My November 21st Auction: KILLER BLUES!! Pre-War and Post War Blues, Gospel and R&B 78's & 45's!!

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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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Closes Tuesday, November 21st, 2016 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues: Pre-War Blues, Gospel and R&B 78's;
Post War Blues and R&B 78's;
and Killer Blues and R&B 45's!!

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Rare, Original Pre-War Blues and Gospel 78's:

34. Cripple Clarence Lofton — "Strut That Thing/Monkey Man Blues" Vocalion 02951 E Another classic Piano record MB $200


35. Sara Martin With Guitar by Sylvester Weaver — "Roamin' Blues/I've Got To Go And Leave My Daddy Behind" Okeh 8104 E-/E MB $75


36. Tommy McClennan — "Whiskey Head Woman/Bottle It Up And Go" Bluebird 8373 E+ GREAT record! MB $50


37. Tommy McClennan — "New Highway No. 51/I'm Goin' Don't You Know" Bluebird 8499 E-/E+ Slight groove wear on the A-side MB $30


38. Tommy McClennan — "Mozelle Blues/Mr. So And So Blues" Bluebird 9015 V+/E MB $20


39. Tommy McClennan — "I Love My Baby/Shake It Up And Go" Bluebird 34-0716 E- MB $30


40. Memphis Minnie — "Me And My Chauffeur Blues/Can't Afford To Lose My Man" Okeh 06288 E+ This record is super common—but NOT in this condition!!! And it is one GREAT RECORD by one GREAT LADY!! MB $100


41. Monette Moore — "Rocking Chair Blues/Friendless Blues" Paramount 12213 E/E+ NICE condition, early Paramount MB $100


42. Buddy Moss — "Oh Lordy Mama No. 2/Undertaker Blues" Melotone 6-04-56 E- MB $75


43. Norfolk Jubilee Quartet — "Ezekiel Saw De Wheel/Crying Holy Unto The Lord" Paramount 12217 E- MB $50


44. The Pebbles — "Who's You Tellin'/I Mean, It's Just Too Bad" Victor 21429 V MB $20


45. Perfect Harmony Quartette — "There's A Meetin' Here Tonight/ My Good Lord's Done Been Here" Okeh 8448 E- MB $50


46. Washington Phillips — "Take Your Burden To The Lord And Leave It There/Lift Him Up That's All" Columbia 14277 V+ MB $50


47. Yank Rachell — "38 Pistol Blues/It Seem Like A Dream" Bluebird 8732 E All time classic MB $100


48. Madame "Ma" Rainey — "Walking Blues/Barrel House Blues" Paramount 12082 E- MB $50

49. "Ma" Rainey — "Dream Blues /Lost Wandering Blues" Paramount 12098 • E+ GORGEOUS COPY of all time classic with stunning Picture Label—near impossible to find in this condition. MB $500


50. Tampa Red And Chicago Five/Jessie's String Five — "When You Were A Gal Of Seven/River Blues" Bluebird 6443 E- MB $30


51. Tampa Red — "Don't You Lie To Me/Anna Lou Blues" Bluebird 8654 E+ Clean, clean, clean MB $50


52. Bumble Bee Slim — "When The Sun Goes Down/Good Evening Blues" Decca 7089 E- MB $30


53. Bumble Bee Slim — "The Death Of Leroy Carr/Blue Blues" Decca 7098 V+ MB $30


54. Bessie Smith — "Work House Blues/House Rent Blues" Columbia 14032 E/E- With two small lam cracks on B-side MB $20

55. Bessie Smith —"I'm Wild About That Thing/You've Got To Give Me Something" Columbia 14427 E BEAUTIFUL BLUE WAX MB $150


56. Clara Smith — "Don't Never Tell Nobody/Waitin' For The Evening Mail" Columbia 13002 E/E- MB $30


57. Clara Smith — "Ain't Got Nobody To Grind My Coffee/Wanna Go Home" Columbia 14368 E- Small edge chip, not into grooves MB $75

58. Clara Smith — "Oh! Mister Mitchell /Where Is My Man" Columbia 14536 • E Her BEST! First heard this back in the 70's on the Dr. Demento radio show! MB $500


59. Mamie Smith And Her Jazz Hounds — "Crazy Blues/It's Right Here For You" Okeh 4169 E-/E Hard to find clean . . . and many consider this to be the very first Blues record. I disagree but hey, you can go with the flow . . . MB $75


60. Laura Smith — "Has Anybody Seen My Man?/Texas Moaner Blues" Okeh 8157 E With Clarence Williams Harmonizers MB $50


61. Victoria Spivey — "Black Snake Blues/No More Jelly Bean Blues" Okeh 8338 E/E+ MB $100


62. Victoria Spivey — "Dirty Woman's Blues/Long Gone Blues" Okeh 8351 V+ Store sticker on A-side MB $20


63. Victoria Spivey — "Spider Web Blues/Hoodoo Man Blues" Okeh 8370 E Small wol MB $100


64. Victoria Spivey — "T-B Blues/No. 12 Let Me Roam" Okeh 8494 E- MB $100

65. Victoria Spivey — "Dope Head Blues/Blood Thirsty Blues" Okeh 8531 E+ GREAT ONE!!! MB $300

66. Black Billy Sunday — "The High Cost Of Sin /Will You Spend EternityIn Hell?" Paramount 13105 • E- ONE OF ONLY TWO KNOWN COPIES! Until not that long ago, this was one of the missing Paramounts. MB $1500


