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My FINAL Pete Whelan World-Class Jazz 78's collection, part 4: COMPLETE LIST!

Closes Tuesday, June 30, 2024 at 7:00 pm PT

Yes, you read that rightone year after I started offering Jazz 78's from Mr. Whelan's collection, this is the end of it. While I'm sad to see his world class collection broken up and scattered across the world, I think Mr. Whelan would be happy to see his records go to good homes.

Unless I somehow come across more great Jazz records, this will be it for me — except for always buying and selling great Blues records!

I feel I have graded Pete's Jazz records accurately. My highest grade is E+. I don't use New or N-. Therefore, anything I grade E+ should be perfect and could indeed be New Old Stock.

Since I grade very conservatively, you should be happy with your wins. If not, you will receive your money back. I think I have put fair (and even low) minimum bids on the records, so that everyone has a chance.

This is your LAST chance to own these GREAT records from Mr. Whelan's collection so bid like you want to win them! And get your bids in early so you don't miss out.

PLEASE NOTE: This auction closes on Tuesday, July 30, 2024 at 7:00 pm Pacific Time — DIFFERENT FROM VJM's AUCTION CLOSE DATE!!!

Pete Whelan amassed a world class collection of Jazz and Blues 78's. He founded the Origin Jazz Library label in 1960 and 78 Quarterly in 1967.

Pete sold me his entire collection before he passed away in January 2023 at the age of 93. I am keeping some of the Blues records, but none of the Jazz. While I love Pre-War Jazz, I can't collect everything. Therefore, it is now my job to find new homes for all his great Jazz 78's.

Though my expertise is Blues, I feel I have graded Pete's Jazz records accurately. My highest grade is E+. I don't use New or N-. Therefore, anything I grade E+ should be perfect and could indeed be New Old Stock.

Since I grade very conservatively, you should be happy with your wins. If not, you will receive your money back. I think I have put fair (and even low) minimum bids on the records, so everyone has a chance.

Pete Whelan's FINAL Jazz 78's collection auction, part 4, HIGHLIGHTS

Printed (PDF) version of Pete Whelan's FINAL Jazz 78's collection auction, part 4

How to bid on my Monthly Auctions

1. Dixie Four — "Saint Louis Man / Kentucky Stomp" PARAMOUNT 12661 E/E- RARE!!! And beautiful condition! MB $400

2. Dixie-Land Thumpers — "Weary Way Blues / There'll Come A Day" PARAMOUNT 12525 V+ Another rare Paramount Jazz masterpiece! MB $300

3. Clarence Jones Orch. / Beverly Syncopaters — "Hold It Boy Blues / Sugar" PARAMOUNT 12747 E- Paramount Jazz masterpiece MB $300

4. King Mutt And His Tennessee Thumpers — "Nut House Stomp / Maxwell Street Stomp" GENNETT 6796 V Rare and Desirable Gennett Electrobeam Jazz MB $300

5. Perry And His Stomp Band — "Ash Can Stomp / Muddy Water" BLACK PATTI 8037 V- Two known copies??? Maybe . . . MB $500

6. Lawrence Welk's Novelty Orch. — "Spiked Beer / Shanghai Honeymoon" GURNEY 20341 E+/E Not your mother's Lawrence Welk! RARE!!! MB $500

7. Carl Allen's Rendezvous Orchestra — "Oh Baby/Oriental Love Dreams" HOLLYWOOD 1004 V- RARE MB $50

8. Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards — "Struggling/Little Bits" VOCALION 1035 E-/E+ SCARCE!!! MB $200

9. Blythe And Burton — "Block And Tackle Blues/Dustin' The Keys" GENNETT 6502 E/E+ MB $200

10. Blythe And Clark — "Bow To Your Papa/Don't Break Down" CHAMPION 16451 E- MB $150

11. James Blythe — "Chicago Stomps /Armour Ave. Struggle" PARAMOUNT 12207 E+/E TOUGH MB $300

12. James Blythe — "Fat Meat And Greens/Jimmie Blues" PARAMOUNT 12304 E-/V+ MB $75

13. Blythe's Washboard Band — "Buddy Burton's-Jazz/Bohunkas Blues" PARAMOUNT 12386 V+ Catalog number has been rubbed out MB $50

