lowell Fulson — "Trouble, Trouble/I Still Love You Baby" Checker 829 M- RED AND WHITE LABEL PROMO with small wol MB $30


308. Lowell Fulson — "Tollin' Bells/It's Your Fault Baby" Checker 841 VG+ RED AND WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


309. Lowell Fulson — "That's Alright/It Took A Long Time" Checker 937 MINT MB $25


310. Bob Gaddy — "Rip And Run/Woe, Woe Is Me" Old Town 1050 M- Small pressing bubbles with NO effect on play MB $25


311. Fats Gaines And His Band — "Home Work Blues/He's A Real Fine Man" Big Town 108 MINT MB $50

312. Fats Gaines And His Band — "Ruff House Rose/Feeling Happy" Big Town 124 M- FIRST and ONLY copy I know of on 78 or 45 MB $150


313. Fats Gaines And His Orchestra — "It's Tragic/My Man Is Gone" Authentic 403 VG+ MB $5


314. Roy Gaines — "You're Right, I'm Left/Stolen Moments" DeLuxe 6132 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

315. Cecil Gant — "Someday You'll Be Sorry Part I/Part II" Decca 48171 M- MB $100


316. Al Garner — "You Must Be Crazy/I Wonder" Excello 2199 MINT Small wol on A-side MB $20


317. Al Garner — "Scout For General Lee/Disgusted" Excello 2208 MINT MB $25


318. Robert Garrett — "Quit My Drinkin'/Do Remember" Excello 2216 M- MB $20


319. Ed (The Great) Gates — "One If/You Are My Love" 4 Star 1712 M- New Orleans sound MB $25


320. Billy Gayles With Ike Turner's Rhythm Rockers — "I'm Tore Up/If I Never Had Known You" Federal 12265 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $10


321. Grandpappy Gibson aka CLIFFORD GIBSON — "The Monkey Likes To Boogie/No Success Blues" Bobbin 127 VG Xol MB $10


322. Jazz Gillum — "Key To The Highway/Tell Me Mama" Groove 5002 VG+ MB $10


323. Charles Glass — "Screamin' And Dyin' And Rollin' On The Floor/Left My Japanese Baby" Magnet 7011 M- MB $30


324. Babs Gonzales — "The Be-Bop Santa Claus/Manhattan Fable" Bruce 122 VG+ MB $10

325. Roscoe Gordon — "Booted/Love You Till The Day I Die" Chess 1487 VG RARE early number on 45 rpm format MB $200


326. Rosco Gordon — "Shoobie Oobie/Cheese And Crackers" SUN 257 M- MB $100

327. Rosco Gordon — "Booted/Cold, Cold Winter" R P M 344 M- MB $300


328. Stomp Gordon — "The Grind/Don't Do Me That Way" Chess 1601 MINT MB $100


329. Rosco Gordon — "The Chicken/Love For You Baby" Flip 237 M- MB $50


330. Rosco Gordon — "Three Cent Love/You Figure It Out" Duke 129 M- MB $30


331. Rosco Gordon — "You'll Never Know/The Dilly Bop" Duke 320 MINT Wol MB $20


332. Stomp Gordon — "Pennies From Heaven/My Mother's Eyes" Decca 48297 MINT MB $50

333. Rudy Greene — "Juicy Fruit/You're The One For Me" Ember 1012 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO on BROWN VINYL MB $100


334. John Greer — "We Wanna See Santa Do The Mambo/Wait Till After Christmas" Groove 0038 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


335. John Greer — "Come Back Maybelline/Night Crawlin'" Groove 0119 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $10


336. John Greer With The Four Students — "A Man And A Woman/Blam" Groove 0131 VG+ MB $10


337. Big John Greer — "Come Back Uncle John/Let Me Come Home" King 4941 M- MB $20


338. Big John Greer — "I Still Love You So/Duck Walk" King 5057 M- MB $20


339. Jimmy Griffin And His Band — "She's A W-O-M-A-N/Somebody Take Me" ATCO 6060 M- MB $25


340. Jimmy Griffin And His Band — "I'm Getting Right/Little Mary" ATCO 6068 M- MB $25

341. Arthur Gunter — "Baby Let's Play House/Blues After Hours" Excello 2047 MINT Classic MB $150


342. Arthur Gunter — "Ludella/We're Gonna Shake" Excello 2137 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


343. Arthur Gunter — "Little Blue Jeans Woman/Mind Your Own Business BabY" Excello 2191 MINT MB $30


344. Cornel Gunter — "I Want You Madly/Baby Come Home" Eagle 301 M- MB $25

345. Buddy Guy And His Band — "You Sure Can't Do/This Is The End" Artistic 1503 M- MB $75


346. Buddy Guy And His Band — "Sit And Cry/Try To Quit You Baby" Artistic 1501 M- MB $75


347. Buddy Guy — "First Time I Met The Blues/I Got My Eyes On You" Chess 1753 M- MB $20


348. Freddie Hall — "I Love This Carrying On/She's An Upsetter" C. J. Records 601 VG+ B-side REALLY ROCKS with GREAT GUITAR MB $50

349. Little Hank & The Rhythm Kings — "Christene/The House Of Pink Lights" Rhythm & Range 101 MINT Little Hank went on to become HANK CRAWFORD and a giant in the world of Jazz . . . but this is his VERY FIRST RECORD MB $200

350. Tye Tongue Hanley — "You Got My Nose Wide Open/I'll Try To Understand" J-V-B 88 M- RARE!!! MB $500


351. Ben Harper And The Cinco's — "Driveway Blues/Here Comes My Gal" Talent 106 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with sticker on the label MB $20


352. Slim Harpo — "Buzz Me Babe/Late Last Night" Excello 2171 MINT MB $30

353. Harmonica "Blues King" Harris And His Mississippi — "I Need You Pretty Baby For My Own/Blues King Mango" Ebony 1003 VG RARE AND GREAT CHICAGO BLUES MB $100

354. Peppermint Harris — "I Got Loaded/It's You, Yes, It's You" Aladdin 3097 VG+ GREEN WAX!! MB $250


355. Peppermint Harris — "P. H. Blues/Let The Back Door Hit You" Aladdin 3108 VG+ Tol on B-side MB $75


356. Wynonie Harris — "Bloodshot Eyes/Good Morning Judge" King 4852 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $10


357. Wynonie Harris — "Big Old Country Fool/That's Me Right Now" King 5050 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $25

358. Cledus Harrison And Band — "How Much I Love You/I Wait For You" Aladdin 3318 MINT RARE MB $15


359. Screamin' Jay Hawkins — "I Put A Spell On You/Little Demon" Okeh 7072 M- Classic MB $50


360. Jay Hawkins — "She Put The Wamee On Me/This Is All" Mercury 70549 M- PINK LABEL FIRST PRESSING with #ol MB $75

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