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John buys the World's Rarest 78 rpm record!!

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November 19th Blues Auction-text, page 3
Closes Thursday, November 19th 2020 at 7 pm PT

Pre-War & Post War Blues 78's
1950's Blues 45's Auction!
All Original, All Collectible!

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Post War Blues 78's:

144. Dickie Adams And His Orchestra — "Rock It Little Daddy/Indiana Blues" EBONY 1013 V+ GREAT AND RARE JUMP BLUES MB $25

145. Dave Bartholomew — "High Flying Woman/Stormy Weather" KING 4585 E MB $25

146. Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown — "Boogie Uproar/Hurry Back Good News" PEACOCK 1617 E+ #ol MB $50

147. Roy Brown And His Mighty Mighty Men — "Travelin' Man/Hurry Hurry Baby" KING 4602 E+ MB $25

148. Ruth Brown — "Have A Good Time/Daddy Daddy" ATLANTIC 973 E+ MB $25

149. Goree Carter — "Let's Rock/Everybody's Love Crazy" SITTIN' IN WITH 556 E+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

150. Pee Wee Crayton — "Cool Evening/Have You Lost Your Love For Me" MODERN 892 E+ MB $25

151. Monte Easter And His Band — "After Dark/Just A-Rockin'" ALADDIN 3221 E+ A-side has vocal by Monte Easter MB $20

152. Billy Ford And His Combo — "Stop Lyin' On Me/A String Of Pearls" J O Z 775 E MB $20

153. Slim Green — "Baby I Love You/Tricky Woman Blues" MURRAY 501 E SUPER RARE LOS ANGELES LABEL!! Usually they are whipped and cracked. This one has a TINY 1 inch hair crack that is barely visible. MB $150

154. "Peppermint" Harris — "Right Back On It/Maggie's Boogie" ALADDIN 3130 E Check out the BLUE VINYL copy of this in the 45 rpm section of this auction! (#261) It's the Only known copy on BLUE VINYL! MB $20

155. Wynonie Harris — "Good Morning Judge/Stormy Night Blues" KING 4378 E+ MB $25

156. Wynonie Harris — "Bloodshot Eyes/Confessin' The Blues" KING 4461 E- MB $10

157. Wynonie Harris — "Greyhound/Rot-Gut" KING 4592 E+ MB $20

158. Wynonie Harris — "The Deacon Don't Like It/Song Of The Bayou" KING 4635 E TOUGH ONE MB $20

159. Baby Face Leroy — "Rollin' And Tumblin' Part 1/Part 2" PARKWAY 501 • E+With MUDDY WATERS, and LITTLE WALTER! Post War MASTERPIECE and one of the TOP TEN great records of the period. Very few clean copies exist! MB $2500

160. Jimmy Liggins And His 3-D Music — "Drunk/I'll Never Let You Go" SPECIALTY 470 V+ MB $10

161. Willie Mabon And His Combo — "I'm Mad/Night Latch" CHESS 1538 E MB $20

162. Lucky Millinder — "Silent George/Oh Babe!" KING 4418 E A-side vocal by Myra Johnson, B-side vocal by WYNONIE HARRIS MB $20

163. Roy Milton And His Solid Senders — "Big Fat Mama/Thrill Me" SPECIALTY 518 E+ Very hard to find this clean—most of the time, it shows up wiped out from play. MB $25

164. Roy Milton And His Solid Senders — "So Tired/Thelma Lou" SPECIALTY 429 E+ MB $20

165. Memphis Minnie — "Kissing In The Dark/World Of Trouble" J.O.B. 1101 E+ Great one from the Post War era by the Queen of Pre-War Blues MB $200

166. Freddie Mitchell Orch. — "Roll 'Em Boogie/Louise" DERBY 747 E+ MB $25

167. Rev. "Gatemouth" Moore And His Congregation — "The Bible's Being Fulfilled Every Day/Glory, Glory" ARISTOCRAT 905 E+ RARE ONE ON ARISTOCRAT MB $200

168. Joe Morris And His Orchestra — "Easy Riff/The Applejack" ATLANTIC 866 E Tough to find early, early Atlantic release MB $25