14. Jimmy Blythe And His Ragamuffins — "Messin Around /Adam's Apple"PARAMOUNT 12376 E-/E MB $200

15. Jimmy Blythe's Washboard Wizards — "Oriental Man/My Baby" VOCALION 1180 V+ MB $75

16. Booker Orchestra — "Salty Dog/Camp Nelson Blues" GENNETT 6375 V MB $50

17. Perry Bradford's Jazz Phools — "Fade Away Blues/Dry Break Blues" CLAXTONOLA 40255 E-/V+ MB $25

18. Perry Bradford's Jazz Phools — "Lucy Long/I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle" VOCALION 15165 V MB $25

19. The Capitolians — "I've Waited A Lifetime For You/Am I Blue?" METRO GOLDWYN MAYER 1038 E- MB $50

20. Francis J. Carter — "I Wonder What's Become Of Joe?/The Birth Of The Blues" OKEH 40693 E+ MB $100

21. Challenge Dance Orchestra — "What A Wonderful Wedding That Will Be/Yearning For Mandalay" CHALLENGE 805 E- MB $25

22. The Chicago Hot Five — "You Can Depend On Me/Oh What A Thrill" VICTOR 23326 V+ MB $75

23. The Chicago Hottentots — "All Night Shags/Put Me In The Alley" VOCALION 1008 V MB $25

24. The Chicago Rhythm Kings — "You Battle-Head Beetle-Head/It's Too Bad (When The Sisters Start Truckin' Around)" VOCALION 03208 V+ MB $50

25. The Chicago Stompers — "Wild Man Stomp/Stomp You Stuff" CHAMPION 16297 V+ MB $100

26. Axel Christensen — "The Girl I Kissed On The Stairs/Teasing The Classics" BELVEDERE 11199 V- Rare label MB $25

27. Sonny Clay's Plantation Orchestra — "Slow Motion Blues/California Stomp" VOCALION 1050 V MB $25

28. Junie C. Cobb And His Grains Of Corn — "Don't Cry Honey/Shake That Jelly Roll" VOCALION 1263 V+ MB $75

29. Junie C. Cobb And His Grains Of Corn — "Boot That Thing/Smoke Shop Drag" VOCALION 1269 V+ MB $75

30. James Cole's Washboard Four — "Runnin' Wild/Sweet Lizzie" CHAMPION 40047 E- With repaired hairline crack to the label MB $50

31. Cookie Gingersnaps — "Love Found You For Me/As Long As I Have You" OKEH 40675 V MB $25

32. Cookie's Gingersnaps — "Messin' Around/Baby O' Mine" OKEH 8390 V+/V MB $25

33. The Cova Cavaliers — "Have A Little Faith In Me/Right Or Wrong I'm Still In Love With You" Q. R. S. 1000 E- MB $50

34. Chas. Creath's Jazz-O-Maniacs — "I Woke Up Cold In Hand/My Daddy Rocks Me" OKEH 8217 V MB $25

35. Dixie Four — "South Side Stomp/Five O'Clock Stomp" PARAMOUNT 12674 V+ Has some stressed grooves MB $75

36. The Dixie Stompers — "Snag It/Ain't She Sweet" DIVA 2353 V+/E- MB $25

37. Bert Fisk And His Orchestra — "Oh! Lady, Be Good/Twilight" SUNSET 1097 V+ MB $25

38. The Georgians — "Cock-A-Doodle, I'm Off My Noodle, My Baby's Back/Frisco Bay" COLUMBIA 923 V+ MB $25

39. The Gilmore Sisters — "Some Of These Days/Rockin' Chair" VICTOR 23316 E MB $25

40. Golden Gate Orchestra/Barry Trimble And His Oklahomans — "Song Of The Blues/Where The Sweet Forget-Me-Nots Remember" HARMONY 958 V+ MB $20

41. Jimmy Green And His Orchestra/John Martin And His Orchestra — "Whistling In The Dark/Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone" BROADWAY 1448 V+ MB $20

