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HRK All Original 78's auction #9!
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Original R&B Vocal Group, Black/White Gospel Group 78's:

51. The Four Plaid Throats — "My Inspiration/The Message" Mercury 70143 MINT Rarest R & B Group on Mercury MB $300

52. The Four Toppers — "Carry Me Back To Old Virginia/I Found A New Baby" Ammor 100 VG RARE MB $50


53. The Gazelles — "Honest/Pretty Baby, Baby!" Gotham 315 M- MB $30


54. Gibson Family — "God's Way Of Living/O Rock Of Ages" BRC 1015 VG MB $5


55. Steve Gibson And The Red Caps — "Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine/I've Lived A Lifetime For You" Mercury 8069 VG- MB $5


56. Famous Georgia Peach with The Harmonaires — "Who Is That Knocking?/Where The Sun Will Never Go" Apollo 107 VG+ MB $25


57. The Harmoneers Quartet — "Daddy, You Know What?/I Won't Turn Back" Harmoneers Quartet 507 M- MB $20


58. The Harptones — "My Memories Of You/The Laughs On You" Bruce 102 M- MB $50


59. The Harptones — "Cry Like I Cried/So Good, So Fine" Gee 1045 VG MB $5


60. Sam Hawkins and Group — "King Of Fools/The Whatchamacallit" Gone 5042 M- Pressing has slight pimples MB $75


61. Maudie Billrew and the Hollywoodaires — "Nature Boy/Don't You Want That Stone" Jewel 2006 VG Gospel MB $10


62. The Imperials — "You'll Never Walk Alone/Ain't Gonna Tell It Right" Great Lakes 1212 VG Rarest one MB $25


63. Inspirational Trio — "Filled With Glory Divine/In The Shelter Of His Wing" BRC 1006 VG MB $5


64. The Jaguars — "I Wanted You/Rock It, Davy Crockett" Aardell 0003 M- MB $50


65. Kelly Brothers — "All God's Children's Is Coming Home/He Bought My Soul At The Calvary" BRC 1008 VG+ MB $5


66. The Larks — "Hey, Little Girl/Little Side Car" Apollo 429 MINT MB $100


67. The Larks — "How Long Must I Wait For You/Hey Lost Love" Apollo 435 VG MB $25


68. Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers — "Why Do Fools Fall In Love/Please Be Mine" Gee 1002 VG+ MB $10


69. Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers — "I Want You To Be My Girl/I'm Not A Know-It-All" Gee 1012 VG MB $5

70. The Minor Tones — "Burning Desire/Gonna Tell The World" Cholly 7094 VG Very few known copies, SUPERB LOS ANGELES AREA GROUP!!! MB $100


71. The Moonglows — "In The Middle Of The Night/Soda Pop" Chess 1689 MINT Old store stock MB $50


72. Harvey And The Moonglows — "Ten Commandments Of Love/Mean Old Blues" Chess 1705 VG/M Juke wear on A-side but plays nice MB $5

73. Earl Nelson And The Pelicans — "I Bow To You/Oh Gee Oh Golly" Class 209 MINT Old store stock MB $150


74. The Nitecaps — "A Kiss And A Vow/By My Girl" Groove 0134 M- MB $50

75. The Pharaohs — "Teenagers Love Song/Watusi" Class 202 MINT Old Store Stock MB $200


76. The Pilgrim Travelers — "Motherless Child/Walk Around" Andex 5009 MINT 1959 78! MB $30


77. The Platters — "You've Got The Magic Touch/Winner Take All" Mercury 70819 VG MB $5


78. The Platters — "One In A Million/On My Word Of Honor" Mercury 71011 VG+ MB $5


79. The Platters — "My Dream/I Wanna" Mercury 71093 M- MB $30


80. The Platters — "Twilight Time/Out Of My Mind" Mercury 71289 VG+/M- Rare one from 1959 MB $50


81. Chris Powell And The Blue Flames — "Uh Uh Baby/Sweet Sue Mambo" Grand 108 VG MB $5

82. The Ravens with Dinah Washington — "Out In The Cold Again/Hey, Good Lookin' " Mercury 8257 VG RED VINYL, one of TWO KNOWN COPIES MB $300

