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HRK #5 All Original 78's auction!
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1950's Rock & Roll Era 78's

325. Larry Vincent — "If I Had My Life To Live Over/Stay As Long As You" 20th Century 13 VG+ #ol on B-side only MB $5


326. Mae West — "Come Up And See Me Sometime/That's All Brother" Cyclone 505 M- Small tol MB $20


327. Larry Williams — "Baby, Baby/Get Ready" Chess 1745 VG LATE ONE ON 78 RPM FORMAT FROM 1960 MB $5


328. Chuck Willis — "Just One Kiss/My Baby" Atlantic 2029 MINT 1959 release MB $50


329. Glenn Yarborough — "Follow The Drinking Gourd/The Reapers Ghost" Stratford 506 VG+ His FIRST RECORD MB $15


Rockabilly /
Country Boppers 78's

330. Joe Bennett And The Sparkletones — "Penny Loafers And Bobby Sox" ABC-Paramount 9867 VG/VG+ MB $5


331. Peisachke Burstein — "Siz Shoin On Alte Meise/Zets A Matzoh" SUN 1044 VG- Jewish music on SUN label from New York City MB $5


332. The Collins Kids — "Make Him Behave/The Rockaway Rock" Columbia 21514 VG+ MB $20


333. Chuck Darty — "My Steady Girl/Can't You See" Chart 649 M- MB $30

334. Bobby Dean — "Dime Store Pony Tail/Just Go Wild Over Rock And Roll" Chess 1673 M- RARE on 78 rpm format—first and only copy I've seen MB $100


335. Bill Flagg And His Rockabillies — "Guitar Rock/I'm So Lonely" Tetra 4448 VG- MB $5


336. Johnny Horton — "The Woman I Need/She Knows Why" Columbia 40919 VG MB $5


337. Pat Kelly — "She's A Devil/The Stranger Dressed In Black" Chic 1009 VG+ MB $5


338. Jimmy Lee And Wayne Walker — "Love Me/Lips That Kiss So Sweetly" Chess 4863 VG+ GREAT ROCKABILLY ON CHESS MB $20


339. The Leslie Brothers — "Ready Rudy Rock And Roll/Anyone For Money??" Columbia 40651 VG MB $5


340. Jimmy Murphy — "Here Kitty Kitty/I'm Looking For A Mustard Patch" Columbia 21486 M- MB $30

341. Ronnie Self — "Ain't I'm A Dog/Rocky Road Blues" Columbia 40989 VG+ TOUGH to find on 78 rpm format MB $100


342. Riley Walker And His Rockin-R-Rangers — "It's A Little Late/Windy Waltz" Atomic 1003 M- MB $30


1950's Post War Country 78's

343. Charlie Adams — "Jolie Fille/I'm A Railroad Daddy" Columbia 21239 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on thin vinyl MB $20

344. Red Allen And His Echoes From The Hills — "Pay My Alimony/Whiskey And Gasoline" ACE 006 M- MB $30


345. Chuck Austin And His Texarkana Playboys — "The Jersey Moon/My Daddy's Boots" Creative Artists 201 M- MB $30

346. Billy Bell And His Range Wranglers — "Making Excuses For You/Cannonball Yodel" Atlantic 725 M- MB $30


347. Marlene Berry And The Westport Kids — "My Life, My Love, My Heart/I Have A Heart" Damon 12164 VG MB $5


348. Blackwood Brothers — "The Old Rugged Cross/When He Calls I'll Fly Away" Christian Education Service 10 VG- MB $5


349. Harrison Booher — "Blue Yodel # 1/Hobo Bill's Last Ride" Cozy 329 M- MB $30


350. Carolyn Bradshaw — "This Is The Night/Oh! I Like It" Chess 4861 MINT MB $30


351. The Broadway Buckaroos — "I Used To Be Blue For Texas/Song Of The Timberland" Cowboy 1101 M- MB $30

352. Roy Lee Brown And His Musical Brownies — "Don't Ever Tire Of Me/Wednesday Night Waltz" Cow Town 102 M- RARE one from Ft. Worth, Texas MB $30


353. Utah Carl and Carl Jr. — "Daddy's Little King/The Man In The Moon" C H S 1112 VG+ MB $5


354. Tex Carson And His Smokey Valley Troubadours — "Christmas Won't Be Coming To Our House This Year/Merry Christmas" Token 105 VG+ Faded label and small tol MB $5


355. Al Clauser And His Oklahoma Outlaws — "Do You Remember/Why Waste Your Tears On Me" Arrow 100 VG With small tol on B-side only MB $5


356. Curley Coldiron And The Circle C Boys — "Magic Moon/Sun Valley Polka" Sullivan 512 M- MB $30


357. Riley Crabtree with String Band — "Shackles And Chains/You Had To Stray" Colonial 110 MINT MB $30


358. Ken Curtis and The Top Hands — "Are You/Hannah Lee" Crystalette 657 M- PROMO COPY, Festus, from GUNSMOKE, sings! MB $30


