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My LEGENDARY June 20th RARE R&B Vocal Group 45's Consignment Auction, page 3
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RARE R&B Vocal Groups, Soul, Motown and Girl Groups 45's consignment auction!

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My June 20th, 2024 RARE R&B Vocal Group 45's auction highlights

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66. Pop & The Fideltones — "Whispering Words Of Love/For Your Love" POOP DECK 101 VG MB $10


67. The Five Chances — "Gloria/Sugar Lips" STATES 156 M-/VG+ MB $200


68. The Five Chances — "Is This Love/Need Your Love" P S RECORDS 1510 M- Small wol on A-side MB $25


69. The Five Crystels — "Heaven's Own Choir/Path Of Broken Hearts" MUSIC CITY 821 M- MB $200


70. The Five Dukes Of Rhythm — "Soft, Sweet And Really Fine/Everybody's Singin' The Blues" RENDEZVOUS 812 VG- MB $50

71. Five Echoes — "So Lonesome/Broke" SABRE 105 M- MB $300

72. The Five Emeralds — "I'll Beg/Let Me Take You Out Tonight" S-R-C 106 M- MAROON LABEL WITH ROPES MB $400


73. The Five Emeralds — "Darling/Pleasure Me" S. R. C. 107 VG- MB $50


74. The Five Gents — "Baby Doll/Sandy" VEIKING RECORDS 101 M- MB $200

75. The Five Kids — "Carolyn/Oh Babe" MAXWELL 101 G EXTREMELY RARE AND FABULOUS RECORD—plays nice well above the grade, label is discolored on both sides MB $500


76. The 5 Notes — "You Are So Beautiful/Broken Hearted Baby" JEN D no # M- PROMO COPY MB $400


77. The Five Satins — "In The Still Of The Nite/The Jones Girl" STANDORD 6106 VG AUTOGRAPHED on the A-side by LEAD SINGER FRED PARRIS, B-side has couple of small stains MB $100

78. Five Thrills — "My Baby's Gone/Feel So Good" PARROT 796 M-/VG+ Title is cut off MB $800

79. The Five Tinos — "Sitting By My Window/Don't Do That" SUN 222 VG+ MB $500


80. The Flamingos — "If I Can't Have You/Someday, Someway" CHANCE 1133 VG+ Faded wol MB $200


81. The Flamingos — "That's My Desire/Hurry Home Baby" CHANCE 1140 VG+ Xol MB $100

82. The Flamingos — "Golden Teardrops/Carried Away" CHANCE 1145 VG+ RED VINYL ALL TIME MASTERPIECE MB $500


83. The Flamingos — "Plan For Love/You Ain't Ready" CHANCE 1149 VG+ MB $200


84. The Flippers — "My Aching Heart/You Yakity Yak Too Much" FLIP 305 VG+ MB $100


85. Eddie Foster And The Blazers — "You Are The Only One/I Need Love" LYONS 108 M- MB $75


86. The Four Bars — "Grief By Day, Grief By Night/Hey Baby" J O Z 762 VG+ MB $75


87. The Four Buddies — "What's The Matter With Me?/Sweet Tooth For My Baby" SAVOY 866 M- MB $75


88. The Four Buddies — "My Mother's Eyes/Ooh Ow" SAVOY 888 M- MB $75


89. The Four Chevelles — "Forever/This Is Our Wedding Day" DELFT RECORDS INC. No # G Label slightly faded MB $50


90. The Four Chevelles — "I Can't Believe/I Know" BAND BOX 358 M-/VG+ MB $25

91. The Four Dots — "Strange As It Seems/Saturday Night Function" CASTLE 2006 M- RED VINYL MB $200


92. The Four Kinds — "Doo-Li-Op/Rose Of Tangier" FORTUNE 517 VG+/M- PURPLE LABEL THICK WAX FIRST PRESS MB $50

93. The Four Kings — "You Don't Mean Me Right/My Head Goes Acting Up" FORTUNE 811 M- MAROON LABEL MB $300


94. Ray Frazier And The Sharps — "My Son/Live Like A King" PLAYBACK 1198 VG+ With sticker stain on both labels MB $100


95. Freddie And The Quantrils — "If I Give My Heart To You/Thunderbird" KAREM 1003 VG MB $300


96. Little Freddy With The Rockets — "All My Love/Too Fat" CHIEF 33 VG- MB $50


97. The Gainors — "You Must Be An Angel/Follow Me" CAMEO 156 VG- MB $50

98. The Galaxys — "A Lover's Prayer/Jelly-Bean" CARTHAY 103 VG+ MB $500

99. Globeliters — "If I Were A King/I Know You Found Another Guy" VAN DYK 601 M-/VG+ 5¢ written on B-side label MB $400


100. The Golden Nuggets — "I Was A Fool (To Make You Cry)/Teenage Josephine" FUTURA 1691 VG RARE MB $300


101. The Goodfellows — "Another Chance/Pretty Little Girl" SUN-NEL 12779 VG Label is discolored MB $50


102. Little Guy And The Giants — "So Young/It's You" LAWN 103 VG- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

103. Gypsies — "Why/Young Girl To Calypso" ATLAS RECORDS 1073 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $300


104. Little Henry And The Shamrocks — "(Baby) Come To Me/The Ta Ta Song" ANDRE 702 M-/VG+ FIRST LABEL BEFORE ANDRE, sticker on the label on B-side MB $100


105. Patrick Henry And The Visions — "Go Wherever Rainbows Go/Jubilee" LARK 5262 VG- Xol on B-side MB $50


106. The Hepsters — "I Had To Let You Go/Rockin' N' Rollin' With Santa" RONEL 107 M- MB $200


107. Little Herbert And The Arabians — "Condition Your Heart/Bouncing Ball" TEEK 4824 M- Small writing on B-side label MB $100


108. Jimmy Higgins And The Original Magnificents — "Shattered Dreams/Upon The Mountain" VANDAN 8170 M- GOLD LABEL SAMPLE COPY MB $25


109. The Hollidays — "Got My Letter/The New Trucking" LYONS 107 VG+ MB $75


110. Lynn & Juanita With Hollins A Go-Gos — "Teenager's Love Letter/Come To Me" PINK CLOUDS 334 M- SUN RA MB $50


111. The Honeybees — "Kiss Me My Love/Give Your Love To Me" BEE 1101 VG Wol on both sides MB $50


112. Little Hooks & The Kings — "Count Your Blessings/How To Start A Romance" CENTURY 1300 VG+/M- Very FIRST RELEASE on this original label—before it went to Little Rich and finally to Chess MB $50

113. Willie Howard And The Chordells — "Letters Of Love/Louise" MASCOT 127 M- MB $400

114. Mary Hylor And Group — "We Walked Down The Aisle/Runnin' " EL-LOR 1058 M- With male backing group MB $300


115. The Idols — "You're Good For Me/That's The Game To Play" REDD-E 1017 VG RARE MB $100

116. The Incredible Upsetters — "Baby I'm Your Man/Only A Dream/My Life, My Loved One/Oo-Wah-Cha-Wah" AUDIO LAB 2046 M- MB $500


117. The Infascinations — "I'm So In Love/One Chance" CLAUWELL 004 M- VINYL pressing MB $25

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