83. The Rocketeers — "My Reckless Heart/They Turned The Party Out Down At Bessie's House" M.J. C. 501 M- RARE AND GREAT ONE MB $300


84. The Rolling Crew — "Home On Alcatraz/Cryin' Emma" Aladdin 3301 M- MB $50


85. The Robert Ross Singers — "I'll Tell It/Speak To Me Jesus" Apollo 224 M- MB $25


86. The San Francisco Boys — "Happy Halavah/Away Up There" Allen 240 VG+ MB $5


87. The Serenaders — "It's Funny/Confession Is Good For The Soul" Coral 60720 M- POWDER BLUE LABEL PROMO MB $75


88. The Sharps — "Shuffflin'/What Will I Gain" Aladdin 3401 MINT MB $50


89. The Sharps — "6 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days, 1 Hour/Cha Cho Hop" Chess 1690 M- Tough to find on 78 format MB $50


90. The Sha-Weez — "No One To Love Me/Early Sunday Morning" Aladdin 3170 M- STUNNING GREASY MASTERPIECE!! MB $500

91. Silver Leaf Of Boston — "I Thank You Lord/Walk In Jerusalem Just Like John" Copley 101 VG- Plays great! Super Rare Black Gospel MB $50


92. Singing Star Trio — "Life Will Be Sweeter Someday/Didn't It Rain" BRC 1017 VG MB $5


93. Sons Of Harmony — "Gonna To Ring Those Ding-Dong Bells/Gonna Row My Boat" BRC 1007 VG+ MB $5


94. Soul Stirrers of 1954 — "Never Let Go My Hand/When You Travel All Alone" BRC 1018 VG+ MB $5


95. The Sparrows and The Spencer Wootton Trio — "Believe Me/Bring My Baby Back To Me" Broadcast 994 M- VINYL 78 from 1961, SPENCE WOOTTON—was that you?? MB $50


96. The Tear Drops — "The Stars Are Out Tonight/Oh Stop It" J O Z 766 VG+ GREAT ONE MB $50


97. The Teenagers — "Everything To Me/Flip-Flop" Gee 1046 VG Wol MB $5


98. The Travelers — "Why/Teen Age Machine Age" Andex 4006 M- Tough one to find on 78 format MB $50

99. Virginia Sons Of Harmony — "Teach Me The Way/A Song On My Lips" Grand 504 MINT RARE MB $100


100. Voice Of Salvation Quartet — "Goodbye World Goodbye/Where No One Stands Alone" BRC 1033 M- MB $25


101. The Voxpoppers — "Ping Pong Baby/Pony Tail" Mercury 71315 VG MB $5


102. Sister Mabel Washington & Clarence Johnson Trio — "What Shall I Render/ I Cannot Feel At Home In This" Grand 509 M- MB $50


103. The Willie Webb Singers — "Every Day And Every Hour/He's The One" Gotham 671 VG+ Great one with fabulous record store sticker on A-side label MB $25


104. Rev. Harold Williams and His Ivory Gospel Singers — "Out Of The Depths/Make More Room" Apollo 219 M- MB $30


105. Wayne And Jenna Lee Allen — "Just To Have You/In That Hour" BRC 1029 M-/VG+ MB $5


106. Gloria Alleyne — "When I Say My Prayer/The Uncloudy Day" J O Z 767 M- MB $25


Original 1950's Blues, Jump Blues, Gospel Blues, R&B 78's:

107. Robert Anderson — "Nothing Shall Destroy My Faith/Since My Heart's Been Changed" Apollo 290 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on thin vinyl wol MB $5

