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HRK #5 All Original 78's auction!
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Original 1950's R&B Vocal Group/
Gospel Group

1. The Ambassadors — "Darling I'm Sorry/Willa-Bea" Timely 1001 VG+/VG GREAT ONE!!! MB $200

2. Bobby Anderson — "I Would Rather Stay Home With Your Picture/S'posin' " Theron 102 VG NO Group on this one, but rare label and nice Ballad—if only there WAS a Group on it . . . MB $25

3. Lee Andrews And The Hearts — "Tear Drops/The Girl Around The Corner" Argo 1000 VG+ RARE on this label!!! There are thousands of them out there on Chess but I have only seen it twice before on Argo—not sure why it is on Argo. MB $75

4. The Aristocrats — "Vagabonds/Maid Of The Mist" Argo 5275 M-/VG+ Some say this one was also released on Checker 869—but I cannot verify ANY known copies of a Checker release with that number. MB $20

5. The Baltineers — "Moments Like This/New Love" Teenage 1000 M- Tiny tear on B-side label, TOUGH to find on 78 rpm format—Classic Group sound! MB $75

6. The Bayou Boys — "Bambalaya/Dinah" Checker 765 VG+ True First Pressing with "Jambalaya" misspelled, odd release on Checker MB $25

7. The Blue Jays — "White Cliffs Of Dover/Hey Pappa" Checker 782 VG+ TOUGH MB $100

8. The Brewster Singers with Rev. W. Herbert Brewster — "Speak To Me Jesus/Jesus Is The Perfect Answer" Tan Town WDIA MEMPHIS VG INSANELY RARE!!!!! Memphis Gospel with direct tie to legendary Black radio station WDIA!!! FIRST AND ONLY COPY I HAVE SEEN OR HEARD OF!!! MB $100

9. Cliff Butler And The Doves — "People Will Talk/When You Love" States 123 VG+ MB $25

10. The Cabineers — "Whirlpool/You're Just A Great Big Heartache" Abbey 72 M- MB $100

11. The Caravans — "Since I Met Jesus/The Angels Keep Watching" States 136 G MB $5

12. The Caravans — "None But The Righteous/Onward Christian Soldiers" States 159 M- MB $30

13. Jimmy Castor And The Juniors — "Somebody Mentioned Your Name/This Girl Of Mine" Atomic 100 M- RARE on 78 rpm format, first and only copy I've ever had. MB $150

14. The Clouds — "I Do/Rock And Roll Boogie" Cobra 5001 M- RARE MB $200

15. The Colemanaires — "Somebody Save Me/Joy In The Prayer Room" Timely 102 VG MB $20

16. The Creations — "Every Night I Pray/Mommy & Daddy" Tip Top 400 M- MB $100

17. The Daffodills — "Walk/Ike's Boogie" C. J. 101 VG Edge chip on B-side only and not into grooves—RARE CHICAGO GROUP SOUND MB $20

18. Sonny Day And The Verisatiles — "Speedillac/Half Moon" Checker 886 M- FIRST AND ONLY COPY I'VE SEEN ON 78 RPM FORMAT MB $100

19. The Dixieaires — "The Sun Will Shine/Soon Now" Coleman 102 VG+/M- Light jukebox wear on A-side only MB $20

20. The Dixieaires — "My God Called Me This Morning/You Better Run" Sunrise 319 M- MB $30

21. The Ebony Moods — "I've Got News For You/Grand, Nice, Swell" Theron 5011 M- RARE AND CLASSIC CHICAGO GROUP SOUND MB $200

22. The Echoes — "Aye Seniorita/My Little Honey" Combo 128 M- TOUGH ONE! Tiny label defect on A-side only MB $100

23. The Falcons — "This Heart Of Mine/Just For Your Love" Chess 1743 VG Super rare LATE 78 from 1959—only copy I've seen, ring on B-side label MB $20

24. The Famous Boyer Brothers — "Trust Him Today/Going Back To My God" Chance 5009 VG MB $10

25. The Fi-Tones Quintette — "It Wasn't A Lie/Lots And Lots Of Love" Atlas 1051 VG+ MB $20

26. The Five Chances — "Gloria/Sugar Lips" States 156 MINT GREAT!!! Old Store Stock New MB $200

27. 1st Church Of Deliverance Radio Choir — "In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin'/I Called On The Lord" No label name given # 103 VG+ Chicago Black Church choir—tough MB $25

28. The Flamingos — "I'm Yours/Ko Ko Mo" Parrot 812 • M- WHITE LABEL PROMO!!!!!! Small wol on both sides as shown. THREE KNOWN COPIES as PROMO!!! I had this years ago and sold it to Mr. Sabis. MB $2000

29. The Flamingos — "A Kiss From Your Lips/Get With It" Checker 837 M- MB $25

30. The Flamingos — "The Vow/Shilly Dilly" Checker 846 VG+ MB $10

31. The Flannels — "Hey Rube/So Shy" Tampa 121 M- MB $50

32. Four-A-Melody Men — "I'm On My Way/Mother Pray For Me" Chess 1475 VG+ FIRST AND ONLY COPY I HAVE SEEN!! This release number was also used for a Harmonica Frank release, which is rare but turns up. There is a 3" hair crack-but you don't hear it when you play it, and you'll never see another copy! MB $100

33. Rudy Greene And The Four Buddies — "You Mean Everything To Me/Highway No. 1" Club 51 103 M- MB $75

34. Joseph Dobbin And The Four Cruisers — "On Account Of You/Beale Street Shuffle" Chess 1547 VG+ RECORDED AT SUN STUDIOS MB $25

35. Four Shades Of Rhythm — "Yesterdays/So There" Chance 1126 VG+ If you are running the CHANCE label, this is one tough number to find—First copy I've had in 40+ years MB $25

36. The Four Tones — "I'll Follow You/Do, Do Baby" A-1 Records 1001 M- #ol, SCARCE!! MB $50

37. The Gospel Stars — "Thank God, Amen/Jesus Is Listening" D C 8059 VG MB $5

38. Harmony Kings Quartet — "Take My Hand Precious Lord/This Old House" Artist 800 VG MB $5

39. The Harmony Kings Quartet — "Get Away Jordan/I Want To Go There" Artist Records 801 VG MB $5

40. Carolyn Hayes with Maurice King And His Wolverines — "Baby Say You Love Me/Really" Chateau 2001 MINT FIRST AND ONLY COPY OF THIS ONE I'VE SEEN MB $150

41. The Highway Travelers — "Something Within Me/After I Die" Club 51 102 • GONLY KNOWN COPY, acetate with Club 51 labels, B-side label is torn and part of the song title is missing. Originally from the collection of Richard Stamz. MB $1000

42. The Hornets — "Lonesome Baby/I Can't Believe" States 127 • M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—legendary rarity MB $1000

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