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February 23, 2023 Daniel Levine
Pre-War Blues 78's Auction,
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Closes Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 at 7:00 pm PT

Dear Friends,

Daniel Levine was a long-time friend of mine. We talked several times a month about records. He passed away suddenly a year ago.

Daniel's will gave me first option to buy his collection and I did!

I have chosen to compile just ONE GREAT auction from his records and THIS IS IT!

Daniel loved Blues AND Gospel so there will be a bit of Gospel on this auction, as well as many great Blues classics and some super rarities!

There will be some titles here that rarely come up for auction these days.

To avoid disappointment, please use my call back system. Inform me if you'd like a call-back to tell you of the current top bids on records you want. Then you decide if you want to go higher or not.

E+ is the highest grade used. This is the old-time 78 grading system and I am very strict.

Enjoy the list and good luck to all!

Rest in peace, Daniel.

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Daniel Levine February 23rd Pre-War Blues 78's auction highlights

Printed (PDF) version of Daniel Levine February 23rd Pre-War Blues 78's auction

How to bid on my Monthly Auctions

88. Papa Charlie Jackson — "Scoodle Um Skoo/What's That Thing She's Shakin' " OKEH 8954 E+ MB $1,000


89. Alec Johnson With THE MISSISSIPPI SHEIKS — "Miss Meal Cramp Blues/Sundown Blues" COLUMBIA 14446 E+ MB $500


90. Big Bill Johnson aka BIG BILL BROONZY — "Skoodle Do Do/Papa's Gettin' Hot" CHAMPION 16015 V+ MB $300

91. Johnson And Smith aka BIG BILL BROONZY — "Brown Skin Shuffle/Stove Pipe Stomp" CHAMPION 40074 E- MB $300


92. Big Bill Johnson aka BIG BILL BROONZY — "Mr. Conductor Man/Big Bill Blues" CHAMPION 50060 E-/V+ MB $200


93. Big Bill Johnson aka BIG BILL BROONZY — "Too Too Train/Mistreatin' Mama" CHAMPION 50069 E-/V+ MB $200

94. Tommy Johnson — "Cool Drink Of Water Blues / Big Road Blues" VICTOR 21279 V+ MASTERPIECE! MB $2,000

95. Blind Willie Johnson — "I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole/Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed" COLUMBIA 14276 E MB $500

96. Blind Willie Johnson — "I'm Gonna Run To The City Of Refuge / Jesus Is Coming Soon" COLUMBIA 14391 E+ Clean Blind Willie Johnson 78's are HARD to find . . . lots of used ones out there, but try to find them E or better!!! MB $1,000

97. Blind Willie Johnson — "Lord I Just Can't Keep From Crying / Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning" COLUMBIA 14425 E+ MB $1,000


98. Blind Willie Johnson — "Let Your Light Shine On Me/God Don't Never Change" COLUMBIA 14490 E- MB $800

99. Blind Willie Johnson — "God Moves On The Water/Take Your Burden To The Lord" COLUMBIA 14520 E MB $800


100. Blind Willie Johnson — "Can't Nobody Hide From God/If It Had Not Been For Jesus" COLUMBIA 14556 E- MB $500

101. Jack Kelly And His South Memphis Jug Band — "Highway No. 61 Blues / Red Ripe Tomatoes" PERFECT 0254 E/E- MB $800


102. Huddie Leadbelly — "Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On/Don't You Love Your Daddy No More?" BLUEBIRD 8550 E+ MB $100


103. Huddie Leadbelly — "Alberta/T. B. Blues" BLUEBIRD 8559 E+ MB $100

104. Furry Lewis — "Rock Island Blues/Everybody's Blues" VOCALION 1111 V PLAYS GREAT MB $500

105. Robert Lockwood — "I'm Gonna Train My Baby / Black Spider Blues"BLUEBIRD 8877 E+ MB $1,000

106. Moses Mason — "Judgement Day In The Morning/Red Cross The Disciple Of Christ Today" PARAMOUNT 12601 E MB $500


107. Tommy McClennan — "Bottle It Up And Go/Whiskey Head Woman" BLUEBIRD 8373 E MB $200


108. Hallelujah Joe aka JOE McCOY — "The Prodigal's Return/If I Be Lifted Up" DECCA 7047 E MB $200


109. Hallelujah Joe aka JOE McCOY — "Don't Need No Doctor When I Come To Die/That Great" DECCA 7118 E MB $200


110. Hallelujah Joe And Congregation aka JOE McCoy — "Dry Bones In The Valley/Highway 61" DECCA 7802 E- MB $100


111. Rev. F. W. McGee And Congrega-tion — "Jonah In The Belly Of The Whale/With His Stripes We Are Healed" VICTOR 20773 V+ MB $50


112. Rev. F. W. McGee — "The Crooked Made Straight/Babylon Is Falling Down" VICTOR 21090 E+/E MB $100

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