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September 13th Auction page 6
Closes Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues!
All Original & ALL Collectible!
Pre-War & Post War Blues 78's / Post War Blues 45's!!

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Original Post War Blues 45's:

262. Ernest Kador — "Do, Baby Do/Eternity" SPECIALTY 563 VG Later known for "Mother-In-Law" MB $5


263. Quinton Kimble — "My Mojo And My Lodestone/I'll Be A Fool For You" FEDERAL 12296 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with date of MAY 2 1957 stamped neatly on the label MB $35

264. Albert "Blues Boy" King — "How About That Old Blue Ribbon/I've Made Nights By Myself" BOBBIN 143 M-/M- WITH STUNNING PICTURE SLEEVE AS SHOWN MB $250


265. B. B. "Blues Boy" King — "Every Day I Have The Blues/Sneakin' Around" R P M 421 VG+/M- Classic MB $10


266. Earl King — "Well'o Well 'o Well'o Baby/I'll Never Get Tired" ACE 543 M- MB $20


267. Earl King — "Everybody's Carried Away/Weary Silent Night" ACE 564 M- MB $20


268. Earl King — "Buddy It's Time To Go/Don't You Know You're Wrong" ACE 598 M- MB $20

269. Eddie King And The 3 Queens — "Love You Baby/Shakin' Inside" J.O.B 1122 MINT Tiny wol on B-side label—NICE record MB $300


270. Freddy King — "Hide Away/I Love The Woman" FEDERAL 12401 M- MB $20


271. Sonny Knight — "But Officer/Lonesome Shadows" ALADDIN 3195 M- MB $50


272. Big Bob Kornegay — "Stay With Me Baby/Humdinger" HERALD 506 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30


273. Rudy Lambert — "I'll Do It/Jamboree" JUNIOR 1001 VG RARE label from Berkeley, California MB $25


274. Billy La Mont — "Country Boy/Can't Make It By Myself" OKEH 7125 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO, A-side is a nice rocker MB $25

275. John Lee — "Rythm Rockin' Boogie/Knockin' On Lulu Mae's Door" J.O.B 114 VG+ ALL TIME ROCKIN' BLUES MASTERPIECE MB $300

276. J. B. Lenore And His Combo — "I'll Die Tryin'/I Want My Baby" J O B 1016 M- RED VINYL MB $300


277. J. B. Lenore — "Mama Talk To Your Daughter/Man Watch Your Woman" PARROT 809 M- CLASSIC MB $100


278. J.B. Lenore — "Fine Girls/I Lost My Baby" PARROT 821 M- MB $100


279. Baby Face Leroy — "Red Headed Woman/Moonshine Baby" SAVOY 1501 M- BABY FACE with Muddy Waters and Little Walter from the legendary PARKWAY SESSIONS MB $75


280. Clarence "Junior" Lewis — "Lost Everything/Your Heart Must Be Made Of Stone" RED ROBIN 136 VG MB $25


281. Richard Lewis And His Band — "Hey, Little Girl/Richard's Bounce" ALADDIN 3238 MINT Classic New Orleans! MB $50

282. Sammy Lewis — "I Feel So Worried/So Long Baby Goodbye" SUN 218 MINT MB $100

283. Smiley Lewis — "Big Mamou/Play Girl" IMPERIAL 5234 VG+ RED WAX MB $300

284. Smiley Lewis — "Caldonia's Party/Oh Baby" IMPERIAL 5241 M- RARE MB $300


285. Smiley Lewis — "Blue Monday/Down The Road" IMPERIAL 5268 MINT MB $100

286. Lick, Slick And Slide — "I Got Drunk/I Love My Baby" SAVOY 1150 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO GREAT! MB $300


287. Jimmy Liggins With Band — "I Ain't Drunk/Talking That Talk" ALADDIN 3250 MINT MB $150

288. Papa Lightfoot — "After-While/P.L. Blues" ALADDIN 3171 • M- Harmonica Blues masterpiece! MB $500


289. Papa Lightfoot — "Jumpin' With Jarvis/Blue Lights" ALADDIN 3304 M- MB $100


290. Papa Lightfoot — "Mean Old Train/Wild Fire" SAVOY 1161 MINT MB $50

291. Little Willie Littlefield — "(Please Don't Go) O-O-O-Oh/Don't Take My Heart, Little Girl" FEDERAL 12163 M- Gold Top Federal labels were supposed to have ended at 12129 . . . but look at the number on this record! Amazing! MB $100


