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HRK All Original 78's auction #9!
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Original Post War Country, Country Gospel, Bluegrass 78's:

366. Claude King — "Beer And Pinballs/51 Beers" Gotham 411 M- MB $50

367. Jimmy Le Fever and His Saddle Pals — "Rail Road Blues/What Becomes Of Me" Solar 0713 M- MB $50

368. Ernie Lee — "Tried And Found Guilty/My Little Pup With The Pate" G L C Records 3032 VG- MB $5

369. Leo And His Pioneers — "Chicken Reel/You Tell Me Your Dream" SOMA 1032 M- MB $50

370. Hank Locklin "The Rocky Mountain Boy" — "Stumpy Joe/One More Mistake" 4 Star 501 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

371. Hank Locklin "The Rocky Mountain Boy" — "Tomorrow Is Just Another Day To Cry/Tell Me You Love Me" 4 Star 1594 M- MB $20

372. Hank Locklin "The Rocky Mountain Boy" — "I'm Tired Of Bummin' Around/Let Me Be The One" 4 Star 1641 M- MB $20

373. Lillian Long with Joe Banana and His Bunch—The Band With A Peel "Little Lass Round-Up/The Peddle Song" Gayety 1001 M- MB $30

374. The Lovett Sisters — "Little Dirty Face/Bacon And Eggs" Imperial 8272 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with #ol MB $20

375. Bill Mack — "Play My Boogie/Memories And Tears" Imperial 8174 VG+ Great Boogie MB $50

376. Maddox Brothers and Rose — "Water Baby Blues/Chill In My Heart" 4 Star 1507 VG Good one!! MB $25

377. Maddox Brothers & Rose — "Eight-Thirty Blues/Your Love Light Never Shown" 4 Star 1596 M- MB $30

378. Buster Martin's Bronco Busters — "Herbie's Steel Guitar Polka/I'm Reaping Heartaches" Groovy 701 M- RARE MB $75

379. McDonald Brothers Quartet — "Over The Moon/Lord Build Me A Cabin In Glory" Give The World A Smile 102 M- Wol MB $30

380. Windy Bill McKay with The Gully Jumpers — "Di'monds/Beating Heart" Arkay 2001 M- McKay was the "Sheriff of Ghost Town" and "The last of the singing cowboys." Included with the record are some photos and memorabilia. MB $50

381. Eddie McMullen — "The Tatooed Lady/With A Penny In My Pocket" Abbey 15033 MINT MB $30

382. Dan Michaud — "Heading For Nowhere/Whispering Wind" Solar 0711 VG- MB $5

383. Jimmy Minor — "Somebody Rustled My Sugar/Don't Cross Your Fingers" Western Chuck Wagon 103 VG+ Rare label from Flint, Michigan MB $50

384. Carl "Deacon" Moore and His Town and Country Boys — "Arkansas Boogie/A Woman Gets Tired Lovin' The Same Man" 4 Star 1234 M-/VG+ MB $25

385. Lattie Moore and His Allen County Boys — "Married Troubles/Hide-A-Way Heart" Arrow no # VG+ GREAT and his very first record!!! Super SCARCE MB $150

386. George Morgan And The Robin Hood Ramblers — "Peace In The Valley/Molly Darling" No Label name or number VG+/VG+ With original cartoon drawing sleeve, VERY SCARCE 7" 78—some writing on the sleeve MB $100

387. Cotton Nash with Joe Morris and The Silver Dew Boy — "Chattanooga Moon/I Wonder If You Care" Gilt-Edge 5019 M- MB $25

388. Norman Nettles and His Blue Mountain Boys — "Ooh I Like It/The Life He Didn't Choose" Jiffy 201 M- RARE MB $75

389. Frank & Ernie and Their Blue Mountain Boys — "Foot Loose And Fancy Free/Tomorrow Has Faded Away" Blue Mountain 188 VG RARE MB $25

390. Frank Oleachea and His Blue Mountain Boys — "I Married Another (To Forget You)/A Mansion Without Love" Blue Mountain 197 M- MB $75

391. Oliver's Prairie Pioneers — "The Hudson Hornet/The Old Red Mule" Adams 1952 VG/VG- RARE one from Elmhurst, Illinois MB $20

