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1950's Post War Country 78's

392. Maddox Brothers And Rose — "Tramp On The Street/Flowers For Master's Boquet" 4 Star 4 M- With two tracks by William Moore as well MB $25


393. Maddox Brothers And Rose — "The Unclouded Day/Farther Along" 4 Star 2 M- With two tracks by the Stewart Family as well MB $25


394. Red Maxedon — "Look A-Way Up Yonder/I Want A Pardon For Daddy" Arcadia 1951 M- Sticker on label and slight swish in first ten seconds, RARE Detroit release MB $30

395. Windy Bill McKay with The Gully Jumpers — "Di'monds/Bleating Heart" Arkay 2001 M- RARE ONE MB $30


396. Willis Meyers and His Bar X Ranch Boys — "Don't Stand In God's Way/The Parlor Is A Pleasant Place (To Sit In Sunday Evening)" Cowboy 502 M- MB $30


397. Carl Miller And His Tennesse Valley Boys — "I'm Hiding My Blues/I Loved You Then" Test Records 142 M- 4 Star Custom Pressing MB $20


398. Bill Monroe And His Blue Grass Boys — "Rocky Road Blues/Kentucky Waltz" Columbia 36907 VG MB $5


399. Rusty Newby And The Saddle Serenaders — "When You Walked Out On Me/Don't Blame Me" Academy No # M- Sticker on label on A-side and small tol on B-side MB $20

400. Elmo Newcomer (The Pipe Creek Kid) — "Cotton Eyed Joe/Old Grey Mare" CroMart Records 101 MINT MB $30


401. Eddie Noack — "Too Hot To Handle/How Does It Feel To Be A Winner" T N T 110 M- MB $30


402. Choi-Nump-Ni — "Cry-Heart-Cry-On/Day-By-Day" Academy 50 M- MB $25


403. Stanley O'Dell — "A Faded Petal From A Beautiful Bouquet" Cozy 313 VG+ MB $5

404. Knocky Parker Trio — "Toot, Toot, Tootsie/Jack's Jump" Texstar 201 MINT Rare label from Ft. Worth, Texas MB $30


405. Ray And Ina Patterson And The Pecos Valley Boys — "Come To Mexico/You've Branded My Name On Your Heart" Cozy 345 M- MB $25


406. Webb Pierce And The Southern Valley Boys — "The Darkest Hour/It's All Between The Lines" 4 Star 1600 M- MB $25


407. The Plainsmen — "The West Is As Wild As Ever/South" Coast 235 M- MB $25


408. The Plainsmen — "Down The Oregon Trail/In The Hills Of Old Wyoming" Coast 238 MINT MB $30


409. Robert Pope And His Steel Guitar — "One Little Sea/Don't You Remember Me" Three Minute Record 500 VG+ MB $5

410. Wade Ray And His Ozark Mountain Boys — "Keeper Of My Heart/Hoedown Medley" Cow Town 704 M- Rare one from Ft. Worth, Texas MB $30


411. Ray Reed And the Encinitas Ranch Hands — "Travelin' Down That Lonesome Road/Napanee" Crest 105 VG- MB $5


412. Jim Reeves And The Circle O Ranch Boys — "Mexican Joe/I Could Cry" Abbott 116 VG Small tol on B-side label only—RED VINYL MB $10


413. Jim Reeves — "Bimbo/Gypsy Heart" Abbott 148 VG+ MB $5


414. Marty Robbins — "Tomorrow You'll Be Gone/Love Me Or Leave Me Alone" Columbia 20925 M- Marty's FIRST RECORD, label ring MB $20


415. Marty Robbins — "I Wish Somebody Loved Me/Crying 'Cause I Love You" Columbia 20965 M- 2" lam crack on A-side only MB $5


