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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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Closes Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 at 7:00 pm PT

HRK All Original 78's auction #14
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Country / Hillbilly / Western Swing/ Bluegrass 78's:

385. Pee Wee Miller And The Bunk House Boys — "I'm Gonna Dry Every Tear With A Kiss/Ten Gallon Stetson" HOLIDAY 112 M- MB $25


386. Morris Mills And The Rithumakers — "I'd Like To Slip Around/Don't Play This Record" MACY'S 127 M- MB $25


387. Morris Mills And The Rithumakers — "Steppin' On Feet For Fun/I Need Some Sunshine" MACY'S 142 VG+ MB $10


388. Slim Mims And His Dream Ranch Boys — "South "C" Stomp/Tomorrow And You" MIMS 002 VG Florence, South Carolina label MB $5


389. Bob Mooney — "Jug Of Wine/A Sucker Born Every Day" KENTUCKY 575 M- MB $25


390. Lattie Moore — "Foolish Castles/I'm Gonna Tell You Something" KING 1194 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $20


391. Lattie Moore — "Pull Down The Blinds/What Am I Supposed To Do" KING 1350 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


392. Red Murrell And His Ozark Playboys — "Git Fiddle Boogie/You Nearly Lose Your Mind" ATLAS 125 M- MB $20

393. "Cowboy Sam" Nichols And His Range-sters — "I'm Gonna Tie My Baby (To A Hitchin' Post)/That Wick" STANCHEL 103 M- RARE MB $25


394. Eddie Noack — "Take It Away Lucky/Don't Trade" STARDAY 159 MINT #ol MB $25


395. 101 Ranch Boys — "Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon/Honeysuckle Ranch" Rich Records 7107 VG MB $5


396. 101 Ranch Boys — "Daddy Don't 'Low No Foolin' 'Round/Little Brown Jug" Rich Records 7108 VG MB $5


397. 101 Ranch Boys — "The Timber Trail/Someday You'll Be Sorry" Rich Records 7116 VG MB $5


398. 101 Ranch Boys — "Timber Trail/Cimarron" Highway Records 3460 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5

399. Fuzzy & Bonnie Owens With the Sun Valley Playboys — "A Dear John Letter/Wonderful World" Mar-Vel 102 VG Bonnie Owens first record!!! MB $20

400. Ozark Hoedowners — "Devils Britches/Pretty Little Widow" C & L 106 M- RARE MB $30


401. Otis Parker — "Many Thanks My Friends/Bugle Call From Heaven" HOLIDAY 109 VG+ MB $5


402. Randal Parker — "Win Or Lose/Long Gone From Bowling Green" RADIO 1053 M- MB $25


403. Don Paull With Flynn's Longhorn Rustlers — "North Wind/The Timber Trail" Highway Records 1003 MINT MB $25


404. Don Paull — "North-Wind/In Someday Land" Highway Records 3546 VG+ MB $5


405. Don Paull With Flynn's Hollywood Haymakers — "Is It True?/Where The Apple Blossons Fall" Highway Records 3457 G MB $5


406. Bill Peck And Miss Antonina — "It Never Dawned On Me/Sage, Sand & The Sun" Richtone 310 VG MB $5


407. Bob Perkins — "Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/Dinah" MAR-VEL 800 VG+/VG MB $5


408. Owen Perry And His Happy Hillbillies — "Two Can Play The Game/Louisiana Stomp" Bullet 631 M- MB $20


409. Jimmy Petty — "I Wonder/It's True I'm A Fool" Star Maid 5001 VG MB $5

410. Mac Quinn And His "Dubs" — "My Good Gal Left Me/Don't Flirt With Me In Public" DELTA 422 M- RARE MB $50


411. Harry Raby And the 3-D Valley Boys — "Ain't She Sweet/I Get So Lonely" Hoedown 306 VG Small wol MB $5


412. Marvin Rainwater & His Ridge Riders — "I Gotta Go Get My Baby/SAME but sung by TERESA BREWER" Marvin Rainwater no # M- PROMO COPY MB $20


