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My LEGENDARY June 20th RARE R&B Vocal Group 45's Consignment Auction, page 2
Closes Thursday, June 20th, 2024 at 7:00 pm PT

RARE R&B Vocal Groups, Soul, Motown and Girl Groups 45's consignment auction!

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My June 20th, 2024 RARE R&B Vocal Group 45's auction highlights

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18. The Candlelighters — "Would You Do The Same For Me/At Soda Shop" DELTA 203 M- RARE MB $500


19. The Candlelights — "I'm Without A Boyfriend/Never Trust A Man" ARIES 1262 VG- Nice GIRL GROUP! And it plays fantastic MB $20


20. The Capitols — "I Let Her Go/I've Got A Girl" CARLTON 461 VG- Sllight label damage MB $20


21. The Carter Rays — "My Secret Love/Ding Dong Darling" GONE 5006 M- MB $100


22. The Carvettes — "A Lovers Prayer/Never Gonna Leave Me" COPA RECORDS INC. 200 VG+ MB $100

23. The Castelles — "Marcella/I'm A Fool To Care" GRAND 114 VG+ NO address on label—True first pressing MB $300

24. Castelles — "Heavenly Father / My Wedding Day"GRAND 122VG+ NO address on the label, True First Pressing MB $1,000


25. The Casual Crescendos — "Wish That You Were Here/Uncle Ben's Concentrated Blueberry Jam (Yummy)" M R C 12001 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $150


26. The Chordells — "I Started Out/Here's A Heart For You" ONYX 504 VG+ MB $200


27. The Classics — "The Wheel Of Love/Noah's Ark" KAREN 316 VG+ DJ COPY MB $100


28. The Classinettes — "To The Church/Little Boy" MARKAY 107 VG+ GREAT GIRL GROUP MB $75


29. The Clips — "Let Me Get Close To You Baby/Kiss Away" CALVERT 105 M- MB $75

30. Condors — "Sweetest Angel/Little Curly Top" HUNTER 2504 VG+ MB $500

31. The Contenders — "Whenever I Get Lonely/That's The Way" SAXONY 1001 M- FIRST PRESSING WITH MAN'S PROFILE ON THE LABEL MB $400

32. The Continders — "Mr. Dee Jay/Yes, I Do" BLUE SKY RECORDS 105 M- MB $500

33. The Continentals And The Counts Of Rhythm — "Don't Leave Me/Hey Senorita" MUNCIE no # VG Super rare MB $500


34. The Continental Gems — "My Love Will Follow You/Everywhere" GUYDEN 2091 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $100


35. The Continentals — "You Are An Angel/Giddy-Up And Ding-Dong" RAMA 190 VG+ BLUE LABEL TRUE FIRST PRESSING MB $200


36. The Continentals — "It Doesn't Matter/Whisper It" HUNTER 3503 VG MB $100

37. The Convincers — "Rejected Love/Go Back Baby" MOVIN 100 M- MB $300


38. The Cyclones — "My Dear/Do You Love Me" FLIP 324 VG+ MB $75


39. Danetta And The Starlets — "(We're Going Steady) You Belong To Me/Impression" OKEH 7155 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO GREAT GIRL GROUP!!! MB $25


40. The Dawns — "I Love You So Tonight/Trav'lin' " CATALINA 1000 VG- Label faded but PLAYS FANTASTIC MB $50


41. Little Sunny Day & The Clouds — "Lou Ann/Baby Doll" TANDEM 7001 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $200


42. The Debs — "Star In The Sky/Felipe" SQUALOR no # VG GREAT GIRL GROUP MB $25

43. Deli-Cados — "Now I've Confessed/Granny Baby" PMP no # G Plays MUCH BETTER than the grade MB $300

44. The Delrays — "One Kiss, One Smile And A Dream / Our Love Is True"CORD 1001VG+ B-side label has stains MB $1,000


45. The Del-Tones — "Best Wishes/Walkin' Out The Back Door" RO-ANN 1001 VG MB $50


46. Little "D" And The Delighters — "A Love So Fine/Oh My Darling" LITTLE "D" RECORDS 1010 M-/VG+ MB $75


47. The Drakes — "Oo Wee So Good/Kitty" CONQUEST 1001 VG+/VG Tiny sticker on B-side label MB $100


48. Lee Durell And The Tamaras — "You Gave Me Love/Party Time" MUSIC CITY 836 M-/VG+ MB $75


49. The Du Vons — "Write Me A Letter/Come Back Baby, Come Back" BRAND-X 101 VG With writing on the label and some label damage as well MB $100


50. The El Reyes — "Mr. Moonglow/Need Your Love" JADES 501 VG MB $100


51. The Emanons — "Know I Miss You/Cow, Cow, Dullywah" GGS 443 VG+ MB $200

52. The Emeralds — "Why Must I Wonder / Sally Lou"KICKS 3M- MB $1,000

53. The Emperors — "Come Back, Come Back/I May Be Wrong" HAVEN 511 VG- RED VINYL—legendary rarity!!! MB $300

54. The Endeavors — "Suffering With My Heart/I Got The Feeling" J & S 254 M- MB $500


55. The Epics — "Lonely/Let's Dance" LIFETIME 1004 M- MB $50

56. Eric With The Plazas — "I Wish/It's The Last Kiss" PRODUCTION 63106 M- PURPLE LABEL MB $500


57. The Escos — "I'm Lonesome For You/Chick-A-Dee" ESTA 100 VG+ With sticker stain on A-side label and small label tear on B-side MB $300

58. The Esquirers — "The Girl In Chinatown/Rebel Wabble" INTERNATIONAL RECORD 276 M- MB $500


59. The Euniques — "Cry, Cry, Cry/Chicken" 620 RECORDS 1006 VG+ MB $75


60. The Fabulous Crys-Tels — "Left Front Row/Ring-A-Ding-A-Doo Twist" DELANO 11032 G MB $50


61. The Fabulous Pearl Devines — "So Lonely/You've Been Gone" ALCO no # VG- MB $50


62. The Falcons — "Now That It's Over/My Only Love" FALCON 1006 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $75


63. The Fanando's — "The One I Love/She Must Be From A Different Dancer" CARTER 2050 VG- With slight warp and edge crack—Ultra Rare! MB $50


64. Farrel And The Flames — "Dreams And Memories/You'll Be Sorry" FRANSIL 14 VG+ MB $200

65. The Fascinators — "The Bells Of My Heart/Sweet Baby" YOUR COPY 1135 MINT MASTERPIECE MB $400

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