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Closes Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues!
All Original & ALL Collectible!
Pre-War & Post War Blues 78's / Post War Blues 45's!!

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Original Post War Blues 45's:

318. Stick McGhee And His Buddies — "New Found Love/Meet You In The Morning" ATLANTIC 991 M- MB $200

319. Sticks McGhee — "Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter/Sad, Bad, Glad" KING 4800 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO LABEL MB $100


320. Rollee McGill — "There Goes That Train/You Left Me Here To Cry" MERCURY 70582 M- PINK LABEL MB $50


321. Rollee McGill — "Rhythm Rockin' Blues/In My Neighborhood" MERCURY 70652 M- Label ring on A-side MB $30


322. Rollee McGill — "There's Madness In My Heart/Blue Melody Moon" MERCURY 70725 M- MB $30

323. Teddy (Mr. Bear) McRae — "Hold Out Baby/Hi Fi Baby" AMP 3 129 M- GREAT TWO-SIDED ROCKIN' BLUES, WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $300


324. Jay McShann — "You Didn't Tell Me/Reach" MERCURY 70040 M- MB $30


325. Mercy Baby — "Rock And Roll Baby/Marked Deck" ACE 528 M- GREAT ROCKIN' BLUES MB $75


326. Mercy Baby — "Silly Dilly Woman/Mercy's Blues" ACE 535 M- MB $50

327. Elmon Mickle — "Flat Foot Sam/I Got To Get Some Money" ELKO NO # MINT MB $300


328. Amos Milburn And His Aladdin Chickenshackers — "Thinking And Drinking/Trouble In Mind" ALADDIN 3124 VG MB $5


329. Amos Milburn And His Aladdin Chickenshackers — "Greyhound/Kiss Me Again" ALADDIN 3150 M- MB $50


330. Amos Milburn And His Aladdin Chickenshackers — "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer/What Can I Do?" ALADDIN 3197 M- MB $50


331. Amos Milburn And His Aladdin Chickenshackers — "Vicious, Vicious Vodka/I Done Done It" ALADDIN 3253 M- MB $35


332. Amos Milburn And Band — "Chicken Shack/Juice, Juice, Juice" ALADDIN 3332 VG MB $5


333. Lucky Millinder And His Orchestra — "It's Been A Long, Long Time/The Right Kind Of Loving" KING 4496 AA VG GREEN VINYL with vocals by Melvin Moore and Annisteen Allen MB $50


334. Lucky Millinder And His Orchestra — "Lord Knows I Tried/Heavy Sugar" KING 4557 MINT MB $50

335. Little Milton With The Playmates Of Rhythm — "Let's Boogie Baby/Love At First Tomorrow" METEOR 5040 M- MB $200

336. Little Milton With The Playmates Of Rhythm — "Let My Baby Be/Ooh! My Little Baby" METEOR 5045 M- ONE OF THE RAREST RECORDS ON THE METEOR LABEL!! MB $500

337. Memphis Minnie With Joe Hill Louis And His Band — "Me And My Chauffeur/Broken Heart" CHECKER 771 VG+ With label damage as shown—B-side label has SLIGHTLY more label damage. VERY RARE RECORD MB $500

338. Freddie Mitchell — "3 Strikes You're Out/Preachin' " Rock `N' Roll 609 M- PITTSBURGH CLASSIC MB $200

339. Gatemouth Moore — "Christmas Blues/Happy New Year Darling" KING 4492 AA M- With label damage as shown. B-side label is better but not perfect. NEVER seen this on 45 rpm before! MB $200

340. Johnny Moore's Three Blazers — "Drifting Blues/Groovy" ALADDIN 112 M- Very slight label ring. All time classic and TOUGH to find on 45 rpm format MB $100


341. Rudy Moore — "Step It Up And Go/Let Me Come Home" FEDERAL 12276 M- MB $30

342. Joe Morris Blues Cavalcade — "That's What Makes My Baby Fat/I'm Goin' To Leave You" ATLANTIC 985 VG+ Vocals by Joe Morris and Fay Scruggs — VERY RARE ON 45 RPM FORMAT MB $150

343. Frank Motley And His Crew — "Frantic Love/Honkin' At Midnight" BIG TOWN 119 MINT A-side is one weird record!!! VERY RARE!!! First and only copy I've seen MB $100


344. Big Boy Myles With Mac Rebennack's Orchestra — "New Orleans/Gray Bonnet" ACE 605 M- MB $20


345. Big Boy Myles — "Oh Mary/Who Can I Turn To" ACE 637 M- MB $20

346. Jimmy Nelson And The Peter Rabbit Trio — "T" 99 Blues/Rain Drop Blues" R P M 325 MINT Early 45 rpm MB $300


347. The Nightriders — "Never/Tell The Truth" SOUND 128 M- RARE Jump Blues MB $75


348. Jimmy Nolen — "Strollin' With Nolen/After Hours" FEDERAL 12252 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO LABEL, #ol MB $25


349. Bobby Nunn And Ginny Tyler — "Henrietta/Like" TITAN 1703 MINT VERY obscure release by former member of The Robins MB $30


350. Johnny Otis And His Orchestra — "One Nighter Blues/Goomp Blues" MERCURY 8273 M- VERY EARLY 45 RPM MB $30


351. Johnny Otis And His Orchestra — "Why Don't You Believe Me/Wishing Well" MERCURY 70083 MINT MB $30


352. Johnny Otis And His Orchestra — "Butterball/Sandy's Boogie" PEACOCK 1675 MINT MB $50


353. Danny Overbea With King Kolax And His Orchestra — "40 Cups Of Coffee/I'll Follow You" CHECKER 774 VG+ MB $25


354. Danny Overbea And His Combo — "Train, Train, Train/I'll Wait" CHECKER 768 VG+ MB $25


355. Hot Lips Page And His Orchestra — "Let Me In/That's The One For Me" RCA VICTOR 50-0120 VG+ MB $25

356. Little Junior's Blue Flames — "Feelin' Good/Fussin' And Fightin' Blues" SUN 187 VG+ Classic MB $100


357. Little Junior's Blue Flames — "Mystery Train/Love My Baby" SUN 192 VG+ MB $75


358. Elroy "Shadow" Peace — "Yeah Baby/Where Did I Goof?" KEEN 82106 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

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