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September 13th Auction page 2
Closes Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues!
All Original & ALL Collectible!
Pre-War & Post War Blues 78's / Post War Blues 45's!!

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Original 1920's & 1930's Pre-War Blues 78's:

37. "Ma" Rainey With Her Georgia Band — "Stack O' Lee Blues/Yonder Come The Blues" PARAMOUNT 12357 E Classic and clean!! MB $200

38. Tampa Red — "I Need You By My Side/Blue And Evil Blues" BLUEBIRD 6681 E+ MB $100

39. Tampa Red And The Chicago Five — "Stop Truckin' And Suzi-Q/Your One And Only" BLUEBIRD 6755 E+ MB $100

40. Tampa Red And The Chicago Five — "I See You Can't Take It/She Said It" BLUEBIRD 6990 E+ MB $100

41. Tampa Red And The Chicago Five — "You're More Than A Palace To Me/Harlem Swing" BLUEBIRD 7225 E- MB $50

42. Washboard Sam And Chicago Four — "Don't Tear My Clothes/I'm A Prowlin' Groundhog" MELOTONE 6-10-55 E+ His very FIRST RECORD MB $200

43. Washboard Sam And His Washboard Band — "Washboard's Barrel House Song/Where Were You Last Night?" BLUEBIRD 7291 E/E+ MB $75

44. Bumble Bee Slim And His Riffers — "I'se Gonna Break Em Down/Past And Gone" DECCA 7343 E MB $75

45. "Pine Top" Smith — "Pine Top's Boogie Woogie/Pine Top Blues" Vocalion 1245 V+ All time piano classic and this copy comes with a great "Calumet Music Shop" sticker on the label MB $50

46. Mr. Freddie (Sproul) — "Don't Cry, Baby/Your Good Man Is Gone" BLUEBIRD 6025 • V+ BLUES MASTERPIECE!!! Plays E. These are NEVER for sale, but I recently upgraded to an E+ copy so this one can go to a new home!!! You probably will never see this one for sale again! MB $1000

47. Priscilla Stewart With Tiny Parham — "A Little Bit Closer/I Want To See My Baby" PARAMOUNT 12740 E- Nice piano by Parham behind good female Blues vocals by Stewart MB $150

48. Sylvester Weaver — "True Love Blues/Poor Boy Blues" OKEH 8460 E/E+ MB $200

49. Sylvester Weaver — "Dad's Blues/What Makes A Man Blue" OKEH 8522 E MB $200

50. Peetie Wheatstraw (The Devil's Son-In-Law) — "Drinking Man Blues/Country Fool Blues" DECCA 7228 V+ WITH KOKOMO ARNOLD ON GUITAR!!! Nice one!!! MB $50

51. Tim Wilkins AKA ROBERT WILKINS — "New Stock Yard Blues/Dirty Deal Blues" VOCALION 03223 • E- DARK BLUE SHELLAC!!! With one inch lam crack on A-side. MASTERPIECE AND ULTRA RARE . . . MAYBE FIVE KNOWN!!!! Only for sale because I upgraded!!! MB $3000

52. Joe Williams (Joe McCoy) — "Mr. Devil Blues/I Want It Awful Bad" VOCALION 1457 V+ FABULOUS ONE!!! Very scarce!!! Slight edge chip on A-side that is not into the grooves MB $300

53. Sonny Boy Williamson — "I'm Tired Truckin' My Blues Away/You Can Lead Me" BLUEBIRD 7536 E+ Fabulous Sonny Boy # 1!!! Storage warp but plays great with no extra weight. Great way to end a great list of PRE-WAR BLUES! MB $100

Original Post War Blues 78's:

54. "Little Maxie" Bailey — "Brown Skin Woman Blues/Tear Drops Are Falling" EXCELLO 2007 E TOUGH EARLY ONE MB $50

55. Dave Bartholomew And His Orchestra — "Girt Town/High Society Blues" DeLuxe 3217 E+ His FIRST record—classic New Orleans sound MB $200

56. Dave Bartholomew And His Orchestra — "Mr. Fool/Country Boy Blues" DeLuxe 3223 E His second record MB $100

57. John Lee Booker And His Guitar (HOOKER) — "I Love To Boogie/Graveyard Blues" CHANCE 1110 V+ Great record with some jukebox wear, but it plays pretty darn nice despite the wear MB $50