67. Blind Joe Taggart — "Religion Is Something Within You/Mother's Love" Paramount 12744 V+ MB $100


68. Johnnie Temple — "East St. Louis Blues/Peepin' Through The Keyhole" Decca 7316 E MB $100


69. Sister Rosetta Tharpe — "Sleep On Darling Mother/I Want To Live So God Can Use Me" Decca 8657 E+ Classic MB $75


70. Georgia Tom — "My Texas Blues/Pig Meat Blues" Varsity 6026 E+ MB $50


71. The Two Poor Boys — "Sitting On Top Of The World/Take A Look At That Baby" Perfect 180 E- MB $100


72. Utica Institute Jubilee Singers — "Do You Call That Religion/Honey" Victor 20506 E+ MB $75


73. Ethel Waters — "Tell 'Em Bout Me/You'll Need Me When I'm Long Gone" Paramount 12214 V+ MB $20


74. Ethel Waters — "Make Me A Pallet On The Floor/Bring Your Greenback" Columbia 14125 E+ MB $30


75. Ethel Waters — "Trav'lin All Alone/Waiting At The End Of The Road" Columbia 1933 E- MB $20


76. Ethel Waters — "Second Handed Man/True Blue Lou" Columbia 1871 E MB $30


77. Sylvester Weaver — "True Love Blues/Poor Boy Blues" Okeh 8460 E/E+ MB $300


78. Sylvester Weaver — "Dad's Blues/What Makes A Man Blue" Okeh 8522 E MB $300

79. Sylvester Weaver — "Railroad Porter Blues/Polecat Blues" Okeh 8608 E+ MB $300


80. Peetie Wheatstraw — "A Man Ain't Nothin' But A Fool/Black Horse Blues" Decca 7568 E- MB $20


81. Peetie Wheatstraw — "Cuttin' 'Em Slow/Jaybird Blues" Decca 7798 E- MB $20


82. Sonny Boy Williamson — "Sugar Mama Blues No. 2/Good For Nothin' Blues" Bluebird 8237 E-/E+ MB $50


83. Sonny Boy Williamson — "Miss Stella Brown/Desparado Woman" Bluebird 34-0736 E+ MB $50

84. Rabbits Foot Williams aka JAYBIRD COLEMAN — "Ah'm Sick An' Tired Of Tellin' You To Wiggle That Thing / Man Trouble Blues"Champion 15379 • E-/E RARE!!! Coleman's records are ALL very scarce and this early Champion is one of his very best!MB $2000


Original Post War Blues and R&B 78's:

85. Ray Agee — "My Poor Heart/Troubles Bring Me Down" Recorded In Hollywood 240 M- MB $30


86. Annisteen Allen — "The Bluest Blues/The Bittersweet" Federal 12057 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30


87. Jesse Allen — "Sittin' And Wonderin'/I Wonder What's The Matter" Imperial 5285 M- MB $50

88. Jesse Allen — "Let's Party/My Suffering" Coral 65078 M- POWDER BLUE LABEL PROMO MB $50

89. D.C. Bender & Big Son Tillis — "Dayton Stomp/My Baby Wrote Me A Letter" Elko 823 M- GREAT!! MB $150

90. Blazer Boy — "Surprise Blues/Waiting For My Baby" Imperial 5244 MINT THIN VINYL PROMO COPY FOR THAT SOUND THAT JUST LEAPS FROM THE GROOVES MB $100


91. Tiny Bradshaw — "The Train Kept A-Rollin'/Knockin' Blues" King 4497 M- Cloudy pressing MB $30

92. Gabriel Brown And His Guitar — "Cold Mama/I'm Just Crazy" M-G-M 11407 M- PROMO COPY and yes, this is actual true acoustic style Guitar Blues on M-G -M. Quite unusual for the label!! MB $100


93. Honey Brown — "Rockin' And Jumpin'/Lonesome And Mistreated" Derby 761 VG+ MB $20


94. Allen Bunn And Trio — "The Guy With A "45"/She'll Be Sorry" Apollo 436 MINT MB $50


95. Allen Bunn — "My Flight/Two Time Loser" Apollo 442 M- MB $50

96. Nelson Carson And His Guitar — "My Baby Left Me/Crazy About My Baby" Sittin' In With 557 MINT MB $100


97. Goree Carter And His Hepcats — "Back Home Blues/Rock Awhile" Freedom 1506 VG+ MB $20


98. Goree Carter — "I've Got News For You/Tell Me Is There Still A Chance" Coral 65058 M/M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

99. Ray Charles With Rufus Beacham/Rufus Beacham — "I Can't Do No More/Roly-Poly" Sittin' In With 651 MINT RARE! First and ONLY copy of this one I've ever seen! MB $100

100. Little Miss Cornshucks — "Keep Your Hand On Your Heart/He's Funny That Way" Miltone 242 M- VINYL!! First time I have ever seen one of these Miltone 78's pressed on VINYL MB $100


101. Pee Wee Crayton — "I'm Your Prisoner/Baby, Pat The Floor" Recorded In Hollywood 426 MINT MB $75

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