359. Jack Day and the Santa Fe Rangers — "When I Hold A Bit Of Heaven/I'm Gonna Dry Up My Tears" Cowboy 204 M- 1" lam crack on A-side only MB $25


360. Jimmie Dean — "Queen Of Hearts/I'm Feeling For You" 4 Star 1640 VG MB $5

361. Buster Doss And His Arkansas Playboys — "Playboy Boogie/Let's Go Fishing" Talent 734 M- MB $30


362. Billy Duke And His Dukes — "The Banjo Song/Won't You Help Me, Pop?" Crosley Record Co. 106 M-/VG+ Sticker stain on the label MB $20


363. Johnny Duschel And His Tiple — "The Tiple Rag/Am I To Blame" Crystal 269 M- MB $25


364. Nick Esposito and His Guitar — "Back Fat Boogie/Wrong Joe Blues" 4 Star 1424 M- MB $30


365. Ezra And The Beverly Hillbillies — "Colorado/Three Darling Redheads" Tech-Art 158 VG- MB $5


366. Jack Ford — "That's All You Gotta Do/I Understand" Chess 4858 M- Label faded on B-side only MB $20

367. Jay Franklin And His Saddles Swingsters — "No One Wants This Broken Heart/Signed, Seal And Delivered" Chief 1001 M- RARE one from Borger, Texas MB $30

368. Early Graham And His Musical Drifters — "Stop Fooling My Heart/I Wish You'd Start Foolin' Around" Texas Records 508 M- Rare one from Henderson, Texas MB $30


369. Will Greaves And His Rhythm Busters — "When The World Has Turned You Down/Guess I'm Better Now" Columbine 104 M- Yes, the label is from the Denver area MB $30


370. Will Graves And His Rhythm Rangers — "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?/I'm Paying" Columbine 106 VG MB $5


371. Will Greaves And The Rhythm Rangers — "You Two-Timed Me Once Too Often/Iron Horse" Columbine 108 M- MB $25


372. Claudie Ham — "I Saw You As You Walked Away/Moonlight Over Blue Water" 4 Star 1533 M- MB $25

373. Eddy Hammons with Carl Dowdy And The Blue Ridge Rangers — "Marriage Vows/Someday" Tim Bright 3 M- RARE one from Baltimore, Maryland MB $30


374. F. Hardcastle And The Victory Crusaders Orchestra — "When The Saints Go Marching In/I'm A Pilgrim" Sunshine Records 552 VG+ From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma MB $20


375. Hank Harrall "The Cowhand" — "Texas, U.S.A./I've Had A Lifetime To Remember" Tanner 502 VG+ RARE LABEL predecessor to T N T MB $20


376. Dick Hayman And His Harmonia Sparklers — "Missouri Waltz/Carolina In The Morning" Stellar 1016 VG/VG- Heavy juke wear on B-side MB $5


377. Burt Hilber and The Rootin' Tootin' Music — "Broom Dance Game/You Did It So Well" Atlantic 113 m- Odd early Atlantic Country release MB $20


378. Tommy Hill — "The More I Give The More You Take" Decca 28474 MINT PINK LABEL PROMO MB $30


379. Howington Brothers And His Tennessee Haymakers — "I'm On Pins And Needles/Alabama Jubilee" Atlantic 726 VG+ MB $20


380. Leodie Jackson And His Western Swingsters — "Ramblin' Oakie/Steeling The Blues" Courtney 104 VG/VG+ MB $5


381. Terry Fell And The Sunshine Trio — "Why Should I Feel So Blue/I'm Sorry We Have To Part" Courtney 116 VG+ MB $5


382. Little John & Cherokee Sue — "Hang Out The Front Door Key/Mother's Old Checkered Apron" Cozy 290 VG MB $5


383. Drifting Johnny — "Willamette Rose/I Wish I Had A Picture" 4 Star 1477 VG+ MB $5


384. Dotti Jones And Winston O' Neal — "I'll Be Yours/Am I Wasting My Time" T N T 134 VG- Wol MB $5


385. Rusty Keefer And The Tumbleweeds — "Red Wing/Moon Over The Andes" Cowboy 1001 M- MB $30


386. Chuck Lee with The Stringbusters — "I Love You/Till We Meet Again, Little Sweetheart" T N T 125 M- MB $30


387. Jimmy Lee And Johnny Mathis — "The Fun Is Over/Can't You—Want You?" Chess 4862 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

388. Tommy Little And The Sunrise Rangers — "I Don't Mind Being Blue/All Alone" Tommy's 1012 VG+/M RARE one from Durham, North Carolina MB $25


389. Hank Locklin — "Is There Room For Me/The Holy Train" 4 Star 8 M- With two tracks by the Oak Ridge Quartet as well MB $25


390. Hank Locklin — "Crazy Over You/Won't You Change Your Mind" 4 Star 28 M- MB $25

391. Keith Loyd And The Sons Of The Golden West — "My Western Union Baby/Engagement Ring" Time 116 MINT Dalhart, Texas label MB $30

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