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HRK All Original 78's auction #14
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Original 1950's Rock & Roll Era 78's:

232. The Lone Ranger — "Package of FIVE RECORDS IN ORIGINAL PHOTO SLEEVES" DECCA Childrens Series M-/VG+ Records are beautiful, sleeves vary but average a decent VG+ MB $50

233. Dean Martin — "I Got The Sun In The Morning/Sweetheart Of The Sigma Chi" DIAMOND 2036 VG+ RARE early Dean Martin MB $50

234. Eddie Miller Orchestra — "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon/Part-Time Sweetheart" RAINBOW 80033 VG+ YELLOW WAX!!! First and ONLY Rainbow 78 I have ever seen in colored wax!! MB $25


235. The Miller Sisters — "Hippity Ha/Until You're Mine" HERALD 455 VG JUKEBOX WEAR MB $5


236. Julie Mitchum — "A Simple Life Of Luxury/Shut The Door" LUXURY 101 M- MB $20

237. Domenico Modugno — "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu/Mariti In Citta" DECCA 30677 M- TOUGH to find on 78 rpm format MB $50


238. The Olympics — "Western Movies/Well!" Demon 1508 VG+ MB $50

239. Roy Orbison — "Only The Lonely/Here Comes That Song Again" LONDON INTERNATIONAL 8353 M- ENGLISH PRESSING—there never was a USA 78 rpm of these songs MB $100

240. Roy Orbison — "Crying/Candy Man" London International 8466 VG+ English pressing—NO USA 78's on this title MB $50


241. Marlene Paula — "I've Got The Chicken Pox For Christmas/Part Two" KIMBO 131 VG MB $5


242. Frank Petty — "It's Easter Time/Come, Walk With Me" DILILA 1003 M- MB $20


243. Mickey Rooney — "My Flower Vase/Let The Sunshine In" MAC GREGOR 11 M- MB $20


244. The Raymond Scott Quintet — "Dedicatory Piece To The Crew And Passengers Of The First Experimental Rocket Express To The Moon / Bird Life In The Bronx" Audivox 105 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO on thin VINYL MB $5

245. Mad Mel Sebastian — "Raven Hop/Pachuco Bop" M & S 501 M- RARE MB $75


246. Bobby Shields — "Land Of Rock & Roll/I Wouldn't Change You For The World" MELBA 105 M- MB $20


247. Shepherd Sisters — "Rock 'N Roll Cha, Cha, Cha/Gone With The Wind" Melba 101 M- MB $30


248. Joe Thomas WITH THE MCGUIRE SISTERS — "I Just Went Along For The Ride/Don't Fall In Love" KENTUCKY 1522 VG EARLY one by THE MCGUIRE SISTERS well before Coral!!! MB $5

249. Dick Todd — "Daddy's Little Boy/Red-Apple Cheeks" RAINBOW 40055 M- RED VINYL and sure looks cool—does ANYONE have any R & B stuff on Rainbow in colored vinyl 78 rpm??? MB $25


250. The Tune Weavers — "Happy, Happy Birthday Baby/Yo, Yo Walk" CHECKER 872 VG+/M- MB $25

251. The Tune Weavers — "Ol Man River/Tough Enough" CHECKER 880 MINT RARE ON 78 RPM FORMAT MB $100


252. The Weavers — "The Hammer Song/Banks Of Marble" RITA 101 M- MB $35

253. Sonny Wilson AKA JACKIE WILSON — "The Rainy Day Blues/Rockaway Rock" DEE GEE 4000 MINT JACKIE WILSON'S VERY FIRST RECORD—even before he joined the Dominoes MB $100


254. Johnny Winstone — "Heart's Desire/Infatuation" MC 1001 M- MB $20


255. Gloria Wood — "The Rock And The Roll/Honey Bee" DIAMOND 3001 M- MB $20

Country / Hillbilly / Western Swing/ Bluegrass 78's:

256. Harry Adams With Buffalo Johnson — "Arkansas Traveler/Milk Bucket Boogie" Kentucky Folk Records 521 VG Rare MB $10


257. Bella Allen And The Bush Mountain Boys — "Mountain Gal/Among The Daisies" DIAMOND 2002 M- MB $20


258. Larry Allen — "Just You And I/I Never Meant To" Ra-Q 1002 M-/VG+ Wichita, Kansas label MB $15


259. Mal Allen And His Melody Boys — "Full Moon/Hold Me A Little Bit Closer" Intra State 5 M- MB $20

260. Hal Andrews And His Gulf Coast Playboys — "If You Think You're Smart/Control Over My Heart" Rich-R'-Tone 1045 VG+ RARE slight stain in grooves MB $20


261. Randy Atcher And The Red River Ramblers — "Santa Claus Rides A Snow White Pony/Christmas Is Coming" AZTEC 246 VG MB $10


262. Jimmie Ballard's Dixie Drifters — "Birthday Cake Boogie/When I Left You Standing In The Rain" Kentucky 508 MINT MB $30


263. Jimmie Ballard — "She's Got Something/Chicken Plucker" Kentucky 527 M- MB $30


264. Jack Barbour's California Clippers — "Spanish Circle/Laces And Graces" MAC GREGOR 633 VG+ MB $5


265. Spence Bare And His Western Swing Band — "Heartaches, Sadness And Tears/Put-ti-Put-ti Polka" RHAPSODY 119 VG+ MB $30

266. Glen Barber And The Music Masters — "You Took The Twinkle Out Of My Stars/Ring Around The Moon" Stampede 104 VG+ Ring on the label, RARE and this is GLENN BARBER'S FIRST RECORD MB $25

267. Freeman Barnett And His Saltwell Hollow Boys — "I Can't Leave You Crying In The Rain/Give My Best Regards To Kentucky" Rich-R'-Tone 1041 M- RARE MB $100