413. The Ranch Hands — "Wind Lullaby/Beef On The Hoof" Autograph Record 2002 VG MB $5


414. The Redwood Rangers — "Till The End Of My Dream You'll Be Mine/Once Too Often" Intra State 3 MINT MB $20


415. The Rhinelanders — "More Beer!/Lorelei" Manhattan 2003 MINT MB $20


416. Jimmy Richards And His Westerners — "Darkness 'Till Dawn/Playin' Dominoes And Shootin' " Richtone 314 M- DALLAS, TEXAS LABEL MB $20


417. Jack Rivers Boys — "Schottische/Heel And Toe Polka" MAC GREGOR 400 VG+ MB $5

418. Charley Ryan With The Timberline Riders — "Double Track Woman With A Single Track Mind/Daddy" Keyboard Records 510 RARE ONE FROM WALLACE IDAHO MB $50


419. The Satisfiers — "Ridin'/Wrestling Polka" Lowery Records 1004 VG+/VG MB $5


420. Ramblin' Tommy Scott — "Just A-Diggin' And A-Diggin'/Waiting" KING 1099 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5


421. Riley Shepard And His Wild West Playboys — "Forty Miles At Sea/What Else Can I Do" VITA 5001 MINT MB $20


422. Arkie Shibley And His Mt. Dew Boys — "I'm A Lone Little Gypsy/Tip Top Special" The Mae-Mae 76 VG/VG- MB $5

423. Rambling Rufus Shoffner — "Afraid I'll Lose You/Shotgun Wedding" Renown 5001 M- MB $50

424. Leonard Sipes And His Rhythm Oakies — "Campus Boogie/Too Beautiful To Cry" MORGAN 106 MINT aka TOMMY COLLINS and this is his FIRST RECORD MB $20


425. Jimmie Skinner — "There Won't Be Much Time/Will You Be Satisfied That Way" Radio Artist Records 247 VG+ Small stamp on the label MB $5


426. Jimmie Skinner — "I Believe I'm Entitled To You/Jimmie's Yodel Blues" Radio Artist Records 255 M- MB $25


427. Ray Smith & His Pinetoppers — "Hell's Fire/Born To Lose" National 5019 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


428. Smitty Smith And His Lone Star Rangers — "Broken Memories/A Heart Full Of Blues" Macy's 109 VG+ Small tol MB $5

429. Texas Smith With Scotty Fisher's Ranch Boys — "Honky Tonkin'/American Beauty Rose" Hi-Tone 297 • M- GREEN WAX MB $25)


430. Earl Songer — "Whoopie Baby/It's A Cold, Cold Love" Imperial 8259 MINT MB $20


431. Sons Of The Pioneers — "Cool Water/Tumbling Tumbleweeds" DECCA 46027 M- Classics! MB $20


432. Smith Spadachene — "You Pretty Thing/Rum And Soda" Azalea 009 VG+ MB $5


433. The Speer Family — "Rock-A My Soul/Some Morning Fair" Bullet 139 M- MB $20

434. The Stanley Brothers (Ralph & Carter) — "The Little Glass Of Wine/Little Maggie" Rich-'R-Tone 423 VG RARE MB $25


435. Dave Stogner And His Hayride Gang — "Feather Pillow Rag/Tulsa Baby" Morgan 102 MINT MB $20


436. Idaho "Tiny" Jones With "Waterhole" Johnny's Music — "Korea's Mountain Northland/Judy" Keyboard Records 504 MINT RARE label from WALLACE, IDAHO MB $25

437. Mr. Sunshine & His Guitar Pickers — "Marijuana, The Devil's Flower/There's Something Nice About You" R.F.D. 5082 VG RARE MB $25


438. Hank Thompson And His Brazos Valley Boys — "Swinging Wide Your Gate Of Love/Whoa Sailor" Modern 582 M- HANK'S FIRST RECORD MB $25


439. The Trail Riders — "Jelly-Do-Nuts/Coast Of Maine" Standard 35003 VG MB $5


440. Troy And Helen — "Juvenile Delinquency/Tattler's Wagon" Sierra Records OP-126 M- 4 Star Custom Press MB $20


441. Doug Tubb — "The World Is A Monster/Deaf, Dumb And Blind" Mart 1003 VG Sounds like ERNEST TUBB with a Jumpin' Guitar break MB $5