42. Glenn Hardman — "Sophisticated Lady/Stormy Weather" CHAMPION 16649 E MB $75

43. Robert C. Haring And His Orchestra — "We Two/Dawn" GOLDEN DAWN GEMS 1 E MB $25

44. The Harmonians/Barth's Mississippians — "There's A Rainbow `Round My Shoulder/I Can't Get Enough" HARMONY 749 V+ MB $20

45. The Harmonians — "Monna Vanna/Along Came Sweetness" HARMONY 802 V+ MB $20

46. Harlan Hasty And His Orch. — "Good Night Sweet-Heart/You Rascal You" SUPERIOR 2759 V With three inch internal hair crack, RARE MB $25

47. Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra — "Swamp Blues/Off To Buffalo" PARAMOUNT 12486 V+ MB $100

48. Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra — "Sugar Foot Stomp/Clarinet Marmalade" COLUMBIA 2513 E/E+ BLUE WAX MB $200

49. Bud Jackson's Swanee Serenaders — "Messin' Around/Heebie Jeebies" BRUNSWICK 3351 E MB $25

50. Dewey Jackson's Peacock Orchestra/Floyd Campbell — "Go'won To Town/What Do You Want Poor Me To Do" VOCALION 1039 V+ MB $100

51. Dewey Jackson's Peacock Orchestra — "She's Cryin' For Me/Capitol Blues" VOCALION 1040 E+ VOCALION MUSKEGON, WHITE LABEL TEST PRESSING, tight hairline crack MB $100

52. Jelly James & His Fewsicians — "Georgia Bo-Bo/Make Me Know It" GENNETT 6045 V RARE MB $200

53. Speed Jefferies And His Night Owls — "Georgia Grind/Wild Man Stomp" SUPERIOR 2648 E/E- MB $150

54. Speed Jefferies And His Night Owls — "Kentucky Blues /Me And The Blues" SUPERIOR 2670 • E- MB $200

55. Speed Jefferies And His Night Owls — "Stomp Your Stuff/Sick 'Em Tiger" SUPERIOR 2728 V MB $75

56. Graveyard Johnson And His Gang — "I Want To Get It/Shake Your Shimmy" SUPERTONE 9432 V MB $50

57. James P. Johnson/F.H. Henderson — "The Harlem Strut/Unknown Blues" BLACK SWAN 2026 V+ With repaired 1/2 inch edge crack MB $50

58. J. C. Johnson And His Five Hot Sparks — "Red Hot Tottentot/Crying For You" Q R S 7064 V MB $50

59. Jimmy Johnson — "What Is This Thing Called Love?/Crying For The Car" BRUNSWICK 4712 E/E+ MB $50

60. Jimmy Johnson — "Jingles/You've Got To Be Modernistic" BRUNSWICK 4762 E MB $25

61. Clarence M. Jones — "Modulation/Trot Along" AUTOGRAPH No # V+ Faded labels MB $50

62. Henry Lange — "Kitten On The Keys/Cho-Piano" SILVERTONE 1251 E/E+ MB $50

63. Louisiana Five — "Virginia Blues/Lead Me To It" EMERSON 1076 V+ MB $20

64. Major And His Orchestra — "Hottest Man In Town/Blue Evening Blues" HOLLYWOOD 1028 V- With four small tears on B-side label MB $20

65. Manhattan Roof Orchestra — "Farewell Blues/Memphis Blues" BIBERPHON 536 V+ THIN GREEN VINYL with slight warp MB $50

66. Wingy Mannone's Orchestra — "Tin Roof Blues/Tar Paper Stomp" CHAMPION 16153 E With some heat marks in the last third of the record MB $50

67. George McClennon's Jazz Devils — "While You Were Sneakin' Out Somebody Else Is Eazin' In/Stolen Kisses (Are The Sweetest)" OKEH 8329 E- MB $100

68. Mc Kenzie And Condon's Chicagoans/Luis Russell — "China Boy/Jersey Lightning" Odeon-Swing-Music-Series 35628 E MB $50

69. Frank Melrose — "Pass The Jug/Jelly Roll Stomp" GENNETT 6774 V+ B-side has nasty looking scratch that does click when played MB $100