416. Marty Robbins — "Once A Week Date/The Story Of My Life" Columbia 41013 VG MB $5

417. The Rocky Mountaineers — "One Eyed Sam/Dixieland" Sundown Records 1500 VG+ RARE MB $20


418. Tommy Schafer And The Blue Mountain Ramblers — "We've Got Insurance/Black Mountain Rag" Token 109 VG MB $5


419. Chuck Secrest & The Mystery Riders — "Love'n Blues/Love, Laughter And Tears" Sunset Trail 1556 VG+ MB $5


420. Jerry Sellers — "Mister Miracle Man/Pin-Up Polka" Crown 166 M- MB $20


421. Cliff Shepherd — "It Was Whispered/Railroad Crossing" Choice 842 VG MB $5

422. Hayden Simpson And His Sierra-Naders — "Old Virginia City/Laughing Trombone Polka" Tech-Art 444 M- MB $30


423. Sleepy Hollow Ranch Gang — "Just Say So Long And Not Good-Bye/Westward Bound" Cowboy 102 M- MB $25


424. Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith's Sensational Trio — "South/Boomerang" Super Disc 1031 M- MB $20


425. Carl Smith — "Go Boy Go/If You Saw Her Through My Eyes" Columbia 21266 M- Wol MB $20

426. Sunny Side Trio — "I Can Call Jesus Any Time/Led By The Master's Hand" Sunny Side 301 M- Rare Country Gospel with small stain on B-side label only MB $30

427. Sunshine Boys Quartet — "Goodbye World, Goodbye/Where No One Stands Alone" Sunshine Boys 2010 M- MB $30


428. Jake Taylor And The Radio Ranch Hands — "I'm So Ashamed/Wedding Waltz" Cozy 268 VG+ MB $5

429. Jimmy Thomason And His Western Jamboree — "There's A Round-Up On The River Range Tonight/The One And Only Pecos River Rose" A B C Records 101 M- FROM BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA!!! Rare MB $30

430. Glen Thompson — "Troubles Keep Hanging 'Round My Door/Lovers' Lane" Athenian 001 MINT Rare one from Athens, Tennessee MB $30


431. Shorty Thompson And His Saddle Rockin' Rhythm — "Lili Marlene/Easter Sunday In My Home Town" ACE Records 003 VG+ MB $20


432. The 3 Kings — "In The House Of The Lord/You Can Always Depend On The Lord" 4 Star 1666 M- Country Gospel MB $30

433. Merle Travis — "That's All/Hide Your Face Red Murrell" Atlas 135 M- MB $30


434. Jack Tucker And His Oklahoma Playboys — "Too Blue To Cry/Too Quick To Condemn" Debut 1001 M- Slight stain in the grooves MB $25


435. "T" Texas Tyler — "Deck Of Cards/A Beautiful Life" 4 Star 9 M- With two tracks by the Stewart Family as well MB $25


436. "T" Texas Tyler — "You've Got To Live/In The Sweet Bye And Bye" 4 Star 5 M- With two songs by Wally Fowler as well MB $25


437. "T" Texas Tyler — "Didn't They Crucify My Lord/Have A New Life" 4 Star 3 VG+ MB $10


438. T. Texas Tyler And His Oklahoma Melody Boys — "Remember Me/Oklahoma Hills" 4 Star 1008 VG- MB $5


439. T. Texas Tyler and others — "4 Star 10" 45 rpm with 4 songs per side" 4 Star ED-132 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with songs by Tyler, along with Slim Willet, Pete Pike and Eddie Marvin MB $25

440. Mary Weber And Fiddlin' Kate — "Scar On My Heart/Funny Little Things" T & M 107 VG+ RARE ONE FROM BURBANK, CALIFORNIA MB $20


441. Bob Williams And Band — "Crackers, Cheese And Beer/What Am I Doing Here" Tennessee 746 M- #ol MB $20

442. Tex Williams — "Smoke Smoke Smoke/Crazy Flo" Swing With The Stars 1036 VG+ First Label BEFORE it became a mega-hit on Capitol MB $10


443. Billy Wilson — "Cowboy's Lament/My Beauty From Butte" Cowboy 401 M- MB $25


444. Eddie Zack And His Dude Ranchers — "You Knew Me When You Were Lonely/Little Donkey" Columbia 21148 M- GREEN LABEL PROMO with #ol MB $15

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