My November 21st Auction: KILLER BLUES!! Pre-War and Post War Blues, Gospel and R&B 78's & 45's!!

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Closes Tuesday, November 21st, 2016 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues: Pre-War Blues, Gospel and R&B 78's;
Post War Blues and R&B 78's;
and Killer Blues and R&B 45's!!

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Original Blues and R&B 45's

239. Pee Wee Crayton — "The Telephone Is Ringing/A Frosty Night" Vee-Jay 214 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


240. Scat Man Crothers — "Golly Zonk! It's Scat Man/What's A Nice Kid Like You Doing In A Place Like This?" H B R 476 MINT MB $30


241. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup — "Katie May/Boy Friend Blues" RCA Victor 50-0001 M- ORANGE PLASTIC MB $150


242. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup — "Tired Of Worry/Hoodoo Lady Blues" RCA Victor 50-0032 MINT ORANGE PLASTIC MB $150

243. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup — "Star Bootlegger/Nobody Wants Me" RCA Victor 50-0117 M- MB $150


244. James Curry — "My Promise/Please Baby" Flash 110 M- MB $50


245. Eddie Daniels — "Mardi Gras/I Wanna Know" EBB 133 M- TOUGH MB $50

246. Ruby Dandridge And Her Rhythm-anians — "I Gotta Have My Lovin'/Goodnight To Papa Mambo" Dome 1000 MINT RED VINYL First and ONLY copy I've ever seen! MB $75

247. Ruby Dandridge And Her Rhythm-anians — "Hot Tamale Blues/Rhythm-anian Boogie" Dome 1001 M- RED VINYL and again, the first and only copy I've ever seen MB $75


248. Larry Darnell — "If You Go/Fing Fang Foy" DeLuxe 6136 VG+ MB $10


249. Emmit Davis — "Here Comes My Baby/One Last Chance" Fling 721 MINT MB $25


250. Larry Davis — "Texas Flood/I Tried" Duke 192 MINT MB $25


251. Margie Day — "Snatchin' It Back/Do I" Decca 28872 M- MB $50


252. Detroit Jr. — "It's Bad To Make A Woman Mad/Talk Fast" U.S.A. 807 MINT MB $35


253. Lee Diamond — "Please Don't Leave/It Won't Be Me" Minit 617 M- MB $20


254. Doles Dickens Quintet — "I'm Gonna Rock This Morning/Woogie" Decca 29490 M- MB $30

255. Floyd Dixon — "Red Cherries/The River" Aladdin 3144 VG+ RED WAX!! MB $300


256. Floyd Dixon — "Tired, Broke And Busted/Come Back, Baby" Aladdin 3151 M- Xol MB $150


257. Floyd Dixon — "Hard Living Alone/Please Don't Go" Specialty 468 M- Labels slightly discolored MB $20


258. Luther Dixon — "Feeling Of Love/Nobody But You" Chess 1682 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5


259. Willie Dixon And The Allstars — "Walking The Blues/If You're Mine" Checker 822 MINT MB $30


260. Willie Dixon — "I Am The Lover Man/Crazy For My Baby" Checker 828 M- MB $30

261. Fats Domino — "Reeling And Rocking/Goin' Home" Imperial 5180 VG+ EARLY ONE ON 45 RPM FORMAT MB $150


262. Don And Dewey — "Justine/Bim Bam" Specialty 631 M- GREAT ROCKER MB $20


263. Lee Dorsey — "Ya Ya/Give Me You" Fury 1053 M- MB $20

264. Big Duke And His Orchestra — "Hey Dr. Kinsey/Hello Baby" Flair 1018 M- Tiny tol MB $150


265. Aggie Dukes With Band — "Swing Low Sweet Cadillac Part I/Part II" Aladdin 3364 M- MB $30


266. Jack Dupree And Mr. Bear — "Walking The Blues/Daybreak Rock" King 4812 MINT Classic MB $30


267. Jack Dupree — "She Cooks Me Cabbage/Silent Partner" KING 4859 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $30


268. Jack Dupree—Mr. Bear — "Lonely Road Blues/When I Got Married" Groove 0171 VG+ "JAN 1957" stamped on B-side label MB $30


269. Skinny Dynamo — "Jingle Bells/So Long, So Long" Excello 2087 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO, #ol MB $20


270. Ford Eaglin — "Don't Slam The Door/Nothing Sweet As You" Imperial 5823 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO, nice New Orleans sound MB $25


271. Little Eddie vocal with Harmonica — "Teddy Bear Blues/The Scrootch" Reginald 555 MINT FROM GREENVILLE, MISSISSIPPI MB $30