268. Curt Barrett And The Trailsmen — "Smoky Moon/Bear In Mind" Stanchel 3001 VG MB $5

269. Johnnie Bee — "You Wanted Mansions/Gulf Of Mexico" Star Talent 754 MINT MB $50


270. Donnie Bowshier — "Tight Shoe Boogie/I Cried In My Sleep" KING 1245 VG MB $5

271. Ray Bradley And His Hillbilly Ranch Gang — "Mule Skinner Blues/Millions Of Tears Means Million" HILLBILLY RANCH RECORDS 45 VG RARE MB $25


272. Jack Bradshaw And His Tennessee Trio — "My Heart, My Heart/Searching" Mar-Vel 751 MINT MB $25


273. Harold Bruce And His Rhythm Five — "The Mistake That You Made" Lyric 704 M- MB $25

274. The Buchanan Brothers — "Don't Dog Me 'Round/Hootin-Nanny Papa" MAIN STREET RECORDS 702 VG+ RARE!! COULD BE THEIR FIRST RECORD!!! MB $30


275. Polly Burgin — "Honky Tonkin'/Mount'n Boys Have Fun With Mount'n Girls" KEM 2703 MINT MB $30


276. Sonny Burns — "Too Hot To Handle/Powder And Paint" STARDAY 118 M- MB $20

277. Sonny Burns With The Western Cherokees — "Another Woman Looking For A Man/Waltzing With Sin" STARDAY 152 MINT TOUGH ONE MB $50


278. Sonny Burns And George Jones — "Heartbroken Me/Tell Her" STARDAY 165 VG+ Radio station stamp on the label MB $20


279. Bob Burton And Ginny Carter With The Sunny South Boys — "Forty Acres Of My Heart/Lights Across The River" MAR-VEL 950 VG+ MB $10


280. Rev. W. A. Byus And Son — "My Wonderful Lord/Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus" Dercas 600 VG MB $5


281. Gene Callaway And The Dixie Drifters — "Don't Let Your Heart Forget/When You've Lost Your Broken Heart" Intra State 10 M- MB $20

282. Stoney Carlisle — "Our Last Goodbye/Take Me Home I'm Tired" Star Talent 751 MINT MB $30


283. Laverl Carrico And The Angelina Pals — "She Tore Up My Picture/Too Many Women & Too Much Beer" Macy's 117 M- MB $25


284. Whitey Carson And His Texas Cowboys — "I Kicked My Wife Out Of My Bed/Hurry Johnny Hurry" MANOR 1053 VG MB $5


285. Bill Carter — "You Ain't Got My Address/By The Sweat Of My Brow" Republic 7126 VG #ol MB $5


286. Leon Carter With String Band — "Wondering Boy/If Today We Should Part" Morgan 103 MINT MB $20


287. Woody Carter And His Hoedown Boys — "I've Got The Craziest Feeling/Runnin' Round" Lucky 7 1002 VG MB $5


288. The Circut Rider — "It Is No Secret/Who At My Door Is Standing" Kentucky 511 VG+ MB $10


289. Sally Clark — "Last Night My Heart Crossed The Ocean/It Happens Everyday" RFD 5072 M- With lam crack MB $10


290. Yodeling Slim Clarke — "Yodel Your Troubles Away/My Home By The Fraser" WHEELING 1152 M- MB $20


291. Dave Clavner And The Buckaroos — "Jambalaya/The Tale Of The Blue Tail Fly" Imperial Folk Music 1232 MINT Special IMPERIAL label Folk Music series MB $20


292. Floyd Compton And His Western Troubadors — "Careless Lover/She Won't Turn Over For Me" Renown 5002 M-/VG+ MB $10


293. Pat Cook And His Rhythm Buddies — "The Jelly Song/The Arkansas Waltz" Rhythm 1200 M- RARE MB $25


294. Spade Cooley And His Fiddlin' Friends — "Hitsitty Hotsitty/Lucky Leather Britches" DECCA 46339 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol on B-side MB $20


295. Blackie Crawford And The Western Cherokees — "Stop Boogie Woogie/Left Over Love" STARDAY 116 VG+ With 1 1/2" hair crack MB $10


296. Oran Cummins And The Roving Cowboys — "The Tears That I'm Keeping/Who'll Pray For Me When" Maunay 103 VG- From Portales, New Mexico MB $5


297. Tex Daniels And His Lazy H Ranch Boys — "Bumbelty Jag/Church Bells Chimed" Mimosa 101 VG- MB $5


298. Red River Dave — "The Baby On The Battlefield/There's One More Thing" Marathon 1025 VG MB $5


299. Ray Davis And His Band — "You Can't Break My Heart/The Drunken Driver" Marshall 701 VG MB $5


300. Eddie Dean's Golden Cowboys — "Bimbo/No, No Not Grandma" ODE 1710 M- MB $20


301. Eddie And Daisy Del Benge & I.O.A. Ranch Hands — "I'll Have To Dream My Dreams Alone/Blue River Lullaby" I-O-A 103 MINT Rare IOWA label . . . in case you missed that above MB $20


302. Ruth Denning — "I Was Born To Be Gay/Sunrise Serenade" Hillbilly 71104 M- MB $25


303. Gabe Drake And The Herdsmen — "I Lost My Love/Don't Blow The Whistle, Ring The Bell" Republic 005 M- MB $20


304. Eddie Dugosh And The Ah-Ha Playboys — "Bad Luck Come My Way/There Is No Need" Sarg 121 MINT MB $20


305. Frank Duke — "They Made Me Fall In Love/Web Of Lies" MART 1002 VG Wol MB $5


306. Gene Duncan And His Western Band — "Amber Tresses/The Last Time I Cried" Intra State 8 M- MB $20

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