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Pete Whelan's World-Class Jazz 78's collection, part 3: HIGHLIGHTS!

Closes Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 7:00 pm PT

Pete Whelan amassed a world class collection of Jazz and Blues 78's. He founded the Origin Jazz Library label in 1960 and 78 Quarterly in 1967.

Pete sold me his entire collection before he passed away in January 2023 at the age of 93. I am keeping some of the Blues records, but none of the Jazz. While I love Pre-War Jazz, I can't collect everything. Therefore, it is now my job to find new homes for all his great Jazz 78's.

Though my expertise is Blues, I feel I have graded Pete's Jazz records accurately. My highest grade is E+. I don't use New or N-. Therefore, anything I grade E+ should be perfect and could indeed be New Old Stock.

Since I grade very conservatively, you should be happy with your wins. If not, you will receive your money back. I think I have put fair (and even low) minimum bids on the records, so everyone has a chance.

PLEASE NOTE: This auction closes on Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 7:00 pm Pacific Time — DIFFERENT FROM VJM's AUCTION CLOSE DATE!!! Get your bids in early so you don't miss out.

This is the third Jazz auction from the legendary Pete Whelan collection. I plan to have one more after this one.

Pete Whelan's Jazz 78's collection auction, part 3, COMPLETE LIST

Printed (PDF) version of Pete Whelan's Jazz 78's collection auction, part 3

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1. King Brady's Clarinet Band — "Lazybone Blues / Embarassment Blues" GENNETT 6393E+ Grooves have some grain, but looks like new! RARE! MB $500

2. Frank Bunch And His Fuzzy Wuzzies — "Fuzzy Wuzzy / Sugar Foot Strut"GENNETT 6278E- ALL TIME JAZZ MASTERPIECE —Nice copy of GENUINE RARITY. MB $500

3. Frank Bunch And His Fuzzy Wuzzies — "Fourth Avenue Stomp / Congo Stomp" GENNETT 6293E Beautiful copy of Legendary Rarity! Very slight grain in the grooves. MB $500

4. Richard Jones' Jazz Wizards — "Hot And Ready / It's A Low Down Thing" PARAMOUNT 12705E- Tough one on Paramount! MB $500

5. Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals — "Stock Yards Strut / Salty Dog (Vocal by Papa Charlie Jackson)" PARAMOUNT 12399E Gorgeous copy of Legendary Jazz Rarity! "Salty Dog" is TAKE TWO.MB $1,000

6. Jelly Roll Morton's Incomparables / Fess Williams — "Mr. Jelly Lord / Wimmin Aaah!" GENNETT 3259V+ With tiny edge chip on B-side not into grooves, Very Rare MORTON DISC. MB $500

10. Lovie Austin And Her Blues Serenaders — "Steppin' On The Blues / Traveling Blues" PARAMOUNT 12255 E/E+ Her first recording and release. Lovie accom-panied Blues singers such as Ma Rainey, Ethel Waters, Ida Cox and Alberta Hunter.MB $300

11. Lovie Austin's Serenaders — "In The Alley Blues/Merry Makers Twine" PARAMOUNT 12391 V+ MB $50

17. Bubbling Over Five — "Get Up Off That Jazzophone/Don't Mistreat Your Good Girl" OKEH 8737 E- MB $200

20. Sonny Clay — "Mamma Likes To Do It/Lou" WHITE LABEL TEST PRESSING V ONLY COPY?? MB $100

21. Sonny Clay — "Punishing The Piano/Gang O' Blues" WHITE LABEL TEST PRESSING V ONLY COPY?? MB $100

22. Johnny Dodds' Washboard Band — "Bull Fiddle Blues/Blue Washboard Stomp" VICTOR 21552 E- MB $75

27. Eddie And Sugar Lou's Hotel Tyler Orchestra — "Cruel Mama Blues/Love Song Blues" VOCALION 1723 E MB $200

33. Ernie Golden & His Orch. — "Dirty Hot/My Baby Knows How" CHAMPION 16661 E+ Gorgeous, like new copy! MB $300

35. Frank Guarante's World Known Georgians — "Georgians Blues/Lonely Acres" Kalophon Records 401 E MB $200

36. Frank Guarante's World Known Georgians — "Hard-To-Get Gerty/Boneyard Shuffle" KALOPHON 403 E MB $200

37. Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra /JELLY ROLL MORTON — "My Sweetie Went Away (She Didn't Say Where—When—Or Why) / Muddy Water Blues" NATIONAL 1459 • E+ LEGENDARY JELLY ROLL MORTON RARITY! MB $400