58. Jackie Brenston And His Delta Cats (IKE TURNER) — "Rocket "88"/Come Back Where You Belong" CHESS 1458 E LEGENDARY RECORD referred to by many as the first ROCK AND ROLL record of the early 50's! Super nice copy! These are usually WORN out from play. MB $300

59. Roy Brown — "Up Jumped The Devil/This Is My Last Goodbye" KING 4715 E+ MB $30

60. Harold Burrage With Willie Dixon's Band — "She Knocks Me Out/A Heart" COBRA 5022 E- FABULOUS!!! His best record!! Plays E+ MB $25

61. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup — "I Want My Lovin'/You Got To Reap" RCA Victor 20-2105 E- MB $10

62. Doles Dickens Quartet — "Sing Re-Bop/Don't Move A Vip Until I Say Vop" CONTINENTAL 6047 V+ MB $5

63. Bob Gaddy And His Alley Cats — "No Help Wanted/Little Girl's Boogie" JAX 308 V+/E Plays E+ With storage warp that needs no extra weight to play just fine MB $20

64. The "Great" Gates — "Central Rocks/Ain't Got No Money" Recorded In Hollywood 199 E+ Small edge chip on A-side that does not go into the grooves, GREAT Rocker MB $100

65. Jazz Gillum — "Reckless Rider Blues/Look On Yonder Wall" RCA Victor 20-1974 E+/E MB $10

66. Smokey Hogg — "Little Car Blues/Country Gal" MODERN 833 E+/E- MB $10

67. John Lee Hooker — "Cool Little Car/Bad Boy" MODERN 942 E+/E MB $25

68. Lightning Hopkins — "Shotgun Blues/Rollin' Blues" ALADDIN 3063 E/E+ MB $30

69. Ivory Joe Hunter And His Band — "Blues At Midnight/High Cost, Low Pay Blues" PACIFIC 630 E+ These Pacific releases are surprisingly hard to find clean — this copy is from old store stock MB $50

70. Mattie Jackson And The Blues Nighthawks Orchestra — "I Want To Do It/Two People In Love" DUPLEX 9001 E- MB $20

71. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Standing At The Crossroads/Sunny Land" FLAIR 1057 E- MB $25

72. J. B. Lenore — "Eisenhower Blues/I'm In Korea" PARROT 802 V+ MB $20

73. Joe Hill Louis And His Band — "Hydramatic Woman/Bad Woman Blues" BIG TOWN 401 V PLAY E+ Just looks scuffy. This is a GREAT RECORD!!! It is his version of "Rocket 88." MB $20

74. Papa Lightfoot — "Wine, Women, Whiskey/Mean Old Train" IMPERIAL 5289 • E+ TOP TEN of all time 1950's BLUES RECORDS!! This one can blow out your speakers. It ROCKS like nothing else!!! VINYL COPY AND THE SOUND JUST LEAPS FROM THE GROOVES! MB $600

75. "Stick" McGhee And His Buddies — "Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee/Blues Mixture" ATLANTIC 873 E/E+ All time classic! Super clean copy! Most copies are worn, worn, worn! MB $100

76. Jimmy Milner And His Blue Ribbon Band — "Nobles' Shuffle/I May Be Wrong" FORTUNE 125 E+ This record is a tribute to NASHVILLE DJ GENE NOBLES MB $50

77. Little Milton — "Beggin' My Baby/Somebody Told Me" SUN 194 E MB $100

78. Abe Moore — "Moore Boogie/S And J" DIG 125 E/E- MB $20

79. Phil Moore — "You Talk Holes In My Clothes/Don't Like 'Em" BLACK & WHITE 827 E+ MB $30

80. Fats Noel — "Duck Soup/Wish You Were Here" HERALD 402 E+ TOUGH one MB $50

81. Prince Patridge With Monroe Tucker's Orchestra — "How Come My Dog Don't Bark/Choosing A Career" CREST 1006 E+ MB $30

82. Marvin Phillips And His Men From Mars — "Wine Woogie/Old Man's Blues" SPECIALTY 445 E+/E YELLOW LABEL PROMO with #ol MB $20

83. Sam Price And His Rockin' Rhythms — "Ain't Nobody's Business/Back Street" Vocalion 55022 E- First and only copy I've seen. NOT the Vocalion from the 1920's and 1930's but some kind of revival label from the 1950's MB $25

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