My Sabis #9 February 21st, 2017 Auction:
All Original 78's!

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Closes Tuesday, February 21st, 2016 at 7:00 pm PT

HRK All Original 78's auction #9!
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Original R&B Vocal Group / Black/White Gospel Group 78's:

1. The All American Quartet — "Way Out Yonder/My Journey To The Sky" All American Quartet 1215 VG Mixed Gospel Quartet MB $5


2. The Angelic Gospel Singers — "Somebody Saved Me/Yes, My Jesus Cares" Gotham 618 VG+ MB $10


3. The Angelic Gospel Singers — "If Jesus Goes With Me/The Blessed, Blessed Jesus" Gotham 711 VG/VG+ MB $5


4. Anniston Gospel Trio — "The Lord Is Coming By And By/Thirty Pieces Of Silver" BRC 1003 VG+ MB $5


5. Bill Mathews And The Balladiers — "Please Give My Heart A Break/Rock And Roll" Arlington 201 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO—very early use of the term "Rock And Roll" MB $10


6. Biblical Wonder Trio — "Glory Special/The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow" BRC 1005 VG/VG- MB $5


7. Biblical Wonder Trio — "Cool Water/The Milky White Way" BRC 1027 1027 \MB $20


8. The Blackwood Brothers — "I Am Satisfied With Jesus/Did You Ever Go Sailin?" Christian Education Services 1 M- MB $20

9. The Blenders — "I'll Miss You/Play Boy Blues" no label or number M- FIRST AND ONLY KNOWN COPY—made for Louisville, Kentucky radio station WINN Disc Jockey Claude Fraul MB $100


10. The Blenders — "Whispering Grass/Ice Cold Love" Miltone 230 VG+ Nice cartoon label MB $50

11. Blue Jay Singers Of Birmingham — "I Must Tell Jesus/The Time Is Drawin' Nigh" 20th Century 2047 VG+/VG First copy I've seen of this. This group was one of the greatest Gospel groups ever and made records back in the early 1930's through the 1950's MB $25


12. Camp Meeting Of The Air — "The Hope Of The World Is Jesus/When I Shall Meet Him Face To Face?" Gotham 672 VG- MB $5


13. Wini Brown And Her Boyfriends — "Here In My Heart/Your Happiness Is Mine" Mercury 5870 VG+ MB $10


14. Campbell's Blue Notes — "Baby Don't You Cry/Too Hip To Be Happy" Apollo 352 VG- MB $5


15. The Capris — "It Was Moonglow/Too Poor To Love" Gotham 306 VG+/M- MB $10


16. Eddie Carter And Carter Rays — "Kiss Me Goodnite/Oooh Baby" Sound 104 VG MB $5


17. Bob Geddins' Cavaliers — "Nobody's Business If I Do/I'm Just A Stranger Here" Gilt-Edge 5022 M- Nice One! MB $30


18. The Channels — "Altar Of Love/All Alone" Gone 5019 M- Scarce on 78 rpm format MB $100

19. The Cherokees — "Remember When/Please Tell Me So" Grand 109 M- With company corrected release number—meaning that # 110 is stamped over the printed release number of 109 MB $150


20. The Chords — "Bless You/Zippity Zum" CAT 109 VG- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5


21. The Cleftones — "You Baby You/I Was Dreaming" Gee 1000 M- MB $25


22. The Cleftones — "String Around My Heart/Happy Memories" Gee 1025 VG/VG+ MB $5


23. Johnny Blake And The Clippers — "Bella-Marie/I'm Yours" Gee 1027 M- MB $25


24. The Coasters — "On The Planet Of Love/Mary Amelia Brown" Gilt-Edge 5007 VG- MB $5

25. The Coins — "Blue, Can't Get No Place With You/Cheatin' Baby" Gee 10 • M-/VG+ GREEN AND WHITE LABEL PROMO of all time MASTERPIECE! MB $1000

26. The Coins — "SR Blues/Look At Me Girl" Gee 11 • M/M- RARE! The two Coins records in this auction are some of the greatest and most primitively beautiful R & B Vocal Group records of the early 1950's. MB $1000


27. Bill "Bass" Gordon and His Colonials — "Two Loves Have I/Bring My Baby Back" Gee 12 M- MB $200


28. Pearl Reaves And "The Concords" — "I'm Not Ashamed/You Can't Stay Here" Harlem 2332 VG MB $5


29. The Crew Of The Good Ship Grace —"Whispering Hope/Break Through The Bread Of Life" Haven Of Rest 540 M- MB $20


30. The Crew Cuts — "Chop Chop Boom/Don't Be Angry" Mercury 70597 M- MB $10


31. The Crew-Cuts — "Susie-Q/Such A Shame" Mercury 71125 M- MB $10

32. Lorraine Ellis and The Crows — "Piano-Player-Play-A-Tune/Perfidia" Gee 1 M- MB $75


33. The Diamonds — "Ka-Ding-Dong/Soft Summer Breeze" Mercury 70934 M- MB $10


34. The Diamonds — "The Stroll/Land Of Beauty" Mercury 71242 VG- Rare on 78 rpm format MB $5


35. The Dixieaires — "Traveling All Alone/I'm Not Like I Used To Be" Harlem 2326 VG+ MB $75


36. The Dreamers — "Ain't Gonna Worry No More/I'm Gonna Hate Myself In The Morning" Mercury 5843 M- MB $20


37. The Dubs — "Be Sure My Love/Song In My Heart" Gone 5034 VG RARE on 78 rpm format MB $10


38. Echos Of Zion — "Evening Sun/Atlanta's Tragic Monday" Gerald Record Company no # VG- MB $5


39. JoAnn Boswell with The Eltones — "You Were Meant For Me/I Won't Be Your Fool" Chief 800 MINT MB $75

40. The Empires — "Magic Mirror/Make Me Or Break Me" Harlem 2333 MINT GREAT! MB $100


41. The Enchanters — "True Love Gone/Wait A Minute Baby" Coral 61756 M- Tough to find on 78 rpm format MB $50

42. The Fi-Tone — "You'll Be The Last/Wake Up" Angle Tone 525 M- Label error with the "s" dropped from the name of the group MB $100


43. The Five Crowns — "Do You Remember/God Bless You" Gee 1001 VG+/VG # on label, VOCAL VERSION MB $50

44. The 5 Embers — "Please Come Home/Love Birds" Gem 224 M- MB $200


45. The 5 Willows — "Dolores/All Night Long" Allen 1002 VG- Xol MB $5

46. The 5 Willows — "The White Cliffs Of Dover/With These Hands" Allen 1003 M- The rarest one by this group MB $400


47. The Flairs — "In Self Defense/She Loves To Rock" ABC-Paramount 9698 MINT MB $50

48. The Flames — "Together/Baby, Pretty Baby" 7-11 2107 M- RAREST ONE MB $200

49. The Four Jacks — "I Cry My Heart Out/Take Me" Gotham 219 M- RARE MB $100


50. Mac Burney and The Four Jacks — "This Is My Last Affair/Tired Of Your Sexy Ways" Aladdin 3274 M- MB $50

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