108. Don Archer — "Fathead Blues/Georgia Blues" Allen 1001 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $100


109. Tom Archia and His All Stars with Dr. Jo Jo Adams — "Love Me/Drinkin' Blues" Aristocrat 801 M- MB $75


110. Elder Beck and His Religion In Rhythm — "There's A Dead Cat On The Line/Didn't It Rain" Apex 603 VG+ MB $15


111. The Blues King — "Me And My Baby/Good Boy" SOLO 5 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


112. Charley Booker — "Rabbit Blues/No Ridin' Blues" Blues & Rhythm 7003 M-/VG+ MB $75


113. Eddie Boyd Trio — "It's Miserable To Be Alone/I'm Pleading" J.O.B. 1005 VG+ Blue and Silver label true first pressing MB $25


114. Eddie Boyd — "Five Long Years/Blue Coat Man" J.O.B. 1007 VG MB $5


115. J.T. "Blow It" Brown And His Harlem Blu-Blowers — "Black Jack Blues/Brown's "Bop" Boogie" Harlem 1044 M- RARE MB $75


116. Rose Brown And Jimmie Harris with Bubbles & His Band — "Rockin' Chair Woman/Back From Korea" G S T 1001 M- MB $30


117. The Brown Sisters — "Precious Lord/Satisfied" No label or number M-/VG+ MB $50


118. Allen Bunn and Trio — "The Guy With A "45"/She'll Be Sorry" Apollo 436 M- MB $30


119. Bob Camp And His Buddies — "Gonna Pitch A Boogie/Blues Mixture" Southern 121 VG MB $5


120. Bill Campbell And His Harlem Band — "It Was So Good/Got A Man In My System" Harlem 1010 M- RARE MB $75


121. Randy Carlos And His Trio — "Mommy/Mambo VA" Gee 6 MINT Odd one on Gee MB $50


122. Jimmy Crawford and His Crew — "That Ain't Right/Till My Baby Comes Back" Gem 215 M- MB $50

123. G. "Davy" Crockett — "Look Out Mable/Did You Ever Love Somebody" Chief 7010 MINT Slight stains on the label—RARE one soon after released on Checker MB $300


124. Numa Lee Davis — "Around The Clock/Part Two" Gilt-Edge 520 VG- MB $5

125. Fred Dunn — "Fred's Boogie Woogie/The Morning After The Night Before" Jiffy 100 VG RARE AND FIRST LABEL TRUE FIRST PRESSING FROM WEST MONROE, LOUISIANA—later released nationwide on SIGNATURE, FABULOUS PIANO BLUES! MB $50


126. Vep Ellis and The 3 Macs — "All The Way/I've Got A Made Up Mind" BRC 1026 VG MB $5


127. Bill (The Hawk) Franklin and The Cubano's — "Mono Lisa/Love For Sale" Grand 119 VG/VG+ RARE ONE ON GRAND MB $20


128. Rev. C.L. Franklin — "The Eagle Stirred Her Nest THREE RECORD SET" Chess 61-63 MINT Aretha's father gives a sermon MB $50


129. Rev. C.L. Franklin — "The Twenty Third Psalm FOUR RECORD SET" Chess 54-57 VG MB $10


130. Rev. C.L. Franklin — "The Twenty Third Song FOUR RECORD SET" Chess 1-8 VG MB $5



132. Rev. C. L. Franklin — "Pressing On THREE RECORD SET" Chess 81-83 VG MB $5


133. Rev. C. L. Franklin — "Jacob Wrestling With The Angel FOUR RECORD SET" Chess 95-98 M-/VG+ MB $30

134. Lowell Fulson — "Storming And Raining/Poor Boy" Cava-Tone 250 VG+ RARE and FIRST LABEL AND TRUE FIRST PRESSING before general release on Aladdin MB $75


135. Lowell Fulson — "Street Walkin' Woman/Katie Lee Blues" Gilt-Edge 5041 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $15


136. Bob Gaddy and His Keys — "Blues Has Walked In My Room/Slow Down Baby" Harlem 2330 M- MB $75


137. Cecil Gant — "I Wonder/Last Goodbye" Bronze 117 VG FIRST LABEL, TRUE FIRST PRESSING BEFORE IT WENT BIG ON GILT-EDGE MB $10

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