442. Ernest Tubb — "Walking The Floor Over You/I'll Always Be Glad To Take You Back" DECCA 46006 M- MB $20


443. Ernest Tubb — "Slipping Around/My Tennessee Baby" DECCA 46173 M- MB $20


444. Ernest Tubb — "Remember Me, I'm The One Who Loves You/I Need Attention" Decca 46269 VG+ MB $10


445. Turner Brothers — "Kentucky/A Mother's Love" Radio Artist Records 201 M- MB $20

446. The Turner Brothers — "Boog-Boog-Boogie/The Fallen Tree Waltz" Radio Artist Records 234 M- MB $25


447. Johnny Tyler And The Riders Of The Rio Grande — "Oakie Boogie/Yes I Do" Stanchel 101 VG MB $5


448. Johnny Tyler And The Riders Of The Rio Grande — "Troubles On Your Mind/Dora Darling" Stanchel 503 M- MB $25


449. The Rose Twins — "When The Bees Are In The Hive/The Old Rugged Cross" Marathon 1026 M- Both sides have "Bees" label MB $25


450. Jerry Smith And His Ranchhouse Boys — "The Longer You Wait/Fading Away" Mastertone 1011 M- Lacquer disc—one of a kind—from Des Moines, Iowa MB $25


451. Ruth Thum — "Stand Back Old World/What Would We Do Without Jesus" MARCH 190 VG+ MB $5


452. Barney Vardeman And His Drifting Texans — "Let's Call It Quits/I Love Someone" Macy's 103 M-/VG+ MB $10


453. Stuart Wade With Pete's Playboys — "My Red Headed Gal/Rebel Yell!" ATLANTIC 723 M- MB $20


454. Shorty Warren And His Western Rangers — "Back In '52/Hecklin' Blues" RITA 102 VG Signed on the label by Shorty Warren MB $5

455. Perry Washburn And The Rocky Mountain Canary Boys — "Pocahontas Baby/So I Screamed Bloody Murder" Mustang 300 M- LAS LUNAS, NEW MEXICO LABEL MB $20

456. F. Bostick Wester And The Country Cousins — "Cold War/My Gal From Abilene" A Souvenir Record 101 M- RARE MB $50


457. The Western Cherokees — "Cherokee Steel Guitar/Mariuch" STARDAY 102 M- MB $25


458. Bob Wheeler And The A.C.E. Ensemble — "Angel Voices/Who'll Play Santa" Diamond 1005 M- Small stain on the label, OBSCURE LABEL FROM PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS MB $25


459. Slim Willet — "I'm Going Strong/I'm A Tool Pusher From Snyder" Star Talent 770 M- MB $25


460. Curly Williams And Jane Henry — "Merry Texas Christmas/Lamp Of Faith" Marathon 1016 VG MB $5


461. Curly Williams — "It's Better I Go/Sweet Pal" Marathon 1018 VG MB $5


462. Al Winter Trio — "Boogie Barn Dance/Boogie 88" Highway Records 3456 M- MB $25


463. Del Wood — "Down Yonder/Dreamy Eyes" Republic 775 MINT This record is quite common on the TENNESSEE LABEL but this is the first & only copy of it that I have seen on REPUBLIC MB $25

464. Bill Woods And His Orange Blossom Playboys — "No Help Wanted/A Heart Break Ago" MAR-VEL 101 VG RARE MB $50


465. Bill Woods And His Orange Blossom Playboys — "Trusting You/Have I Got A Chance With You" Modern 1020 MINT RARE MB $30


466. Lester Woytek — "I Miss My Swiss/This Ole House" Longhorn 200 M- MB $20


467. Lester Woytek — "Cotton Pickin' Polka/Miss Molly" Longhorn 301 VG MB $5


468. Lawrence Yawn And The Ranch Hands — "Maybe Someday Darling/Every Time I Walk Alone" Morgan 105 M- MB $20


469. Buckshot Yost Quintet — "Woo-Chee, Woo-Chee Woo/Broken Hearts" Azalea City Records 002 VG+ MB $10


470. Jimmy Young With Merle Lindsay And his Oklahoma Night Riders — "Spanish Eyes/Don't Let Me Go" STAFF 324 VG+ MB $5

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