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February 29, 2024 Girl Groups 45's Auction, page 1
Including two AMAZING 78's! (Record #1 and Record #2)

Closes Thursday, February 29th, 2024 at 7:00 pm PT

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My February 29th, 2024 Girl Group 45's auction highlights

Printed (PDF) version of my February 29th, 2024 Girl Group 45's auction

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1. Marilyn Monroe — "How Wrong Can I Be / BLANK" ELECTRO-VOX May 19, 1949VG+ Insanely RARE!!! Her very FIRST recording! 12 inch 78 rpm Studio Lacquer disc! Only TWO known copies (the other is in a German Archive) and NEVER released to the public except for twenty seconds of it which was used in the film "The Shape Of Water." This is the RAREST record by Marilyn Monroe and you will never see it for sale again. The other copy, now in Germany, was sold at a big auction house with a $15,000.00 minimum bid. MY copy is more reasonable . . . at least until the bidding starts . . . MB $3,000

2. Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell — "Little Girl From Little Rock / BLANK" 20th Century Fox # 9 51-52 • M- 12 inch 78 rpm Studio Lacquer disc! From the collection of the producer Sol Seigel and the film "Gentleman Prefer Blondes." If I am reading the label correctly, this is TAKE 9 of the song.MB $1,000

3. Dolly Parton — "Puppy Love / Girl Left Alone" GOLDBAND 1086M- Her FIRST record!!! Ultra rare with less than ten known copies and almost NEVER for sale at any price! Tons of repros out there but this is the real deal! MB $3,000

4. Bonnie Jo Mason aka CHER — "Ringo, I Love You / Beatle Blues" ANNETTE 1000 • M- SUPER SCARCE STOCK COPY (the Promo shows up once in a while) and in gorgeous condition! Produced by PHIL SPECTOR and BEATLES related!!! MB $350

5. Jayne Mansfield — "Little Things Mean A Lot / That Makes It!" ORIGINAL SOUND # OS-51VG/VG+ The record has wear but it's the PICTURE SLEEVE that counts. With just some minor age spots, this one's in nice shape! First copy I've ever had!MB $500

6. Debbie & The Ladds — "Tardo Campaign Song / Vieux Carre" ELECT CYRUS TARDO SHERIFFM- First and only copy I've ever seen!!! This is a great Girl Group record which is actually "These Boots Are Made For Walkin' " turned into a campaign song. Sheriff Tardo was later convicted of Attempted Murder after pipe-bombing his successor, blowing off several of his toes . . . making the title a bit ironic. Years later, his successor also went to jail for bribery. MB $300


7. The Ad Libs — "The Boy From New York City/Kicked Around" BLUE CAT 102 M- "NR" stamped on label—Classic MB $20


8. Amanda Ambrose — "This Door Swings Both Ways/Why Did I Choose You" DUNWICH 140 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with slight storage warp that has NO effect on play MB $10

9. Annette And The Mouseketeers — "Mouseketunes/Fun With Music" DISNEYLAND 753 VG+/M WITH PICTURE SLEEVE—Tough one MB $50

10. Annette — "How Will I Know My Love?/Annette" DISNEYLAND LG-758 M-/M- With Picture Sleeve—small price sticker on sleeve MB $50

11. Annette — "The Truth About Youth/ I Can't Do The Sum" BUENA VISTA F-394 VG/MINT With PICTURE SLEEVE . . . Record has some wear, but Sleeve is perfect! MB $50


12. Annette — "He's My Ideal/Mister Piano Man" BUENA VISTA 405 VG+/VG WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


13. Annette — "I Dream About Frankie/Muscle Beach Party" BUENA VISTA 433 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


14. Annette — "The Wah Watusi/The Clyde" BUENA VISTA F-437 M- Obscure one by her MB $20

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