272. Chuck Edwards — "Morning Train/Warm My Heart" Duke 174 M- Small wol, PROMO COPY MB $20


273. Chuck Edwards — "She Carried Me All Over Town/Just For A Day" Apollo 495 VG+ Nice one MB $50


274. Donnie Elbert — "Hear My Plea/What Can I Do" DeLuxe 6125 MINT MB $30


275. Donnie Elbert — "Tell Me So/Believe It Or Not" DeLuxe 6143 M- MB $25


276. Donnie Elbert — "Leona/Have I Sinned" DeLuxe 6148 M- MB $25


277. Donnie Elbert — "The Stroll/Wild Child" DeLuxe 6156 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30


278. Donnie Elbert — "I Want To Be Near You/Come On Sugar" DeLuxe 6168 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

279. Billy (The Kid) Emerson — "Move Baby Move/When It Rains It Pours" SUN 214 M- Classic MB $150

280. Billy "The Kid" Emerson — "Red Hot/No Greater Love" SUN 219 M- The all time classic song, covered by many since, this is THE original by the man that wrote it! MB $150


281. Billy "The Kid" Emerson — "Little Fine Healthy Thing/Something For Nothing" SUN 233 M- MB $100


282. Billy Emerson — "Believe Me/Holy Mackerel Baby" Chess 1728 M- MB $20


283. Billy "The Kid" Emerson — "Somebody Show Me/The Pleasure Is All Mine" Vee-Jay 247 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $10


284. Lucky Enois Quintet — "Crazy Man Crazy/Zig Zag Ziggin' " Modern 905 VG+ Vocals by Jimmy Waters and YES, the A-side is a cover version of the Bill Haley classic MB $25

285. Little Esther — "Stop Cryin'/Please Don't Send Me" Decca 48305 M- Slight storage warp with NO effect on play MB $100


286. Little Esther And Mel Walker With Johnny Otis Orchestra — "Deceivin' Blues/Lost Dream Blues" Savoy 759 MINT MB $50


287. Rudy Ferguson — "Everybody's Blues/Why Can't You Understand" DeLuxe 6028 VG+ MB $25


288. Stepin Fetchit — "Jet-Zoom/Dancin' Bill Bojangles" Ferris 904 VG+ RARE MB $25

289. Herb Fisher — "Cryin' In My Sleep/You Don't Live But Once" Imperial 5246 VG+ RARE NEW ORLEANS JUMP—almost never seen on 45 rpm MB $300


290. Johnny Flamingo — "So Long/Make Me A Present Of You" Aladdin 3406 MINT MB $30


291. Morris Fontain — "Juicin' And Goofin'/Cryin' My Heart Out" Savoy 1139 MINT #ol MB $50


292. Earl Forrest And The Beale Streeters — "Whoopin' And Hollerin'/Pretty Bessie" Duke 108 VG Scarce MB $50


293. T.J. Fowler — "Fowler's Boogie/Night Crawler" Savoy 843 VG Small sticker stain on the A-side label MB $10

294. Eugene Fox — "Sinner's Dream/Stay At Home" Checker 792 M- All time classic! TOUGH to find on 45 these days MB $400


295. Carol Fran — "I Quit My Knockin'/If We Should Meet Again" Excello 2133 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with small #ol on B-side MB $10

296. Calvin Frazier — "Lilly Mae / Have Blues Must Travel"J-V-B 86 • M- Detroit Blues Classic from Robert Johnson's cousin!MB $500


297. Calvin Frazier — "Got Nobody To Tell My Troubles To/Little Baby Child" Savoy 858 VG+ Sticker stain on B-side label MB $50


298. Charles Friday — "Baby! I'm Stickin' To You/Five Minutes More" Excello 2275 M/M- MB $20


299. Frank Frost And The Night Hawks — "Jelly Roll King/Crawlback" Phillips International 3578 M- Classic MB $25


300. Johnny Fuller — "Johnny Ace's Last Letter/Fool's Paradise" Aladdin 3278 VG MB $5


301. Johnny Fuller And Band — "Cruel, Cruel World/My Heart Beats For You" Aladdin 3286 MINT MB $30

302. Johnny Fuller And His Band —"Roughest Place In Town/Comin' Round The Corner" Hollywood 1063 M- RARE MB $200


303. Johnnie Fuller With Candyman McGuirt And His Band — "First Stage Of The Blues/No More-No More" Irma 110 VG MB $20


304. Johnny Fuller — "Mercy Mercy/Garden Of Memories" Imperial 5365 VG+ MB $10

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