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All Original 78's!

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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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Closes Tuesday, February 21st, 2016 at 7:00 pm PT

HRK All Original 78's auction #9!
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Original 1950's Rockabilly 78's:

290. Conway Twitty — "I Need Your Lovin'/Born To Sing The Blues" Mercury 71086 M- MB $50


Original Post War Country, Country Gospel, Bluegrass 78's:

291. A. A. Allen — "When It's Roundup Time In Heaven/Where The Roses Never Fade" Songs Of Victory 6 VG Obscure label from Lamar, Colorado MB $20


292. George Barnes and Ernie Varner — "Swoon Of A Goon/G Minor Spin" Milton G. Wolf 1219 VG+ MB $10

293. Lonnie Barron and The Farm Boys — "I Better Go/A Memory Or Two" Western Chuck-Wagon 1003 VG+ Rare and obscure label from Flint, Michigan MB $20

294. Billy Barton And The Circle O Ranch Boys — "You Will Always Be In My Heart/Blues In The Blue Of The Night" Grande 117 M- Faded sticker stain on B-side label—RARE Bakersfield, California label MB $50


295. Billy Barton — "You're You/That Word Called Love" Abbott 166 M- MB $20


296. Tex Bloye — "Talkin' Blues/Valley Of Peace" Gavotte 116 VG MB $5


297. Skeeter Bohn — "Chained/Love Call" Admiral 1007 VG+ MB $25


298. Nelson Bragg — "Alabama Jubilee/Two Old Pals" Hayloft no # VG- Obscure label from Boston MB $5


299. Danny Brown and The Circle "O" Ranch Boys — "Party Girl/You're Gonna Be Fooled" Harris 101 VG- Wol on B-side, RARE label from Mt. Pleasant, Texas MB $10

300. The Buckeroos — "Steel Guitar Rag/Cool Water" ART 102 M- Miami Beach, Florida label MB $50


301. Lanny Burchett With Casey Jones And The Railroader — "Police Action/Bury Me Beneath The Willow" ACME 1050 VG RARE MB $25


302. Buz Butler — "The Medicine Show/The Rubber Ball Bounce" Mercury 6281 VG+ MB $10


303. Utah Carl — "Sunset Years Of Life/You Didn't Make Me Blue" C H S 1113 M- MB $25


304. The Carol Sisters — "Baby, Why Don't You Stop Teasin' Me/False Hearted" Alexander 2369 VG+ MB $20


305. Joe Carson — "I'd Give Everything To Be With You/I Could Love The Devil Out Of You" Mercury 70348 VG+ MB $10


306. Lem Carter and His Country Cousins — "I'll Be With You/Forsaken Vows" Sonart 402 VG MB $10

307. Curley Cole — "I'm Going To Roll/Another's Arms Are Holding You" Gilt-Edge 5029 M-/VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO COPY, GREAT BOPPER MB $150

308. Copper Canyon Riders — "You're The Dream One/We Can Always Go Farther With General MacArthur" Gilbert 131 M- MB $50


309. John Currie — "Down That Lonely Road Alone/The Blue Ridge Mountain Waltz" All-America Records 100 VG Rare label from Dallas, Texas MB $25


310. Jimmie Dale and His Prides Of The Prairie — "Goodbye-Maria I'm Off To Korea/Rosalita" Anchor 1 VG MB $5


311. Jimmy Dean — "My Heart Is An Open Book/Shark In The Bathtub" CBS 339 VG+ South Africa 78 MB $5


312. Johnny Dieson and His Cripple Creek Ranch Hands — "Leather Britches/Gray Eagle" 4 Star 1497 M- MB $25

313. Ted Dixon And Dixie Range Riders — "Two Ton Mama/This Doggone Fiddle" Alfa 102 M- Great Bluesy Country MB $75


314. Bob Doran — "Only When I Dream/Let Me Be The One" Gilt-Edge 17 M- MB $25


315. Larry Douglas — "Pretty Little Blue-Eyed Jenny/SAME" Jenny no # VG MB $5


316. Tex Doyle and His Roadside Ramblers — "Trusting Heart/You Knew" Grande 102 G RARE Bakersfield, California label MB $10


317. Durning String Band — "Easter Parade/Mary Lou" Guyden 1313 M- MB $25

318. Smilin' Jim Eanes and His Shennandoah Valley Boys — "Returned From Missing In Action/Long Journey Home" Blue Rige 201 M- Rare one from North Carolina MB $75

319. Cousin Ebb and His Ozark Squirrel Shooters — "Shoot The Turkey Buzzard/Ozark Polka" Grande 1008 M- Rare Bakersfield, California label MB $75


320. Jack Emerson — "Cornbelt Symphony/There's An Old Rusty Wagon" Metrotone 3014 M-/VG+ MB $20

321. Gene Estes and His Arizona Rhythm Riders — "For More Than You Know/Patchin' My Heart With Kisses" Chaw-Mark Blue Ribbon 1908 M- MB $50


322. Len Fabian (The Continental Cowboy) — "Aw-Chee-Chor-Nee-R/Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup" J O Z 799 VG Yes, there was Country on J O Z label!!! MB $5


323. Dave Farley — "Walking Around In Circles/Devil Eyes" Bonanza 101 VG+ MB $20


324. Terry Fell and The Fellers — "Napanee/Little By Little" 4 Star 1211 VG+ MB $10


325. Terry Fell And The Fellers — "Smoking Cornsilks/Hillbilly Impressions" Gilt-Edge 5084 M- Tough one MB $50


326. Bill Franklin with The Skyline Boys — "Cincinnati Hit Parade/That Old Time Lovin' " Abbey 15016 VG+ MB $20


327. Tillman Franks — "Hi-Tone Papa/Hot Rod Shot Gun Boogie No. 2" Gotham 412 VG+/M- FARON YOUNG on vocals—very early for him MB $20