169. Joe Morris And his Orchestra — "Wow!/Weasel Walk" ATLANTIC 870 V+ A-side has Vocal by Joe—tough early Atlantic # MB $20

170. Manhattan Paul With The Three Riffs — "Hard Ridin' Mama/I Wish I Didn't Love You So" ATLANTIC 868 V+ Cleanest copy I've ever seen—all others have been wiped nearly completely. This was apparently a HUGE Jukebox record and just got played to death. MB $20

171. Dan Pickett — "Number Writer/Lemon Man" GOTHAM 516 E+ GREAT ONE MB $100

172. Todd Rhodes Orchestra — "Bell-Boy Boogie/Flying Disc" VITA'COUSTIC 1001 E TOUGH to find clean—most copies juked out MB $20

173. Jimmie Rushing — "She's Mine, She's Yours/Somebody's Spoiling These Women" KING 4606 E MB $20

174. Alonzo Scales — "My Baby Likes To Shuffle/She's Gone" WING 90020 E+ Really fabulous Rockin' Blues MB $100

175. Mabel Scott — "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus/That Ain't The Way To Love" SWING TIME 329 E MB $20

176. Pine Top Slim And His Guitar — "Applejack Boogie/I'm Gonna Carry On" COLONIAL 106 E+ Great one MB $300

177. Sunny Land Slim And His Sunnyland Boys — "Hard Times/School Days"TEMPO-TONE 1001 E+LEGENDARY LABEL AND BLUES RARITY from CHICAGO!!! Very few copies exist. Vocals by FLOYD JONES—BLUES MASTERPIECE! MB $2500

178. Sunnyland Slim With Muddy Waters — "She Ain't Nowhere/My Baby, My Baby" ARISTOCRAT 1304 E+ Gorgeous copy—usually found juked out MB $400

179. Joe Turner — "I Don't Dig It/I Saw A Star" EXCELSIOR 533 E+ TOUGH ONE TO FIND BY HIM MB $50

180. Vivian Verson And Jimmy Smith With Red Calhoun — "Payday Lover/I Want To Know" J-B 602 E- MB $50

181. Eddie Vinson — "Kidney Stew Blues/Old Maid Boogie" MERCURY 8028 E MB $20

182. Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson — "My Big Brass Bed Is Gone/Eddie's Bounce" KING 4381 E- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

183. Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson — "I Need You Tonight/Good Bread Alley" KING 4563 E WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

184. Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson — "Lonesome Train/Person To Person" KING 4582 E+ MB $25

185. Skeetz Van And His Orchestra — "Bronzeville Swing/Come Back To Sorrento" ARISTOCRAT 3301 E+ #ol MB $50

186. Little Walter J. — "Ora-Nelle Blues/I Just Keep Loving Her"ORA NELLE 711 E+ CLASSIC MB $600

187. Muddy Waters — "Streamlined Woman/Muddy Jumps One" ARISTOCRAT 1310 E+ MB $400

188. Muddy Waters And His Guitar — "Looking For My Baby/Please Have Mercy" CHESS 1514 E+ GORGEOUS UNPLAYED COPY MB $150

189. Billy Williams And His Band — "Shout `N' Rock/The Blues That Jack Built" ATLANTIC 862 E+ Rare super early ATLANTIC release MB $100

190. Gus Young And His Orchestra — "When A Woman Loves A Man/Bop Special" COLEMAN 108 E+ MB $25

191. Johnny Young And His Mandolin — "Worried Man Blues/Money Talking Woman" ORA NELLE 712 E+ MB $400

192. Man Young With Snooky & Johnny — "My Baby Walked Out On Me/Let Me Ride Your Mule" OLD SWING MASTER 19 E Chicago Classic with Snooky Pryor MB $200


Post War Blues / R&B / Jump Blues 45's:

193. Jesse Allen — "Dragnet/Take It Easy" BAYOU 011 M- Rare, nice and clean!!! MB $250

194. Jimmy Anderson — "I Wanna' Boogie/Angel Please" ZYNN 1014 M- Original First Label, True First Pressing on Original Label before nationwide release on Dot MB $25

195. Sonny Blake — "Big Four/Thank God, Calley Wasn't Black" CMC 1013 M- MB $20

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