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My LEGENDARY June 20th RARE R&B Vocal Group 45's Consignment Auction HIGHLIGHTS!
Closes Thursday, June 20th, 2024 at 7:00 pm PT

RARE R&B Vocal Groups, Soul, Motown and Girl Groups 45's consignment auction!

My June 20th, 2024 RARE R&B Vocal Group 45's auction COMPLETE LIST

Printed (PDF) version of my June 20th, 2024 RARE R&B Vocal Group 45's auction

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THE KINGS OF R&B Vocal Group 45's! (Records 1 – 6)

1. The Coronets — "It Would Be Heavenly / Baby's Coming Home" CHESS 1553VG+ ULTRA RARE RED VINYL COPY!!! You never, ever see this for sale in RED VINYL and this copy is just beautiful and plays M- . . . just a few MINOR scuffs. MB $1,000

2. The Magic Tones — "Tears In My Eyes / Spanish Love Song" HOWFUM No #VCG+ INSANELY RARE!!! Two, maybe three known copies. Nice copy with some label discoloration as shown. I have never, ever seen one of these until now! MB $1,000

3. The Peacheroos — "Be Bop Baby / Every Day My Love Is True" EXCELLO 2044VG+ ALL TIME RARITY! They show up once in a while on 78 rpm, but 45's are about as rare as unicorn teeth! Beautiful copy! MB $1,000

4. Ray Pollard With Group — "This Time (I'm Gonna Be True) / No More Like Me" SHRINE 103M/VG+ The most collectible label in all of SOUL, this one has an old style group side and an uptempo NORTHERN SOUL side. VERY few copies out there. MB $1,000

5. The Satintones — "Angel / A Love That Can Never Be" MOTOWN 1006VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO . . . not sure if they ever made stock copies . . . and this is one of the rarest Motown releases of all. Withdrawn. First copy I've ever had. MB $500

6. Lee Scott And The Windsors — "My Gloria / Cool Seabreeze" BACK BEAT 506VG+/M- PROMO COPY of legendary R & B rarity! I had never seen one in person until this one! Are there stock copies or was this Promo only?? Gorgeous copy! MB $2,000

8. The Ambassadors — "Keep On Trying / The Switch"AIR 5065M- MB $500

9. Lee Andrews And The Hearts — "Maybe You'll Be There / Baby Come Back" RAINBOW 252M- RED VINYL, one of the absolute BEST Vocal Group records EVER! MB $500

12. Avalons — "Picture Of You / I Need Your Loving"KEN-GREN 243 • M- ULTRA RARE MB $1,000

18. The Candlelighters — "Would You Do The Same For Me/At Soda Shop" DELTA 203 M- RARE MB $500

23. The Castelles — "Marcella/I'm A Fool To Care" GRAND 114 VG+ NO address on label—True first pressing MB $300

24. Castelles — "Heavenly Father / My Wedding Day"GRAND 122VG+ NO address on the label, True First Pressing MB $1,000

30. Condors — "Sweetest Angel/Little Curly Top" HUNTER 2504 VG+ MB $500

31. The Contenders — "Whenever I Get Lonely/That's The Way" SAXONY 1001 M- FIRST PRESSING WITH MAN'S PROFILE ON THE LABEL MB $400

32. The Continders — "Mr. Dee Jay/Yes, I Do" BLUE SKY RECORDS 105 M- MB $500

33. The Continentals And The Counts Of Rhythm — "Don't Leave Me/Hey Senorita" MUNCIE no # VG Super rare MB $500

37. The Convincers — "Rejected Love/Go Back Baby" MOVIN 100 M- MB $300

43. Deli-Cados — "Now I've Confessed/Granny Baby" PMP no # G Plays MUCH BETTER than the grade MB $300

44. The Delrays — "One Kiss, One Smile And A Dream / Our Love Is True"CORD 1001VG+ B-side label has stains MB $1,000

52. The Emeralds — "Why Must I Wonder / Sally Lou"KICKS 3M- MB $1,000

53. The Emperors — "Come Back, Come Back/I May Be Wrong" HAVEN 511 VG- RED VINYL—legendary rarity!!! MB $300

54. The Endeavors — "Suffering With My Heart/I Got The Feeling" J & S 254 M- MB $500

56. Eric With The Plazas — "I Wish/It's The Last Kiss" PRODUCTION 63106 M- PURPLE LABEL MB $500

58. The Esquirers — "The Girl In Chinatown/Rebel Wabble" INTERNATIONAL RECORD 276 M- MB $500

65. The Fascinators — "The Bells Of My Heart/Sweet Baby" YOUR COPY 1135 MINT MASTERPIECE MB $400

71. Five Echoes — "So Lonesome/Broke" SABRE 105 M- MB $300

72. The Five Emeralds — "I'll Beg/Let Me Take You Out Tonight" S-R-C 106 M- MAROON LABEL WITH ROPES MB $400

75. The Five Kids — "Carolyn/Oh Babe" MAXWELL 101 G EXTREMELY RARE AND FABULOUS RECORD—plays nice well above the grade, label is discolored on both sides MB $500