292. Lloyd And Willie — "Don't Know Where She Went/Potato Stomp" MAMBO 101 MINT RARE MB $100

293. Professor Longhair And His Blues Scholars — "Tipitina/In The Night" ATLANTIC 1020 M- Classic New Orleans MB $100


294. Professor Longhair And Band — "No Buts-No Maybes/Cry Pretty Baby" EBB 101 M- MB $75


295. Professor Longhair — "Look What You're Doin' To Me/Misery" EBB 106 M- MB $75

296. Joe Hill Louis And His Band — "Hydramatic Woman/Bad Woman Blues" BIG TOWN 401 • MINT His version of "ROCKET 88" and one fabulous record. "They" said this only existed on 78 rpm until the 1980's when ONE dealer box of 25 45's showed up. MB $600


297. Preston Love And His Orchestra — "Wango Blues/September Song" FEDERAL 12069 M- A-side Vocal by Gene Phillips!!! MB $100


298. Preston Love — "Dog Faced Boy, Part 1/Part 2" DIG 110 M- MB $25

299. Willie Love & His Three Aces — "Vanity Dresser Boogie/Seventy Four Blues" TRUMPET 173 MINT MB $100


300. Willie Love & The Three Aces — "21 Minutes To Nine/Shady Lane Blues" TRUMPET 174 M- MB $100


301. Willie Love And His Three Aces — "Nelson Street Blues/V-8 Ford" TRUMPET 175 M- MB $100


302. Blow Top Lynn And His Houserockers — "Reliefin' Blues/School Boy Blues" RCA VICTOR 50-0110 VG MB $20


303. Blow Top Lynn And His Houserockers — "They Ain't Gonna Tell It Right/Up On The Hill" RCA VICTOR 50-0124 M- RARE MB $100


304. Willie Mabon And His Combo — "I Don't Know/Worry Blues" CHESS 1531 M- MB $30


305. Willie Mabon And His Combo — "I'm Mad/Night Latch" CHESS 1538 M- MB $30


306. Bobby Marchan — "I Can't Stop Loving You/I'll Never Let You Go" ACE 532 M- MB $20


307. Bobby Marchan And The Clowns — "Rockin' Behind The Iron Curtain/You Can't Stop Her" ACE 557 MINT MB $30


308. Bobby Marchan — "Hush Your Mouth/Quit My Job" ACE 595 M- MB $20

309. Long Tall Marvin — "Have Mercy Miss Percy/Tell Me Darling" MODERN 993 M- GREAT ROCKER MB $100


310. Jerry McCain And His Upstarts — "Courtin' In A Cadillac/That's What They Want" EXCELLO 2068 M- Classic MB $75


311. Jerry McCain And His Upstarts — "Trying To Please/My Next Door Neighbor" EXCELLO 2103 MINT GREAT ONE MB $100


312. Jimmy McCracklin And His Blues Blasters — "Take-A-Chance/Fare-Well" IRMA 103 MINT MB $75


313. Willard McDaniel — "Blues On The Delta/3 A.M. Boogie" SPECIALTY 415 VG+ TOUGH TO FIND ON 45 MB $50

314. Brownie McGhee And His House Rockers — "Christina/Worrying Over You" HARLEM 2323 VG+ RED VINYL!!!!! Very rare on RED VINYL!!! MB $200


315. Brownie McGhee And His Jook House Rockers — "Bluebird, Bluebird/My Confession" HARLEM 2329 M- MB $200


316. Brownie McGhee And Sonny Terry — "Let Me Be Your Big Dog/Stranger Here" PRESTIGE BLUESVILLE 802 M- MB $20

317. Stick McGhee And His Buddies — "Wee Wee Hours — Part 1/Part 2" ATLANTIC 955 M- MB $300

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