328. Sheldon Gibbs And His Arizona Ranch Boys — "Nothing Gets Me Down/I Was A Fool" Gibbs no # M-/VG+ MB $50


329. Gibson Family Singers — "Holy Jesus/Jesus My Savior And Friend" BRC 1024 VG+ MB $20


330. Smokie Graves and His Blue Star Boys — "The Waltz Of The Raindrops/I'm Glad You're Not My Own" Star 700 VG MB $10


331. Rudy Grayzell — "It Ain't My Baby And I Ain't Gonna Rock It/Ocean Paradise" Abbott 157 M- MB $25


332. Cathy & Bobby Gregory — "Remember Jesus/Mother Maria" Gregorian 2204 M- MB $20


333. Redd Harper and His Vine Street Boys — "Louella/Cornered" Gibson House 865 M- MB $50


334. Jimmy Heap and The Melody Masters — "Honky Tonkin' Women/Curtain Of Tears" Imperial 8112 VG- MB $5


335. Curley Herdman & His Saddlemen — "Barnyard Special/Rose Of My Heart" Abbey 15052 M- MB $30


336. Curly Hicks and His Taproom Boys — "Frisky Fiddler/Quarter Keg Polka" Bluebird 8740 VG+ MB $20


337. Curly Hicks and His Taproom Boys — "Jinny Lind Polka/Poker Party Polka" Bluebird 11536 M- MB $30


338. Smilin' Eddie Hill with The Tennessee Mountain Boy — "I Never See My Baby Alone/The Little Shirt My Mommy Made For Me" Apollo 158 M- MB $20


339. Smilin' Eddie Hill and His Boys — "Someday You'll Call My Name/The Hem Lines Are Getting Longer" Apollo 182 M- Small sticker stain on label MB $20

340. Tiny Hill and His Orchestra — "Just Lookin'/The Wild Side Of Life" Mercury 5830 VG+ RED VINYL MB $75


341. Tiny Hill and His Orchestra — "If You Knew Susie/San" Mercury 6076 VG MB $5


342. Curt Hinson — "Down Deep In My Heart/Let's See You Smile" Gotham 431 M- Edge bite not into grooves MB $20


343. Johnny Horton — "Candy Jones/Develish Lovelight" Abbott 100 VG+ First release on the Abbott label MB $20


344. Johnny Horton — "Talk Gobbler Talk/Shadows On The Old Bayou" Abbott 105 M- MB $30

345. Johnny Horton — "Plaid & Calico/Shadows On The Old Bayou" Abbott 135 VG RED WAX with wol MB $25

346. Henry Hudson's Pioneer Fiddle Band — "Home Sweet Home/Put Your Little Foot" Henlee 117 M-/VG+ Wol, SUPER RARE ONE FROM AUSTIN, TEXAS MB $75


347. Harper Hunter, Jr. — "Death Shall Not Destroy My Comfort/Bound For The Kingdom" BRC 3610 VG+ MB $10


348. Harper Hunter — "Somebody Made It/Dig A Little Deeper" BRC 1034 VG+ MB $10


349. Harper Hunter — "In My Father's House/If You Believe" BRC 1020 VG MB $5

350. Jerry Irby and His Texas Ranchers — "You Can't Take It With You/Almost Every Time" Cireco 101 M- RARE ONE FROM HOUSTON, TEXAS MB $75


351. Jerry Irby and His Texas Ranchers — "Nails In My Coffin/Sugar Pie" Globe 113 VG+ MB $10


352. Jerry Irby and His Texas Ranchers — "Don't You Weep/You Don't Love Me Anymore" Globe 115 M- MB $20


353. Jerry Irby and His Texas Cowboys — "Rocks And Gravel/Super Boogie Woogie" Globe 120 M- MB $20


354. Jesse James and All The Boys — "Flying Saucer Mama/Darling I Don't Understand" 4 Star 1462 VG+ MB $20

355. Gordon Jennings & The West Virginia Five — "Monday Morning Blues/Strollin' Home With Mary" ALBA 411 VG Nice one!!! MB $50


356. Jerry & Zelda — "There'll Come A Time/I'm Keeping My Promise" Blue Star 25-27 M-/VG+ MB $20


357. Jimmy & Johnny — "If You Don't Somebody Else Will/I'm Beginning To Remember" Chess 4859 M- MB $30

358. Cousin Jody 'N Odie The Country Cousins — "Television Set/Georgiana Waltz" Chic 1004 M- RARE MB $75


359. Jody and Odie (The Country Cousins) — "Money/Unpuckered" Chic 1006 VG MB $20


360. Wayne Johnson and The Boys — "A' Pickin' And A' Singin'/You Used To Be My Sweetheart" Bonnie Blue Records 1001 VG RARE label from El Paso, Texas MB $20

361. Wayne Johnston and The Boys — "A Page From The Past/My Mem'ries Of You" Bonnie Blue 1002 M- El Paso label MB $50

362. George Jones and Virginia Spurlock — "Flame In My Heart/No, No Never" Mercury 71141 M- RARE MB $100


363. George Jones — "Maybe Next Christmas/New Baby For Christmas" Mercury 71225 M- MB $75

364. Jimmy Kelly — "3 D Boogie/My Love's Left Behind" Jiffy 200 M- PROMO COPY MB $75


365. Claude King — "A Million Mistakes/Why Should I?" Gotham 409 M- #ol MB $30

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