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My LEGENDARY June 20th RARE R&B Vocal Group 45's Consignment Auction, page 1
Closes Thursday, June 20th, 2024 at 7:00 pm PT

RARE R&B Vocal Groups, Soul, Motown and Girl Groups 45's consignment auction!

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My June 20th, 2024 RARE R&B Vocal Group 45's auction highlights

Printed (PDF) version of my June 20th, 2024 RARE R&B Vocal Group 45's auction

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THE KINGS OF R&B Vocal Group 45's! (Records 1 – 6)

1. The Coronets — "It Would Be Heavenly / Baby's Coming Home" CHESS 1553VG+ ULTRA RARE RED VINYL COPY!!! You never, ever see this for sale in RED VINYL and this copy is just beautiful and plays M- . . . just a few MINOR scuffs. MB $1,000

2. The Magic Tones — "Tears In My Eyes / Spanish Love Song" HOWFUM No #VCG+ INSANELY RARE!!! Two, maybe three known copies. Nice copy with some label discoloration as shown. I have never, ever seen one of these until now! MB $1,000

3. The Peacheroos — "Be Bop Baby / Every Day My Love Is True" EXCELLO 2044VG+ ALL TIME RARITY! They show up once in a while on 78 rpm, but 45's are about as rare as unicorn teeth! Beautiful copy! MB $1,000

4. Ray Pollard With Group — "This Time (I'm Gonna Be True) / No More Like Me" SHRINE 103M/VG+ The most collectible label in all of SOUL, this one has an old style group side and an uptempo NORTHERN SOUL side. VERY few copies out there. MB $1,000

5. The Satintones — "Angel / A Love That Can Never Be" MOTOWN 1006VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO . . . not sure if they ever made stock copies . . . and this is one of the rarest Motown releases of all. Withdrawn. First copy I've ever had. MB $500

6. Lee Scott And The Windsors — "My Gloria / Cool Seabreeze" BACK BEAT 506VG+/M- PROMO COPY of legendary R & B rarity! I had never seen one in person until this one! Are there stock copies or was this Promo only?? Gorgeous copy! MB $2,000


7. Sonny Ace And The Del-Sharps — "If My Teardrops Could Talk/Swingin' Stroll" T N T 153 VG PLAYS GREAT!!! Rare one from Texas MB $100

8. The Ambassadors — "Keep On Trying / The Switch"AIR 5065M- MB $500

9. Lee Andrews And The Hearts — "Maybe You'll Be There / Baby Come Back" RAINBOW 252M- RED VINYL, one of the absolute BEST Vocal Group records EVER! MB $500


10. The Angels — "Wedding Bells Are Ringing In My Ears/Times Have Changed" GRAND 115 M- THICK WAX with faded wol MB $300


11. The Appeggios — "I'll Be Singing/Mary" ARIES 001 M- MB $100

12. Avalons — "Picture Of You / I Need Your Loving"KEN-GREN 243 • M- ULTRA RARE MB $1,000


13. The Ballards — "I Hope I Never Fall In Love/Do It Now" VELTONE 1738 VG SOUL, plays nice! MB $50


14. The Bluedots — "My Very Own/Mary Had A Rock N' Roll Lamb" HURRICANE 104 VG Name on label on both sides MB $300


15. Tim Boyd & The Esquires — "My Dearest, My Darling (I Miss You)/Turtle Rock" ODESSA 101 M- With small sticker stain on B-side label MB $100


16. Jerry Butler And The Impressions — "For Your Precious Love/Sweet Was The Wine" VEE-JAY 280 POOR Well worn copy of all time classic on the original label that it was first released on! About ten known copies and most are in bad condition. MB $50


17. The Calvaes — "Born With Rhythm/Lonely, Lonely Village" COBRA 5014 VG Xol MB $50

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