70. Metzger's Campus Owls — "I Keep Remembering (Someone I Should Forget)/It's That Rhythm" SUPERIOR 2646 V+ MB $100

71. Midnight Serenaders — "When Sweet Susie Goes Stepping By/Tin Roof Blues" BROADWAY 1216 V+ MB $25

72. Bob Moore And His Orchestra/Black Diamond Players — "Come On Baby/How Long Must I Wait For You" GENNETT 6726 E MB $50

73. Dot Morrison — "I Wanna Go Places And Do Things/What Didja Wanna Me" GENNETT 6866 V MB $20

74. Benny Moten's Kansas City Orchestra — "The New Tulsa Blues/same" VICTOR PICT-UR-MUSIC 0298 V+ SPECIAL RELEASE—grainy MB $75

75. Jimmy O'Bryant's Famous Original Washboard Band/Jimmie Blythe — "Shake That Thing/Pump Tillie" PARAMOUNT 12346 V+ With small, repaired, edge crack MB $50

76. King Oliver's Jazz Band — "Too Bad/Snag It" VOCALION 1007 V MB $50

77. King Oliver And His Dixie Syncopators — "Snag It/Sugar Foot Stomp" VOCALION 15503 V+ RARE "SAMPLE" COPY MB $100

78. King Oliver And His Dixie Syncopators — "Jackass Blues/Deep Henderson" VOCALION 15394 V+ MB $75


80. The Original Jazz Hounds — "I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle/Slow Down" COLUMBIA 14094 E- With several lam cracks MB $50

81. Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra — "Careless Love/Black Rag" OKEH 8198 V MB $25

82. Art Payne And His Orch. — "Igloo Stomp / Take Your Tomorrow"GENNETT 6644 E RARE MB $300

83. The Rag Pickers/Dixie Boys — "Suite 16/Poplar Street Blues" AUTOGRAPH No # V- MB $25

84. Rampart Street Washboard Band — "Forty And Tight/Piggly Wiggly" PERFECT 196 V MB $25

85. Reb's Legion Club 45'ers — "Sheffield Blues/Steppin' High" HOLLYWOOD No # v labels are faded MB $25

86. Lyst Reynold's Orchestra/Henry Lange & His Orch. — "Barbara/Hot Lips" GENNETT 6263 V MB $25

87. Johnny Sylvester & His Orch. — "No One But You (Knows How To Love)/Ain't I Got Rosie" HERSCHEL GOLD SEAL 2010 V+ RARE MB $50

88. Richmond Starlight Jazz Quartette — "Monkey Man Blues/Gone Jazz Crazy" Q R S 7028 V MB $25

89. Robinson's Knights Of Rest — "Mean Baby Blues / Sick O' Licks" CHAMPION 16607 E+ Rare MB $300

90. Willard Robison's Deep River Four — "Joline/The Rhythm Rag" AUTOGRAPH 600 V MB $25

91. Spikes Seven Pods Of Pepper Orchestra — "Ory's Creole Trombone/Society Blues" NORDSKOG 3009 V+ Edge chip on B-side, but not into grooves MB $100

92. Stan Stanley's Orchestra — "When You Were The Girl On The Scooter/That Dallas Man" CHAMPION 16700 E+ Rare MB $200

93. Henry Starr — "Mr. Froggie/Willow Tree" FLEXO 1317 V RARE MB $100

94. The State Street Ramblers — "The Weary Way Blues/Cootie Stomp" GENNETT 6232 E/E- MB $300

95. The State Street Ramblers/Alex Jackson's Plantation Singers— "There'll Come A Day/Jack Ass Blues" GENNETT 6249 E/E- MB $300

96. The State Street Ramblers — "My Baby/Pleasure Mad" GENNETT 6454 E- MB $200

97. The State Street Ramblers — "Tack It Down/Shanghai Honeymoon" GENNETT 6485 V+ MB $150

98. The State Street Ramblers — "Endurance Stomp/Some Do And Some Don't" GEN-NETT 6552 V-/V A-side has some stripping MB $75

