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June 4th Auction Blues Auction, pix, page 1
Closes Thursday, June 4th 2020 at 7 pm PT

RARE Blues 45's Auction!
All Original, All Collectible!

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1. Angel Face With Frank Motley & His Crew — "Don't Ever Leave Me/When The Saints Go Marching In" BIG TOWN 114 M- Small tol near center hole, RARE Female Blues MB $50

2. Don Archer — "Fathead Blues/Georgia Blues" ALLEN 1001 VG Tough to find on 45 rpm!!! Plays FANTASTIC MB $50


3. Bob Arlin — "East L.A./Pearl Of My Heart" OLYMPIA No # 25.00 MB $25


4. Billy Boy (Arnold) — "I Wish You Would/I Was Fooled" VEE-JAY 146 VG- Chicago classic, plays GREAT! MB $10


5. Billy Boy (Arnold) — "Here's My Picture/You've Got Me Wrong" VEE-JAY 192 VG/VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO, plays fabulous MB $10


6. Jimmy B. — "False Love/The Big Al Walk" DYMO 4263 M- Xol on B-side MB $20


7. Willie B. — "Bad Mouthin'/This I Gotta See" TERRI 5001 VG+ MB $20

8. Willie Baker — "Before She Leaves Town/Goin' Back Home Today" DE LUXE 6023 M- Tol on one side only—RARE MB $200

9. Dave Bartholomew — "Country Gal/Snatchin' Back" BAYOU 005 M- Tiny pressing flaw on B-side that ticks for a couple spins MB $200


10. Dave Bartholomew — "Honky Tonk Trumpet/A Sunday Kind Of Love" IMPERIAL 5835 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


11. Otis Blackwell — "When You're Around/Make Ready For Love" ATLANTIC 1165 M- MB $20

12. The Blue Flamers — "Watch On/Driving Down The Highway" EXCELLO 2026 • MINT FANTASTIC ROCKIN' BLUES MB $300

13. Connie Mack Booker — "Love Me Pretty Baby/All Alone" R P M 401 M- GREAT ROCKIN' BLUES MB $200


14. Eddie Boyd And His Chess Men — "That's When I Miss You So/Tortured Soul" CHESS 1552 M- MB $30


15. Eddie Boyd And His Chess Men — "The Story Of Bill/Please Help Me" CHESS 1582 M- MB $30


16. Eddie Boyd And His Chess Men — "Hush Baby, Don't You Cry/Came Home This Morning" CHESS 1573 M- MB $30


17. Eddie Boyd And His Chess Men — "The Nightmare Is Over/Real Good Feeling" CHESS 1595 VG+ MB $10


18. Eddie Boyd And His Chess Men — "I'm A Prisoner/I've Been Deceived" CHESS 1606 M- MB $30


19. Eddie Boyd And His Chess Men — "Don't/Life Gets To Be A Burden" CHESS 1621 VG+ MB $10


20. Eddie Boyd — "I Got A Woman/Hotel Blues" CHESS 1660 M- MB $30

21. Clay Braddy — "New Kind Of Feelin'/Royal Peacock Boogie" DECCA 48247 M- MB $100

22. Tiny Bradshaw — "The Train Kept A-Rollin'/Knockin' Blues" KING 4497-AA VG+ All Time Classic! Plays M- MB $50

23. John Brim And His Gary Kings — "Go Away/That Ain't Right" CHESS 1588 M- GREAT MB $100

24. Danny Brown — "Standing On The Corner/Chewing Gum" EARTH 702 M- Great Rockin' Blues MB $50


25. Floyd Brown With Charles Brown At The Piano — "I Wanna Go Home/Can I Have A Word" ACE 8004 M- MB $25

26. Cliff Butler — "No Faith In You/You Name It" FAVORITE 600 M-/VG MB $75


27. Cliff Butler And His Band — "Rent's Too High/Fool" KIT RECORDS 885 VG/VG+ TOUGH MB $50


28. Cliff Butler — "Lover's Plea/Shame On You" EXCELLO 2126 M- MB $30


29. Cliff Butler — "Devoted To You/That's How I Go For You" NASCO 6010 M- MB $20


30. Little Caesar — "Can't Stand It All Alone/Big Eyes" BIG TOWN 106 MINT MB $30


31. Little Caesar — "(The Rat Song) Wonder Why I'm Leaving/What Kind Of Fool Is He" BIG TOWN 110 MINT MB $30


32. Charlie-O — "Love Me, Love My Dog/Tender Love" OKEH 7082 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, very obscure MB $20

33. Little Cooper And The Drifters — "Evening Train/Moving Slow" STEVENS 105 M- FABULOUS MB $100

34. Bobby Crafford And The Pacers — "Wee Wee Hours/It's A Sin" VADEN 303 VG- PLAYS FABULOUS!!! Super scarce Blues on mostly Country/Rockabilly label from Trumann, Arkansas MB $50


35. Sugar Boy Crawford — "She Gotta Wobble (When She Walks)/You Gave Me Love" IMPERIAL 5424 M- White label promo MB $25

36. Pee Wee Crayton — "Cool Evening/Have You Lost Your Love For Me" MODERN 892 M- RARE EARLY ONE ON 45 RPM MB $200


37. Pee Wee Crayton With The Carroll County Boys — "Dizzy/Crazy Eagle" FLAIR 1061 M- TOUGH MB $75


38. Pee Wee Crayton — "Yours Truly/Be Faithful" IMPERIAL 5353 M- MB $25


39. Cleveland Crochet — "Sugar Bee/Drunkard's Dream" GOLDBAND 1106 M- CLASSIC MB $25


40. George Cromwell — "Washed Up/Oh Darling Mine" BRUNSWICK 55131 MINT YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $50


41. "Scat Man" Crothers — "Rock, Roma, Rock It/Take Your Time" CHALLENGE 59028 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO, wol, Plays fantastic MB $25


42. Larry Dale — "Rock A While/The Things I Used To Do" FIRE 2022 M- RARE MB $50


43. Larry Dale — "Let Your Love Run To Me/Let The Doorbell Ring" GLOVER 208 VG+ MB $20

44. Carmen Davis — "No, No Baby/Your Kiss" MIDDLE-TONE 009 M- Obscure Female Blues on SCARCE Los Angeles label, known mostly for rare Vocal Group records MB $100


45. Maxwell Davis With Marshall Royal — "Little White Lies/Don't Worry About Me" SWING TIME 313 M- MB $30


46. Billy Dawn — "This Way To Love/Don't Make Me Lose My Love For You" HULL 715 VG+ MB $20


47. Sugarpie DeSanto With Pee Wee Kingsley Band — "I Want To Know/Baby It Ain't Right" VELTONE 103 M- MB $20

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