78. Five Thrills — "My Baby's Gone/Feel So Good" PARROT 796 M-/VG+ Title is cut off MB $800

79. The Five Tinos — "Sitting By My Window/Don't Do That" SUN 222 VG+ MB $500

82. The Flamingos — "Golden Teardrops/Carried Away" CHANCE 1145 VG+ RED VINYL— ALL TIME MASTERPIECE MB $500

91. The Four Dots — "Strange As It Seems/Saturday Night Function" CASTLE 2006 M- RED VINYL MB $200

93. The Four Kings — "You Don't Mean Me Right/My Head Goes Acting Up" FORTUNE 811 M- MAROON LABEL MB $300

98. The Galaxys — "A Lover's Prayer/Jelly-Bean" CARTHAY 103 VG+ MB $500

99. Globeliters — "If I Were A King/I Know You Found Another Guy" VAN DYK 601 M-/VG+ 5¢ written on B-side label MB $400

103. Gypsies — "Why/Young Girl To Calypso" ATLAS RECORDS 1073 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $300

113. Willie Howard And The Chordells — "Letters Of Love/Louise" MASCOT 127 M- MB $400

114. Mary Hylor And Group — "We Walked Down The Aisle/Runnin' " EL-LOR 1058 M- With male backing group MB $300

116. The Incredible Upsetters — "Baby I'm Your Man/Only A Dream/My Life, My Loved One/Oo-Wah-Cha-Wah" AUDIO LAB 2046 M- MB $500

119. The Invictas — "Wedding Bells /Everybody's Got Money" VULCO1515 M- ULTRA RARE MB $2,000

120. The Invictors — "Where All Lovers Meet / That's All Right" T P E 8221M- THE GREAT ONE MB $1,000

121. The Iridescents — "The Angels Sang/I Know" ULTRA SONIC 109 M- With small wol MB $500

124. The Jets — "I'll Hide My Tears/Got A Little Shadow" ALADDIN 3247 VG With sticker stain on B-side label, plays NICE MB $500

128. Wade Jones And Group — "Insane/I Can't Concentrate" RAYBER 1001 VG SUPER RARE MOTOWN ITEM! MB $300

133. Little Sonny Knight And The Cymbols — "My Darlin' / Tears On My Pillow" NEW TEENAGE RECORD CO. 5001M-/VG+Uber rare!!! MB $1,000

143. Linda And The Vistas — "She Went Away/Bad Apple" SHRINE 100 VG Xol, another one on the LEGENDARY SHRINE LABEL MB $300

144. The Links — "She's The One / Ba-Bee" TEENAGE 1009M- RARE MB $1,000

150. The Lyrics — "I'm In Love / You (Oo-Wee)" HY-TONE 111M- MB $1,000

154. The Magic Tones — "How Can You Treat Me This Way/Cool, Cool Baby" KING 4681 VG+ Tough on 45 rpm MB $200

168. The Marvels — "I Won't Have You Breaking My Heart/Jump Rock & Roll" ABC-PARAMOUNT 9771 M- Title is on two lines MB $300

183. The Meridians — "Have You Forgotten/Blue Victory" PARNASO 107 M- THICK WAX MB $200

197. The Mustangs — "Over The Rainbow/Loop The Fly" VEST 51 M- Date stamp of JAN 28 1966 on A-side label MB $500

198. The Mystics — "Teenage Sweetheart/Rockin' Yodel" CHATAM 350 VG+ With sticker stain on A-side label and label wear on both sides MB $500

202. The Nephews — "This Is The Night/Wiggle" ZINNA 8000 M- MB $200

203. The New Invictors — "Deeply In Love With You / She Wouldn't Quit It" HALE RECORDS 500 M- Slight label fade MB $1,000

205. Nite Riders — "In My Dream/Beggin' For Love" RIFF 101 VG+ Label faded in spots and neat PROMO sticker on both sides MB $500

207. The Nu-Trends — "Together /Spooksville" LAWN 216M- Crum Lynne music credits, xol MB $1,000

210. The Orioles — "You Belong To Me/I Don't Want To Take A Chance" JUBILEE 5102 M- MB $300

211. Orioles — "Sugar Girl/Didn't I Say" VEE-JAY 244 M- THE RARE ONE ON VEE JAY MB $300

212. Joe Palmer With Group — "Give Me/25 Minutes" MASON 080 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $300

226. The Plants — "I Searched The Seven Seas/I Took A Trip Way Over The Sea" J & S 248 M- MB $300

227. The Playgirls — "Bells/Donnie" GALAXY 713 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO on GREEN VINYL MB $200