392. Buck Ownes and His Country Music — "When I Hold You/I Can't Live Without You Now" Chesterfield 353 M- MB $150

393. Buck Owens And His Country Music — "Castaway Heart/How Can I Be?" Chesterfield 365 M- MB $150

394. Bill Palmer — "Free Wheelin' Hobo/Countin' Cross Ties" Bluebird 1824 M- RARE MB $100

395. Glen Paul and The Lazy River Boys — "You're So Easy To Love/Blue Bonnet Hill" Allstar 7101 MINT MB $50

396. Webb Pierce and His Southern Valley Boys — "Georgia Rag/I Saw Your Face In The Moon" 4 Star 1479 M- MB $30

397. Webb Pierce and The Southern Valley Boys — "Hawaiian Echoes/I've Loved You Forever It Seems" 4 Star 1517 M- MB $25

398. Webb Pierce and The Southern Valley Boys — "Heebie Jeebie Blues/High Geared Daddy" 4 Star 1601 VG Label damage on A-side—needle runs in the label MB $5

399. The Populaires — "Foggy Foggy Dew/Oleander Time" Greenbrier Recordings 7019 VG MB $10

400. Terry Preston And The Personality Boys — "Heart Of Stone/Daddy's Little Girl" 4 Star 1438 MINT AKA Ferlin Husky MB $30

401. Marvin Rainwater and His Ridge Riders — "I Gotta Go Get My Baby/Daddy's Glad You Came Home" Marvin Rainwater no # VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on thin VINYL, label has some staining MB $20

402. The Rangers — "Old Chisholm Trail/Jessie James" Sonora 4041 M-/VG+ MB $10

403. Margie Rayburn — "The Boy From The Hills/Enclosed Are My Tears" ALMA 81 VG MB $10

404. Jim Reeves — "Butterfly Love/Let Me Love You Just A Little" Abbott 137 M- RED WAX MB $75

405. Slim Rhodes — "Skunk Hollow Boogie/Save A Little Love For Me" Gilt-Edge 5015 VG+ RECORDED AT SUN STUDIOS IN MEMPHIS with Sam Phillips at the controls MB $100

406. Slim Rhodes — "Sixty Days/Memphis Bounce" Gilt-Edge 5026 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol and sticker on label, RECORDED AT SUN STUDIOS with Sam Phillips MB $25

407. Slim Rhodes — "Red White And Blue/Ozark Boogie" Gilt-Edge 5044 M- RECORDED AT SUN STUDIOS IN MEMPHIS with Sam Phillips at the controls MB $75

408. Larry Richardson & Happy Smith Blue Ridge Boys — "Just Let Me Fall/I'm Lonesome" Blue Ridge 306 M- RARE label from Wilkesboro, North Carolina MB $50

409. Kenny Roberts — "Wedding Bells/I Never See Maggie Alone" Coral 64012 M- MB $25

410. Kenny Roberts — "Hillbilly Fever/Chocolate Ice Cream Cone" Coral 64032 VG MB $5

411. Carson Robinson and Frank Luther — "Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane/Birmingham Jail" Joe Davis 3520 VG+/VG MB $5

412. Carson Robison — "Life Gits Tee-Jus Don't It/Wind In The Mountains" M-G-M 10224 M- MB $10

413. Tex Russell and His Hollywood Cowboys — "Texas Tornado/What It Means To Be Blue" Aladdin 508 VG And yes, Aladdin had Country records too MB $5

414. Curley Sanders — "Love 'Em Country Style/My Heart Is Yours Alone" Imperial 8197 VG+ MB $10

415. Kenn Schofield and His Western Rhythm Rascals — "A Million Sweethearts/You Can't Lose Your Way To My Heart" Anacapa 52 M- MB $30

416. Ramblin' Tommy Scott and His All Star Jamboree Gang — "Kiss and Run/Cherokee Rose" 4 Star 98 M- MB $30

417. Outpost Scotty And His Ramblers — "Black Berry Boogie/Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes" Broadway 225 VG MB $5

