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My LEGENDARY June 20th RARE R&B Vocal Group 45's Consignment Auction, page 5
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RARE R&B Vocal Groups, Soul, Motown and Girl Groups 45's consignment auction!

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My June 20th, 2024 RARE R&B Vocal Group 45's auction highlights

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197. The Mustangs — "Over The Rainbow/Loop The Fly" VEST 51 M- Date stamp of JAN 28 1966 on A-side label MB $500

198. The Mystics — "Teenage Sweetheart/Rockin' Yodel" CHATAM 350 VG+ With sticker stain on A-side label and label wear on both sides MB $500


199. The Native Boys — "It Won't Take Long/Native Girl" MODERN 939 VG- Label wear, xol on B-side MB $50


200. Earl Nelson And The Pelicans — "I Bow To You/Oh Gee, Oh Golly" CLASS 209 VG+/VG MB $75


201. The Neons — "My Lover/Tuscon" WALDON 1001 VG+ MB $100

202. The Nephews — "This Is The Night/Wiggle" ZINNA 8000 M- MB $200

203. The New Invictors — "Deeply In Love With You / She Wouldn't Quit It" HALE RECORDS 500 M- Slight label fade MB $1,000


204. The New Yorkers — "Tears In My Eyes/A Little Bit" WALL 548 VG+ MB $5

205. Nite Riders — "In My Dream/Beggin' For Love" RIFF 101 VG+ Label faded in spots and neat PROMO sticker on both sides MB $500


206. The Nobles — "Serenade/You Ain't Right" STACY 926 VG- MB $5

207. The Nu-Trends — "Together /Spooksville" LAWN 216M- Crum Lynne music credits, xol MB $1,000


208. Chet Oliver And Group — "Cool As A Cucumber/Going Back To Chicago" FORTUNE 829 M- Tiny sol MB $100


209. The Orbits — "I Need You/I'm Home" DON-J 48798 VG Wol MB $100

210. The Orioles — "You Belong To Me/I Don't Want To Take A Chance" JUBILEE 5102 M- MB $300

211. Orioles — "Sugar Girl/Didn't I Say" VEE-JAY 244 M- THE RARE ONE ON VEE JAY MB $300

212. Joe Palmer With Group — "Give Me/25 Minutes" MASON 080 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $300


213. The Paradons — "This Is Love/Never Again" TUFFEST 102 VG MB $50


214. Bobby Parker And Group — "Foolish Love/Stop By My House" AMANDA 1001 MINT MB $50


215. The Parliments — "Don't Need You Anymore/Honey Take Me Home With You" LEN 101 M-/VG+ MB $30


216. The Parliaments — "Lonely Island/You Make Me Wanna Cry" FLIPP 100 M- Yellow label, B-side has wol and stain MB $50


217. Troy Parrish And Group — "Gloria/Laugh" BARONET 10 M- MB $25


218. The Peacocks — "My New Hi Fi/Teen Hoppers Ball" 4 Star 1718 VG+ Small sticker stain on the label MB $25


219. The Pentagons — "For A Love That Is Mine/I Like The Way You Look (At Me)" DONNA 1344 M-/VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO AND TRUE FIRST PRESSING WITH NO STRINGS MB $100


220. The Peppers — "Hold On/Rocking Chair Baby" CHESS 1577 VG+ MB $100


221. Bill Berry And The Bel-Aires —"You'll Never Be Mine Again/Hoppin' Boppin' And Rockin' " G. G. RECORD COM-PANY 521 M- #ol MB $75


222. Ike Perry And His Lyrics — "Star Steps To Heaven/The Love Bug's Got Me" BRIDGE 110 M- MB $100


223. The Pharaohs — "Teenagers Love Song/Watusi" CLASS 202 M- MB $200


224. Phil Phillips With The Twilights — "Sea Of Love/Juella" KHOURY'S 711 VG Some label damage MB $50


225. The Pipes — "Be Fair/Let Me Give You Money" DOOTONE 388 M-/VG+ Drill hole in label MB $75

226. The Plants — "I Searched The Seven Seas/I Took A Trip Way Over The Sea" J & S 248 M- MB $300

227. The Playgirls — "Bells/Donnie" GALAXY 713 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO on GREEN VINYL MB $200


228. The Poets — "Never Let You Go/I'm Falling In Love" SHADE 1001 VG Repaired label damage on A-side MB $100

229. Carl Ponder With Group — "Greatest Hurt/You're Gonna Be Sorry" DESTINY 1202 VG SUPER RARE, wol MB $500


230. George Powell And The Troopers — "My Choice For A Mate/In That Order" LUMMTONE 101 VG+ Small stain on the label MB $100

231. Quantrils — "I'm In Love / I Wanna Dance" KAREM 112 M-/VG PROMO COPY MB $800

232. The Rachells — "Sweet To My Baby/A Fool Is The One That Cries" DYNAMIC 1003 M- GIRL GROUP GREAT ONE! MB $200


233. Lou Ragland & The Bandmasters — "Never Let Me Go/Party At Lester's" WAY OUT No # G Wol MB $50

234. The Ramblers — "Search My Heart/50-50 Love" JAX 319 M- RED VINYL MB $400


235. The Ramblers — "The Heaven And Earth/Don't You Know" FEDERAL 12286 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


236. The Ramblers — "Come On Back/So Sad" TRUMPET 102 VG+ Wol on B-side MB $100


237. The Ramblers — "Bye-Bye-Bye/Lost Symphony" CORA No # G MB $50


238. The Ravens — "Count Every Star/I'm Gonna Paper My Walls With You" NATIONAL 9111 G MB $25


239. Little Jimmy Ray And Group — "Make Her Mine/You Need To Fall In Love" GALLIANT 1001 VG MB $5


240. Pearl Reaves And The Concords — "You Can't Stay Here (Step It Up And Go)/I'm Not Ashamed" HARLEM 2332 M- MB $100


241. The Rhythm Tones — "Please Come Back To Me/Something Wrong Upstairs" VEST 828 M- MB $75


242. Little Rita And Group — "Dear Love/Thrill Me" MAGNIFICENT 100 M- MB $50

243. Robin & The Cool Cats — "Give Me Your Love/BLANK" PUSSY CAT No # M- ONE-SIDED WHITE LABEL PROMO with handwritten label MB $300


244. The Robins — "(Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I/My Heart's The Biggest Fool" RCA VICTOR 5175 M-/VG+ MB $150


245. Bill Robinson And The Quails — "Heaven Is The Place/Why Do I Wait" DELUXE 6059 VG+ MB $75


246. Lenny Rocco And Group — "Rochelle/Sugar Girl" DELSEY 301 VG- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $75


247. The Rochelles — "Tear Drops/Please Hear My Plea" SPACEY 202 VG+ Xol on A-side MB $20

248. The Rockers — "Count Every Star/Tell Me Why" CARTER 3029 M- Maroon label, has two long light scuffs that don't affect play MB $700


249. Stefan Ross And Group — "Please Be My Love/Haste Makes Waste" INTRO 001 M- MB $200


250. The Rovers — "A Salute To Johnny Ace/B-side is stamped VOID" MUSIC CITY 780 M-/VG+ BLUE VINYL, small sticker stain on A label MB $50

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