229. Carl Ponder With Group — "Greatest Hurt/You're Gonna Be Sorry" DESTINY 1202 VG SUPER RARE, wol MB $500

231. Quantrils — "I'm In Love / I Wanna Dance" KAREM 112 M-/VG PROMO COPY MB $800

232. The Rachells — "Sweet To My Baby/A Fool Is The One That Cries" DYNAMIC 1003 M- GIRL GROUP GREAT ONE! MB $200

234. The Ramblers — "Search My Heart/50-50 Love" JAX 319 M- RED VINYL MB $400

243. Robin & The Cool Cats — "Give Me Your Love/BLANK" PUSSY CAT No # M- ONE-SIDED WHITE LABEL PROMO with handwritten label MB $300

248. The Rockers — "Count Every Star/Tell Me Why" CARTER 3029 M- Maroon label, has two long light scuffs that don't affect play MB $700

254. Royal Notes — "You Are My Love/Wee Small Hours" KELIT 7034 M- MB $300

255. The Royals — "Someday We'll Meet Again/I Want You To Be My Baby" VENUS 103 M- MB $200

262. Henry Sawyer And The Jupiters — "It Takes Two/I Want" PLANET X 9621 VG MB $500

270. John Shaw And The Dell-O's — "Why Did You Leave Me / Why Does It Have To Be Her" U-C RECORDS 1022 MINT With super rare original sleeve!! MB $800

275. The Shirelles — "I Met Him On A Sunday/I Want You To Be My Boyfriend" TIARA 6112 MINT Their very FIRST record MB $250

278. The Signeals — "Show Me The Way/Juanita" LEONEAL 1483 G TWO known copies—Mr. Shively owns the other one which plays much better than my grade MB $500

290. The Spirals — "Forever And A Day/Please Be My Love" ADMIRAL 913 VG- SUPER RARE MB $300

307. The Strangers — "Dreams Come True/How Long Must I Wait" KING 4766 TEST PRESSING M- MB $200

309. The Stringbeans — "Starbright/Stop Your Crying" GINA 7001 M- Heavy bass version, #ol on B-side MB $300

320. The Swans — "Night Train/It's A Must" BALLAD 1006 MINT MB $200

323. The Tabs — "Oops / My Girl Is Gone" NOBLE 720MINT MB $750

344. The Twilighters — "Let There Be Love/Money Talks" CHOLLY 712 VG Tear on label and wol on B-side MB $500

349. The Upfronts — "I Stopped The Duke Of Earl/Baby, For Your Love" LUMMTONE 107 M- WITHDRAWN since permission was not granted to use the song title, as it incorporated the song title "The Duke of Earl" MB $300

350. The Upsets — "Mom & Dad/Wobble Twist" HARWOOD 7 MINT MB $500

354. Leo Valentine And The Lyrics — "Please Don't Leave Me This Way / Baby Doll" SKYLIGHT 201M- MB $1,000

356. The Vals — "The Song Of A Lover / Compensation Check" UNIQUE LABORATORIES No #VG+/M- INSANELY RARE AND GREAT!!! MB $1,000

362. The Vandelettes — "He's All Mine/A Love Of Mine" MELLOW TOWN 1010 M- SOUL GIRLS MB $200

366. The Velveteers — "Tell Me You're Mine /Boo Wacka Do" SPITFIRE 15 • VG- AUTOGRAPHED by ALL GROUP MEMBERS on A & B-side labels—MONSTER RARITY! MB $800

368. The Velvet Sounds — "Pretty Darling/Who'll Take My Place" COSMOPOLITAN 105 M- #ol MB $400

370. The Viscounts — "Wandering/You're Only Happy When You Hurt Me" STAR-FAX 1002 MINT MB $800

372. The Vocaleers — "Be True/BLANK" RED ROBIN 113 M- Original one-sided lacquer disc with typed label MB $100

373. The Voilinaires — "Another Soldier Gone/Joy In Beulah Land" DRUMMOND 4000 VG+ Small sticker on A-side label MB $750

376. The Wanderers — "We Could Find Happiness/Heh Mae Ethel" SAVOY 1109 M- With future SHRINE label star Ray Pollard MB $200

380. La Cille Watkins With The Volumes — "So Disappointed With Love/You Left Me Lonely" JAGUAR 3006 M- MB $200

383. William Wigfall And The Lyrics — "Got To Get Along / Combac" SKYLIGHT RECORDS 202VG RARE MB $800

386. Pete Willis And The Four Royals — "Setting On My Doorstep/Baby Baby Baby" WILLIS RECORDS 185 MINT MB $500

387. Pete Willis And The Four Royals — "What's Your Point Of View/Baby Baby Baby" R. F. H. 001 M- MB $300

My June 20th, 2024 RARE R&B Vocal Group 45's auction–complete list