99. The State Street Ramblers — "How Would You Like To Be Me/Brown Skin Mama" GENNETT 6569 V+ MB $100

100. The State Street Ramblers — "Tell Me Cutie/Tuxedo Stomp" GENNETT 6589 V+ MB $100

101. The State Street Ramblers — "Some Day You'll Know/Yearning And Blue" GENNETT 6641 V+ MB $100

102. The State Street Ramblers — "Barrel House Stomp/Kentucky Blues" CHAMPION 16320 E- MB $150

103. Bert Stock And His Orchestra — "Turn On The Heat/Honeysuckle Rose" GENNETT 7059 E MB $100

104. Bert Stock & His Orchestra/Hal Denman And His Orchestra — "Sing A Song/Hand Me Down My Walking Cane" CHAMPION 16646 E+ MB $100

105. The Stompin' Six — "Jimtown Blues/Roamin' Around" SUNSET 1098 V MB $25

106. The Stompin' Six — "Creole Blues/Down And Out Blues" SUNSET 1099 V+ MB $25

107. Erskine Tate's Vendome Orchestra — "Static Strut/Stomp Off, Let's Go" VOCALION 1027 E-/V+ MB $100

108. Jasper Taylor And His State Street Boys — "Stomp Time Blues/It Must Be The Blues" PARAMOUNT 12409 G RARE, labels slightly faded MB $50

109. Tom And Jerry — "Dustin' The Keys/Taken In Blues" CHAMPION 15507 E- MB $75

110. The Vicksburg Blowers — "Twin Blues/Monte Carlo Joys" GENNETT 6089 V Several edge chips, not into grooves MB $50

111. Eddie Walker And His Band — "Hum All Your Troubles Away/Mandy" SUPERTONE 9486 V MB $25

112. Washboard Rhythm Boys — "If You Were Only Mine/Ash Man Crawl" VICTOR 23367 V MB $25

113. Washboard Rhythm Kings/Doug Williams And His Orch. — "Boola Boo/Thrill Me" VICTOR 23303 G MB $25

114. Washboard Rhythm Kings — "Fire/How Deep Is The Ocean" BLUEBIRD 8174 E+ MB $75

115. Watson's Pullman Porters/Geo. Jefferson & Willie Woods — "Down Home Special/Bearcat Blues" GENNETT 6378 G Rare MB $50

116. Whistler's Jug Band — "Chicago Flip/Jerry O'Mine" GENNETT 5554 V MB $100

117. Willy White — "Butter Scotch/Try And Play It" PATHE 021102 E MB $50

118. Zack Whyte's Chocolate Beau Brummels — "Wailin' Blues/Good Feelin' Blues" GENNETT 7086 V+/V MB $100

119. Clarence Williams — "My Own Blues/Gravier Street Blues" OKEH 40172 E- MB $100

120. Clarence Williams' Blue Five/Original Jazz Tuxedo — "Papa De-Da-Da/Original Tuxedo Rag" OKEH 8215 V MB $50

121. Clarence Williams — "Organ Grinder Blues/Wildflower Rag" OKEH 8604 E- MB $100

122. Clarence Williams' Orch. — "Organ Grinder Blues/I'm Busy And You Can't Come In" OKEH 8617 E- MB $100

123. Clarence Williams' Jazz King — "Sweet Emmalina/Any Time" COLUMBIA 14314 E- BLUE WAX MB $100

124. Leroy Williams — "Lullaby Baby/Welcome Stranger" COLUMBIA 14500 E- MB $50

125. Sidney Williams/Watson's Pullman Porters — "Mississippi Shivers/Barbeque Blues" GENNETT 6353 V RARE MB $100

126. Sid Williams — "Rag Doll/Nola" VOCALION 15689 V+ AUTOGRAPHED on the label by SID WILLIAMS MB $75

127. Ted Williams and His Music/The White Way Revelers — "Bye Bye Blues/Memphis Bound" SUPERIOR 2510 V Rare MB $100

This concludes the last auction of Jazz records from the legendary Peter Whelan collection!

This Jazz auction closes on Tuesday, July 30, 2024 at 7:00 pm Pacific Time — DIFFERENT FROM VJM's AUCTION CLOSE DATE!