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February 23, 2023 Daniel Levine
Pre-War Blues 78's Auction,
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Closes Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 at 7:00 pm PT

Dear Friends,

Daniel Levine was a long-time friend of mine. We talked several times a month about records. He passed away suddenly a year ago.

Daniel's will gave me first option to buy his collection and I did!

I have chosen to compile just ONE GREAT auction from his records and THIS IS IT!

Daniel loved Blues AND Gospel so there will be a bit of Gospel on this auction, as well as many great Blues classics and some super rarities!

There will be some titles here that rarely come up for auction these days.

To avoid disappointment, please use my call back system. Inform me if you'd like a call-back to tell you of the current top bids on records you want. Then you decide if you want to go higher or not.

E+ is the highest grade used. This is the old-time 78 grading system and I am very strict.

Enjoy the list and good luck to all!

Rest in peace, Daniel.

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Daniel Levine February 23rd Pre-War Blues 78's auction highlights

Printed (PDF) version of Daniel Levine February 23rd Pre-War Blues 78's auction

How to bid on my Monthly Auctions

148. Washington Phillips — "I've Got The Key To The Kingdom/A Mother's Last Word To Her Daughter" COLUMBIA 14511 E- MB $500


149. Charlie Pickett — "Crazy 'Bout My Black Gal/Trembling Blues" DECCA 7762 E- With 1 1/2" hair crack MB $50


150. Ma Rainey — "Little Low Mama Blues/Grievin' Hearted Blues" PARAMOUNT 12419 E Small tol on A-side MB $300


151. Ma Rainey — "New Bo-Weavil Blues/Moonshine Blues" PARAMOUNT 12603 E- MB $300


152. Elder Oscar Sanders And Congregation — "I Have A Mind To Live Right/Happy Am I" MELOTONE 7-04-54 E MB $100


153. Irene Scruggs — "I Want You To Give Me Some/My Back To The Wall" CHAMPION 16148 V+ CLASSIC!!! Label slightly faded MB $200

154. Mississippi Sheiks — "Sitting On Top Of The World No. 2/Times Done Got Hard" OKEH 8854 E+ MB $800

155. Mississippi Sheiks — "The World Is Going Wrong / I've Got Blood In My Eyes" COLUMBIA 14660 E+ RARE MB $2,000


156. Bessie Smith — "Hateful Blues/Frankie Blues" COLUMBIA 14023 E-/E MB $50


157. Bessie Smith — "Sing Sing Prison Blues/Dying Gamblers Blues" COLUMBIA 14051 E+ MB $100


158. Bessie Smith — "Blue Spirit Blues/Worn Out Papa Blues" COLUMBIA 14527 E/E+ MB $300


159. Clara Smith — "Oh! Mister Mitchell/Where Is My Man" COLUMBIA 14536 E- MB $100


160. Southern Sanctified Singers — "Where He Leads Me, I Will Follow/Soon We'll Gather" BRUNSWICK 7074 E- MB $75

161. Frank Stokes — " 'Taint Nobody's Business – Part 1 / Part 2" VICTOR 38500 E MASTERPIECE MB $3,000


162. Stove Pipe No. 1 — "Lord Don't You Know I Have No Friend Like You/I've Got Salvation In My Heart" COLUMBIA 210 E- MB $200


163. Blind Joe Taggart — "Just Beyond Jordan/Take Your Burden To The Lord" VOCALION 1061 E- MB $300

164. Blind Joe Taggart And James Taggart — "Keep On The Firing Line/The Half Ain't Never Been Told" VOCALION 1070 E- MB $300


165. Rev. H. R. Tomlin — "You Can Tell The World About This/Lord I Just Can't Help From Crying" COLUMBIA 14346 E- MB $75

166. George Torey — "Married Woman Blues / Lonesome Man Blues" MELOTONE 7-08-57 E/E+ MASTERPIECE MB $2,000

167. Henry Townsend — "Mistreated Blues / Poor Man Blues" COLUMBIA 14491E+MB $1,500


168. Welly Trice — "Come On In Here Mama/Let Her Go God Bless Her" DECCA 7358 V+ MB $100


169. Rich Trice — "Come On Baby/Trembling Bed Springs Blues" DECCA 7701 E- MB $100

170. Rev. I. B. Ware With Wife And Son — "You Better Quit Drinking Shine / I Wouldn't Mind Dying (But I Gotta Go By Myself)" VOCALION 1235V+ MASTERPIECE MB $1,500

171. Curley Weaver — "Sweet Petunia/No No Blues" COLUMBIA 14386 E MB $500

172. Curly Weaver With BLIND WILLIE McTELL — "Sometime Mama / Two Faced Woman" CHAMPION 50065E+ MB $800


173. Curly Weaver — "Sometime Mama/Two Faced Woman" DECCA 7906 E Same as the CHAMPION above, but much more affordable MB $400


174. Rev. T. E. Weems And Members Of His Congregation — "You Better Leave That Liar Alone/If You Follow Jesus" COLUMBIA 14469 E MB $100


175. Peetie Wheatstraw With CHARLEY JORDAN — "Sleepless Nights' Blues/C And A Blues" VOCALION 04592 E/E- MB $100

176. Robert Wilkins — "Rolling Stone_Part 1 / Part 2" VICTOR 21741V+ MB $1,000

177. Henry Williams And Eddie Anthony — "Georgia Crawl/Lonesome Blues" COLUMBIA 14328 E/E+ MB $500

178. Rabbits Foot Williams aka SAM COLLINS — "I'm Gonna Cross That River Of Jordan Some O' These Days / I Want To Be Like Jesus In My Heart" SILVERTONE 5172E/E- Label slightly faded, MASTERPIECE! MB $1,000


179. Sonny Boy Williamson — "Early In The Morning/Project Highway" BLUEBIRD 7302 E-/E MB $100

180. Sonny Boy Williamson — "Up The Country Blues/Collector Man Blues" BLUEBIRD 7428 E/E- MB $100

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