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Closes Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues!
All Original & ALL Collectible!
Pre-War & Post War Blues 78's / Post War Blues 45's!!

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Original Post War Blues 45's:

212. Smokey Hogg — "I Declare/Dark Clouds" METEOR 5021 M- MB $100

213. Billie Holiday — "Am I Blue/God Bless The Child" COLUMBIA 1-613 M- SUPER Rare 7" 33 1/3 rpm MICROGROOVE MB $75


214. Billie Holiday — "Lover Man/That Old Devil Called Love" DECCA 23391 M- MB $25


215. Billie Holiday — "You're My Thrill/Crazy He Calls Me" DECCA 24796 VG+ MB $10

216. John Lee Hooker And "Little" Eddie Kirkland — "It Hurts Me So/I Got Eyes For You" MODERN 876 M- RARE MB $250


217. John Lee Hooker — "Boom Boom/Drug Store Woman" VEE JAY 438 VG+ Classic MB $5


218. Poppa Hop — "I'm A Stranger/My Woman Has A Black Cat Bone" IVORY 127 VG+ MB $20

219. Eddie Hope & Manish Boys — "A Fool No More/Lost Child" MARLIN 804 M- MASTERPIECE — one of the TOP Rockin' Blues records of the 1950's MB $600

220. Lightnin' Hopkins — "New Short Haired Woman/Coffee Blues" Sittin' In With 635 VG+ MB $300


221. Lightning Hopkins — "Bad Boogie/Wonder What Is Wrong With Me" ACE 516 MINT MB $100

222. Lightnin' Hopkins — "Walkin' The Streets/Mussy Haired Woman" CHART 636 M- RARE MB $150


223. Lightning Hopkins — "I'm Wild About You Baby/Bad Things On My Mind" DECCA 48321 MINT MB $100


224. Lightning Hopkins And His Guitar — "Got Me A Louisiana Woman/War Is Starting Again" IVORY 91272 M- MB $75


225. Joe Houston And His Band — "Go Joe Go/Joe Go Go" LUCKY 004 MINT MB $75


226. Joe Houston — "Rocking At The Drive-In/Joe's Hot House" COMBO 138 M- MB $30


227. Joe Houston — "Get With It/Home Boy" COMBO 147 M- MB $30


228. Mighty Joe Houston And His Orch-estra — "Shindig/The Cucaracha Rock" Dooto 439 M- MB $30

229. Meridith Howard — "Jelly And Bread/Easy Come, Easy Go Blues" RCA VICTOR 50-0028 M- ORANGE PLASTIC MB $100


230. Ivory Joe Hunter — "I Almost Lost My Mind/If I Give You My Love" M-G-M 10578 MINT His first BIG HIT and he would later alter this one just a bit and turn it into his BIGGEST HIT "Since I Met You Baby." MB $50


231. Herbert Hunter With Band — "Dr. Feel Good/The Twistin' Party" SPAR 718 VG+ MB $20


232. Moose Jackson — "Big Ten-Inch Record/I Needed You" KING 4580 VG- Classic MB $5


233. Willis Jackson — "Harlem Nocturne/Street Scene" ATLANTIC 946 VG+ RARE early Atlantic 45 rpm MB $30

234. Willis "Gator Tail" Jackson — "Rock! Rock!! Rock!!!/Here In My Heart" ATLANTIC 967 VG+ MB $50


235. Willis "Gator Tail" Jackson — "Shake Dance/Walking Home" ATLANTIC 998 M- MB $100


236. Danny James And His Palanquin Guitar — "Paper In My Shoes/Boogie In The Mud" GOLDBAND 1208 VG+ ODD GOOD ONE MB $25

237. Elmore James — "I Believe My Time Ain't Long/I Wish I Was A Catfish" ACE 508 VG+ QUITE SCARCE MB $100

238. Elmore James — "Baby, What's Wrong/Sinful Woman" METEOR 5003 • M- 25¢ stamped neatly on B-side label. The HARD ONE on Meteor. MB $500

239. Elmore James — "Country Boogie/She Just Won't Do Right"CHECKER 777 • M- Rare!!! MB $1500


240. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Late Hours At Midnight/The Way You Treat Me" FLAIR 1062 MINT MB $200


241. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Dust My Blues/I Was A Fool" FLAIR 1074 VG+ MB $100


242. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "1839 Blues/Sho Nuff I Do" FLAIR 1039 M- MB $150


243. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Blues Before Sunrise/Good Bye" FLAIR 1079 VG+ MB $100


244. Elmore James — "Knocking At Your Door/Calling All Blues" CHIEF 7020 M- MB $75


245. Elmo James And His Broomdusters — "The Sky Is Crying/I Held My Baby Last Night" FIRE 1016 MINT MB $50

246. Homesick James — "Crossroads/My Baby's Sweet" USA 746 MINT MB $200

247. Jesse James — "Red Hot Rockin' Blues/South's Gonna Rise Again" KENT 314 MINT MB $100

248. Bobo Jenkins — "Democrat Blues/Bad Luck & Trouble" CHESS 1565 • M- Tough one!!! MB $500


249. Smokey Joe — "The Signifying Monkey/Listen To Me Baby" SUN 228 M-/VG+ MB $75

250. Clarence Johnson And His Tom Cats — "That's Not Right/Baby Come Back To Me" Jerome 7363 VG+ GREAT ONE!! "Tudorline Music" stamped on label as shown. MB $200

251. Eddie Johnson And Edna McRaney — "Back-Up/This Love Of Mine" CHESS 1512 VG+ Early # on 45 rpm!! MB $50


252. Lonnie Johnson — "Tomorrow Night/What A Woman" KING 4201-AA VG+ Double A true first pressing of his all time classic MB $50

253. Lonnie Johnson — "Lonnie Johnson Sings EP with Cover" KING KEP-267 M-/M- There is a small sticker in the deadwax of the 45 which says "DJ." SUPER RARE EP!!! First and ONLY copy I've seen! MB $600


254. Ray Johnson And The Hi-Liters — "Let Me Put You Straight/Mama Don't 'Low No Mambo" BLEND 106 VG Rare label from Long Beach, California MB $5

255. Floyd Jones And Band — "School Days On My Mind/Ain't Times Hard" VEE-JAY 111 VG RED VINYL with two small, faded sticker stains on the B-side label — Chicago Masterpiece MB $300


256. Louis Jones And His Band — "Rock And Roll Bells/All Over, Goodbye" PEACOCK 1663 MINT MB $50


257. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five — "Saturday Night Fish Fry—Part I/Part II" DECCA 24725 M- CLASSIC MB $50


258. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five — "Whiskey Do Your Stuff/Dad Gum Ya Hide, Boy" Aladdin 3223 MINT MB $35


259. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five — "I'll Die Happy/Ooo Wee" ALADDIN 3227 VG+ MB $10


260. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five — "Louie's Blues/If I Had Any Sense I'd Go Back Home" ALADDIN 3249 M- MB $35


261. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five — "Put Something In The Pot, Boy 'Cause The Juice Is Runnin' Low/Yeah, Yeah, Baby" ALADDIN 3264 M- MB $35

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