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June 28th Rock & Roll Auction, page 1
Closes Tuesday, June 28th, 2022 at 7:00 pm PT

Classic, Original 1950's, '60's and
Mid-'70's Rock & Roll 45's!!

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My June 28th, 2022 Rock & Roll 45's auction, highlights

Printed (PDF) version of my June 24th Rock & Roll 45's auction

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Classic 1950's, 1960's through the Mid-1970's Rock & Roll 45's:

1. Willie Nelson — "No Place For Me / Lumberjack" WILLIE NELSON RECORDS 628 • VG+ Willie's VERY FIRST RECORD! Never seen one before! From Vancouver, WASHINGTON! Willie was NOT from Texas, he was from Washington state! STARDAY CUSTOM PRESSING, from about 1958 when Willie was still living in Washington. You will search for decades before you see another one of these, if ever! Probably 300 pressed.MB $1,000

2. Joe Alexander And The Cubans — "Oh Maria / I Hope These Words Will Find You Well" BALLAD 1008 • M- CHUCK BERRY'S VERY FIRST RECORD! Several years before "Maybellene," Chuck made this record in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. There are multiple copies of the 78 rpm version of this out there, which all came to light when the owner of the Ballad label died some years ago. He had very FEW 45's and those are much, much harder to find. We know for sure that Chuck plays guitar on "Oh Maria" but we're not sure if that is him singing. MB $300

3. Jefferson Airplane — "Somebody To Love/SAME" RCA VICTOR 47-9140 MINT RED LABEL PROMO ONLY RELEASE WITH SAME SONG ON BOTH SIDES, All time classic MB $30


4. Jefferson Airplane — "Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil/Two Heads" RCA VICTOR 47-9297 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

5. Jefferson Airplane — "STEREO REVIEW SAMPLER" RCA SPS-33-564 MINT PROMO ONLY issue for STEREO REVIEW magazine! Plays at 33 1/3 rpm and has FOUR of their hits including "Somebody To Love" and "White Rabbit" MB $50

6. Duane & Greg Allman — "Morning Dew/SAME" BOLD 200 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed in beautiful RED VINYL with MONO version on one side and STEREO version on the other, small xol on B-side MB $25


7. Allman Brothers Band — "Revival/SAME" CAPRICORN 8011 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with MONO version on one side and STEREO version on the other side MB $20


8. Greg Allman And The Hour Glass — "I've Been Trying/Silently" LIBERTY 56091 MINT CREAM COLORED LABEL AUDITION RECORD MB $20


9. America — "A Horse With No Name/SAME" WARNER BROTHERS 7555 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with MONO version on one side and STEREO version on the other side. This is the ONLY way to get the song in MONO! Small wol on B-side MB $20


10. AMERICA — "I Need You/Riverside" WARNER BROTHERS 7580 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—small sticker stain on A-side label MB $20


11. Ronnie Angel — "I Saw The Sky/Lilacs For Lila" MALA 498 M- PROMO COPY, nice TEEN sound MB $20

12. The Animals — "The House Of The Rising Sun/Talkin' 'Bout You" M-G-M 13264 VG+/M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO with gorgeous PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $30


13. Paul Anka — "My Heart Sings/That's Love" ABC-PARAMOUNT 9987 M- STEREO 45!!! RARE!!! MB $30


14. Paul Anka — "Late Last Night/I Miss You So" ABC-PARAMOUNT 10,011 M- STEREO!! Rare!! MB $30

15. Bill Anson — "The Leeches/Bucket Of Blood" AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL 544 MINT PROMO COPY from the camp horror film "The Giant Leeches" MB $20


16. Aphrodites Child — "Plastics Everyone/The Other People" PHILLIPS 40536 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $10


17. Arbogast & Ross — "Chaos - Part I/Part II" LIBERTY 55197 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

18. Hank Ballard And The Midnighters — "Kansas City/I'll Keep You Happy" KING S-5195 M- RARE STEREO 45!!!! MB $30


19. The Barbarians — "Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl/Take It Or Leave It" LAURIE 3308 VG Xol MB $5


20. The Barbarians — "What The New Breed Say/Susie-Q" LAURIE 3321 M- MB $20


21. Barry And The Tamerlanes — "A Date With Judy/Pretty Things" VALIANT 6050 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


22. Barry & The Tamerlanes — "Gee/Don't Cry Cindy" VALIANT 6059 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with wol on the A-side MB $10

23. The Beatles — "Lady Madonna/The Inner Light" CAPITOL 2138 M- LIME GREEN LABEL PROMO COPY MB $100


24. The Beau Brummels — "Laugh, Laugh/Still In Love With You Baby" AUTUMN 8 M- FIRST PRESSING WITH LONG ENDING MB $25


25. The Bee Gees — "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/SAME" ATCO 6824 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with MONO version on one side and STEREO version on the other side, xol on the B-side MB $20


26. Ronnie Bennett With Johnny Winter's Band — "A Dark Night, A Lonely Street/Traveling Mood" JIN 166 M- MB $20


27. Johnny Bernero — "Beautiful Dreamer/Lost" BEACON 1001 VG MB $5


28. Chuck Berry — "Johnny B. Goode/Around & Around" CHESS 1691 M- CLASSIC MB $20


29. Chuck Berry — "No Particular Place To Go/You Two" CHESS 1898 VG+ MB $5


30. Chuck Berry — "Dear Dad/Lonely School Days" CHESS 1926 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with Promoter's stamp on the A-side and small sticker stain on the B-side MB $10

31. Richard Berry And The Pharoahs — "Louie, Louie/You Are My Sunshine" FLIP 321 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO very FIRST RELEASE of this classic song and VERY hard to find as a Promo MB $20


32. The Big Bopper — "Chantilly Lace/Purple People Eater Meets The Witch" D 1008 M- FIRST LABEL, TRUE FIRST PRESSING MB $100

33. The Big Bopper — "Chantilly Lace/Purple People Eater Meets The Witch" MERCURY 71343 VG+ MB $10

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