38. Clarance M. Jones — "Hula Lou/Dearest Darling" AUTOGRAPH NO # V+ RARE MB $200

40. Clarence Jones And His Sock Four — "I've Got It All (If That's Any News To You)/Mid The Pyramids" PARAMOUNT 12716 E- Small edge chip on A-side but not near any grooves MB $300

44. Richard M. Jones Jazz Wizards — "Dusty Bottom Blues / Scagmore Queen"OKEH 8431E/E+Richard also recorded for Victor, Gennett and Paramount. MB $300

49. Kibbler's Kollegians — "Good News/Clementine From New Orleans" GENNETT 6341 E+ TOUGH MB $300

54. Glen Leitzke's Midnite Serenaders — "You're The One I Care For/Truly" BROADWAY 1425 E MB $200

56. The Louisiana Stompers — "Rough House Blues/Hop Off" PARAMOUNT 12550 E- MB $200

60. Jelly Roll Morton — "Thirty Fifth St. Blues/Mamanita" PARAMOUNT 12216 V RARE MB $100

61. Jelly Roll Morton — "Fat Meat And Greens/Sweetheart O' Mine" VOCALION 1019 V+ MB $100

66. Jelly-Roll Morton Trio — "That's Like It Ought To Be/My Little Dixie Home" VICTOR 38601 E- RARE MB $200

69. Norfolk Jazz Quartette — "Louisiana Bo Bo/Queen Street Rag" PARAMOUNT 12453 E- MB $200

70. Tiny Parham And His "Forty" Five — "Jim Jackson's Kansas City Blues/A Little Bit Close" PARAMOUNT 12586 E/E- RARE MB $300

72. Red Perkins And His Dixie Ramblers — "Hard Times Stomp/Minor Blues" CHAMPION 16288 V+ RARE! MB $200

73. Cliff Perrine & His Orch. — "Where's Elmer/Everything I Have Is Yours" CHAMPION 16721 E+ MB $300

74. Pickett-Parham Apollo Syncopators — "Alexander Where's That Band? / Mojo Strut" PARAMOUNT 12441E Leroy Pickett on Violin and Tiny Parham on Piano MB $400

75. Q R S Boys (Fat Pinchon At Piano) —"I've Seen My Baby (And It Won't Be Long Now)/Wiggle" Q R S 7062 V+ MB $100

76. Red Onion Jazz Babies — "Cake Walking Babies (From Home)/Of All The Wrongs You Did" GENNETT 5627 V+/E MB $200

79. Bud Richie And His Boys — "Slappin' The Bass/Rockin' Chair" CHAMPION 16109 V+ RARE MB $100

80. Everett Robbins — "A Triflin' Daddy's Blues/You Didn't Want Me When I Wanted You" AUTOGRAPH No # E- With repaired edge chip, not into grooves MB $200

81. Luis Russell's Heebie Jeebie Stompers — "Dolly Mine/Sweet Mumtaz" OKEH 8454 E SCARCE MB $300

85. The Savannah Syncopators — "Snag It/Sugar Foot Stomp" BRUNSWICK 3361 E+ MB $200

86. Stanley Saxton — "Racing Rhythms/Don't Leave Me" STANLEY RECORDING CO. E- RARE MB $100

89. Arthur Sims And His Creole Roof Orchestra — "How Do You Like It Blues?/Soapstick Blues" OKEH 8373 E- TOUGH MB $200

91. State Street Ramblers — "Tiger Moan/Kentucky Blues" SAVOY 503 V+ RARE ONE MB $100

94. Joe Sullivan — "Onyx Bringdown/Old Fashioned Love" COLUMBIA 2925 V+ BLUE WAX RARITY MB $100