418. Dan Seal — "You Gotta Walk That Line/Don't Ever Break My Heart" Gulf Coast 1012 VG+ Mr. Seal was the opening act for ELVIS PRESLEY when he appeared in Mississippi in 1955. Label is from Biloxi, Mississippi—FIRST AND ONLY COPY I've seen! MB $100

419. Cal Shrum and His Rhythm Rangers — "I've Got Nuggets In My Pockets/My Sunbonnet Girl" Solar 0716 M- MB $30

420. Sons Of The Range — "The Texas Cannonball/There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder" Metropolitan 102 VG MB $5

421. The Southernaires — "You Found Another/Honey Stop Your Nagging" Gilt-Edge 15 MINT MB $30

422. The Southern Ramblers — "Payday Blues/Golden Band Of Love" Broski 100 VG+/M- MB $10

423. Sandy Stanton With The Rhythm Riders — "Prairie Schooner/Lonesome Valley" Bronco 624 M- Small wol—RARE Los Angeles label MB $30

424. Frankie Starr and His Kings County Boys — "There's A Vacancy/Cross My Heart" 4 Star 1484 M- MB $30

425. The Stewart Family — "22 Boogie/The Green Grass Grows All Around" Gilt-Edge 5035 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with small tol on B-side MB $25

426. Billy Tabb and His Western Swing Band — "I Want A Whole Lot Of Lovin'/You're The Keeper Of My Heart" Chaw-Mank Blue Ribbon 2001 VG MB $5

427. Various Artists — "4 Star Promo Only ET with Eight Songs" 4 Star ET-112 VG RED VINYL with Roy Hall, Hank Locklin, Webb Pierce, Jesse James, Cactus Pryor, T. Texas Tyler, Webb Pierce and Tommy Kizziah—33 1/3 rpm MB $5

428. Various Artists — "4 Star Promo Only 10" 45 with Eight Songs" 4 Star 134 VG PROMO ONLY 10" 45 with Patsy Cline,Wendy Blevins, The Miller Brothers,Rocky Bill Ford,The Stewart Family MB $5

429. Various Artists — "4 Star 10" 45 rpm with EIGHT SONGS PROMO ONLY" 4 Star 139 M- PROMO ONLY 10" 45 with songs by T. Texas Tyler, Eddie Marvin,Bill Taylor, Patsy Cline MB $30

430. Woody Vernon — "I'm Lonesome But I'm Free/A Rainy Sunday Night" Gulf 100 VG MB $5

431. Charlie Walker — "Dancing Mexican Boy/Gentle Love" Mercury 71081 VG Thin vinyl MB $5

432. Wayne Walker and The Lousiana Hay Ride Stars — "You Got The Best Of Me (I Got The Worst Of You)/Now Is The Time For Love" Chess 4860 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

433. Warren Brothers — "Hot Rod Wreck/Ain't Got The Time" Abbey 15043 M- MB $30

434. Don Weston — "Wildfire/Superstition Mountain" Jimmy Wakely Songs no # MINT MB $30

435. Ted West with Buddy Watkins and His Buddies Of The West "Mary Ann/Jess Hunter Song" Jess Hunter Records 102 Poor Rare label from Pueblo, Colorado MB $5

436. Johnny White and The Rhythm Ramblers — "You Can't Come Back/I Can't Take No More" Citation 101 M- MB $30

437. Slim Whitman — "Restless Heart/Song Of The Old Water Wheel" Imperial 8189 MINT RED VINYL with Publisher's sticker on A-side label as shown MB $50

438. Hank Wiebe — "Troublesome Waters/Place Your Hand In The Nail Scars" Hank Wiebe 1240 M-/VG+ Same song as Howard Seratt on SUN MB $50

439. Slim Willet and His Ranch Hands — "My Love Song To You/Let Me Know" 4 Star 1625 VG+ MB $5

440. V. Cecil Williams — "A Memory Of You/An Oklahoma Moon" Gilbert 1007 M-/VG+ RARE SAN ANTONIO LABEL—part of T N T MB $50

441. Billy Jack Wills and His Western Swing Band — "Tobacco Chewing Boogie/Lilly Dale" 4 Star 18 M- MB $30

442. Jimmy Work And His Border Boys — "Tennessee Border/Jealous Heart Is Broken" Alben 501 VG+ MB $10

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